The experts have meticulously analyzed the balance between 5 and 4-star ratings compared to 3, 2, and 1-star ratings. This evaluation yields a figure representing the likelihood of disappointment at a travel destination, culminating in a valuable compilation: the World's Most Overrated Cities.

The World's

Most Overrated Cities

Most Overrated City #1: Bangkok, Thailand

  • 18.4% of tourists felt disappointed (16.6% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Khaosan Road (Khaosan Road in 2023)

Remove Bangkok from your bucket list, stat! For the second consecutive year, the Thai capital reigns as the top overrated city, with the percentage of dissatisfied tourists climbing from 16.6% in 2023 to 18.4% in 2024. According to online reviews, Bangkok is synonymous with overcrowding and murky river waters. Particularly criticized is the backpacker haven of Khaosan Road, deemed excessively touristy. Despite its fame, this attraction maintains its dubious distinction as Bangkok's most disappointing spot. Even the renowned street food fails to impress many reviewers, with dishes like Boat Noodles and Pad Thai, though affordable, lacking in quality for non-locals.

Most Overrated City #2: Toronto, Canada

  • 16.8% of tourists felt disappointed (10.9% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: CN Tower (Toronto Zoo in 2023)

Toronto has undergone a notable shift in its perception among tourists, earning the unfortunate distinction of being the second most overrated city. This sudden decline is unprecedented, with its ranking plummeting from 36th place in the previous year. A remarkable 16.8 percent of visitors expressed dissatisfaction, indicating a staggering 54 percent increase in negative feedback within just one year. Once celebrated as a vibrant destination, Toronto now faces criticism largely centered on its iconic CN Tower. Gripes include its steep pricing and frustratingly long queues, tarnishing the experience for those expecting panoramic views of the city.

Most Overrated City #3: Tokyo, Japan

  • 16.6% of tourists felt disappointed (13.6 % in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Hachiko at Shibuya crossing (Hachiko in 2023)

Tokyo, the Asian mega-metropolis renowned for seamlessly blending ancient culture with cutting-edge technology and the kawaii lifestyle, has long been a favorite among tourists. From the bustling streets of Shibuya to the serene gardens of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo offers something for everyone. However, despite its charm, Tokyo has recently ascended several ranks to claim a spot in the top three most overrated cities worldwide. According to the latest analysis of online reviews, one in six tourists leaves the city disappointed. Particularly underwhelming is the statue of the Akita dog Hachiko, celebrated for his unwavering loyalty to his deceased owner, outside Tokyo's Shibuya Station. It seems this heartwarming tale may not resonate as strongly with Western tourists, contributing to their lukewarm reception of Tokyo's attractions.

Most Overrated City #4: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 16.1% of tourists felt disappointed (12.3% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo (Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in 2023)

In a remarkable twist of fate, Dubai has experienced a sharp decline in its allure for tourists, plummeting from a commendable rank of 25 to a disappointing 4th position. This notable regression underscores a mounting dissatisfaction among visitors, with 16.1% expressing disappointment during their sojourn. Despite its portrayal as a social media sensation, Dubai now grapples with the challenge of meeting the towering expectations set by its opulent facade. The recent floods in Dubai compound the city's declining tourist appeal, raising concerns about its infrastructure and readiness for extreme weather events. Despite Dubai's reputation for modernity, the flooding incidents may erode confidence in its emergency preparedness and deter potential visitors. The city's tourism sector now faces additional challenges in rebuilding trust among travelers amidst the aftermath of the floods.

Most Overrated City #5: Delhi, India

  • 15.7% of tourists felt disappointed (13.0% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Red Fort (Connaught Place in 2023)

In recent evaluations, Delhi has witnessed a significant decline in tourist satisfaction, with 15.7 percent of visitors departing with a lingering sense of disappointment from their experience in the city. Among the grievances voiced by Western tourists, a prevalent complaint is the overwhelming crowding pervasive throughout Delhi, particularly noticeable at iconic landmarks like the Red Fort, where the sheer volume of visitors detracts from the overall experience. Additionally, guests have expressed frustration with the persistent presence of street vendors and salespersons, feeling inundated and harassed by their constant solicitation. This diminishes the city's hospitality, leaving visitors yearning for a more serene and welcoming environment. One of the most pressing concerns highlighted in feedback is the alarmingly low air quality prevalent in Delhi. The drastic deterioration in air quality has garnered widespread criticism, with tourists expressing dismay over the hazardous conditions they encountered during their visit.

