Top 20 Countries Where Coinmaster Is Popular

Top 20 Countries Where Coinmaster Is Popular

Who would have thought France had the highest number of Coinmaster players worldwide?

With a similar number of monthly searches, other countries also have this game at heart.

This is no surprise since slot mechanics have always been entertaining, but let’s see whether it’s a trend or a soon-to-be classic game.

Coin Master Popularity: 20 Countries Ranked

Rank Country Monthly online Google searches
#1 France 190000
#2 Taiwan 163000
#3 India 70000
#4 Poland 64000
#5 Hong Kong 56000
#6 United States 56000
#7 UK 43000
#8 Romania 38000
#9 Italy 36000
#10 Brazil 35000
#11 Indonesia 32000
#12 Spain 27000
#13 Germany 22000
#14 Vietnam 21.000
#15 Israel 17.000
#16 Portugal 14.000
#17 Canada 14.000
#18 Philippines 13.000
#19 Thailand 12.000
#20 Mexico 11.000

How we compiled this table:

The KingCasinoBonus experts compiled this table using Ahrefs. This trend search tool lets users see the most searched topics in a given timeframe.

Top 3 Countries Where People Play Coinmaster

Top 3 Countries Where People Play Coinmaster

  1. France
  2. Taiwan
  3. India

According to Statista, action-adventure video games are currently the most popular choice among French users.

Since the theme of Coinmaster meets these genres’ criteria, it seems expected for as many as 190000 searches per month to be reported in France.

The second place is taken by Taiwan, with 163000 searches per month.

While India isn’t part of the six-digit searches category, it still gathered a considerable 70.000 monthly.

In Taiwan, action and adventure games are also within the top three game genres in the country, along with role-playing games.

This contributes greatly to the over £244-million mobile game industry, as most Coinmaster users play it via phone.

Why Is Coinmaster Widely Appreciated?

  • It’s optimal for gamblers, a large target audience. This is because it features mechanisms like online slot site games without requiring any real money.
  • The incentive diversity, along with the way in which you can obtain them, is highly diverse.
  • It has 452 levels which are progressively more difficult to complete.
  • You can continue playing it even after finishing all levels, as you can still obtain spins and update villages.

Social Casino Gambling vs. Real Money Gambling

Social casino gambling has gained popularity mainly due to the fact that it usually doesn’t involve real money play.

Instead, the focus is on building a community, which is also why you can access them via social media platforms such as Facebook.

Unlike real money online casinos, social games give players daily credit to play. If you use it fully, you have to pay for additional credit to resume your game.

A large part of their appeal is how easily you can connect with other players directly, as social casino games have different chat options.

On the other hand, gamblers can only communicate with each other if they play live dealer casino sessions where they’re allowed to chat. However, this is a rare occurrence.

While you can rarely speak with other players on gambling platforms, including new online casinos, they at least provide a more realistic gameplay experience by making you interact with live dealers.

Consequences of Coinmaster Popularity

Consequences of Coinmaster Popularity

  • Coinmaster, like most social casino games, may trigger addiction to gambling-related mechanisms such as slot spins.
  • If you have your phone at hand most of the time, Coinmaster can become distracting if you don’t impose healthy limits.
  • On the other hand, this game type encourages players to communicate, which may motivate some to make more friends.
  • It helps gambling addicts distance themselves from casino games progressively without having to give it all up at once.
  • It may encourage operators to create similar yet improved games that explore the full potential of the successful app functions (such as the chat).
  • It’s a great alternative to slot sites, primarily since it doesn’t involve any risks.

In terms of socializing, Coinmaster has an effect that is less prominent in other games: due to its increasing popularity in so many countries, people from different continents can get acquainted and learn about other cultures with a minimum amount of effort.

2023 Predictions: Will Coinmaster Remain Relevant?

Coinmaster is closer to becoming a classic game than a past trend.

Coinmaster features which users gravitate towards:

  • It’s extremely easy to access
  • It’s free of charge unless you want to buy additional features
  • It requires the same amount of attention and skill as an action-adventure game

Even so, what truly sets Coinmaster apart from its competitors is the fact that the “optional” features are genuinely optional.

Thus, you can enjoy it fully from the start, as the standard game is entertaining enough for the average player.