Most Overrated City #6: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 15.6% of tourists felt disappointed (12.9% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Dam Square (Red Light District in 2023)

Amsterdam has seen a notable decline, dropping 15 positions in the latest evaluation to land at rank 6 among the world's most overrated cities. A significant 15.6 percent of tourists departed the city with a lingering sense of disappointment from their visit. Surprisingly, the once-controversial Red Light District has ceded its position as the most disliked attraction of Amsterdam, with Dam Square taking its place in 2024. While some visitors appreciate its iconic appearance and historical significance, many have voiced criticism regarding its bustling atmosphere and lackluster appeal. Descriptions of the square range from "too busy" to "nothing special," with common complaints centered around litter strewn throughout the area.

Most Overrated City #7: Las Vegas, United States

  • 15.3% of tourists felt disappointed (11.0% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Fremont Street Experience (Fremont Street Experience in 2023)

Las Vegas has earned the dubious distinction of being crowned the most disappointing city to visit in the United States, dethroning Miami in 2023. While Las Vegas boasts a reputation for hospitality, entertainment, and boundless fun, a concerning 15.3 percent of tourists have voiced dissatisfaction with their Vegas escapade. A focal point of criticism revolves around the once-celebrated Fremont Street Experience, now marred by feedback highlighting its unsuitability for families with children and overwhelming noise levels. Many visitors have remarked on its waning charm, signaling a potential decline in its appeal. These shifts underscore the need for Las Vegas to reevaluate its approach to tourism and address visitor concerns. Sustaining its status as a premier destination demands a proactive effort to uphold its reputation for hospitality and entertainment while adapting to evolving visitor expectations.

Most Overrated City #8: Rimini, Italy

  • 14.9% of tourists felt disappointed (14.2% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Fiabilandia amusement park (Fiabilandia in 2023)

Rimini, the renowned seaside resort on Italy's Adriatic coast, has long been a favored vacation spot for Europeans, celebrated for its expansive sandy beaches and vibrant beach culture, symbolized by colorful bikinis. Once hailed as the quintessential summer destination, particularly during the vibrant 1980s and 1990s, Rimini's glory days now seem to be a thing of the past, as indicated by recent online reviews from travelers exploring the region. Nearly 15% of tourists express a sense of disillusionment with the current atmosphere in Rimini. Common among criticisms is the perception that the city appears outdated and reminiscent of a bygone era, evoking a nostalgic stroll through the past. Therefore, if Rimini still lingers on your bucket list due to nostalgic ties to the 1980s, it may be time to reconsider, as the contemporary Rimini of the 21st century may not live up to the cherished memories of yesteryears.

Most Overrated City #9: Geneva, Switzerland

  • 14.6% of tourists felt disappointed (6.9% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Flower Clock (Flower Clock in 2023)

he Swiss city of Geneva has undergone a staggering transformation in its tourist appeal, catapulting from obscurity to the top 10 in the latest analysis. This unprecedented negative leap is unparalleled, with no other city experiencing such a significant loss of allure. Even more concerning is the doubling of dissatisfied visitors, soaring from a mere 6.9% in 2023 to a staggering 14.6% in 2024. So, what caused this dramatic downturn in Geneva's appeal? Tourist feedback suggests a prevailing sense of monotony and charmlessness surrounding the city's major attractions. Landmarks like the iconic Flower Clock and the Jet d'Eau fountain, once deemed essential visits, now fail to enchant visitors as they once did. It appears that people's expectations have evolved, seeking more immersive and engaging experiences when exploring a destination. However, amid this wave of disappointment, a glimmer of positivity shines through. The splendor of Lake Geneva emerges as the most frequently mentioned highlight in positive reviews. Its tranquil waters offer a reprieve from the city's lackluster attractions, providing visitors with a moment of solace and appreciation amidst their disillusionment.

Most Overrated City #10: Seoul, South Korea

  • 14.5% of tourists felt disappointed (12.9% in 2023)
  • Most disappointing attraction: Namdaemun Market (Namdaemun Market in 2023)

Despite its positive portrayal in social and traditional media, Seoul faces a stark contrast in its online tourist ratings. Surprisingly, 14.5% of visitors left the city feeling disappointed, unable to meet the lofty expectations set by its media coverage. Namdaemun Market, a cherished landmark, emerged as the least favored attraction among tourists. Many reviewers expressed disappointment, describing the market as overrated and lacking in attractions beyond its culinary offerings. However, amidst the criticism, the taste and quality of the food provided a silver lining, garnering praise from those who indulged in its culinary delights. Seoul's experience underscores the importance of managing visitor expectations and ensuring that reality aligns with the hype generated by media coverage. While positive publicity can attract attention, it is ultimately the visitor experience that shapes a destination's reputation and determines its long-term appeal.

The World's Most Overrated Cities

What comes next?

It's time to revisit our travel bucket lists and carefully evaluate which destinations and attractions truly resonate with us. Personal preferences should take precedence when curating our travel plans.

It's crucial to acknowledge that everyone's tastes and interests vary, and what may appeal to one person might not necessarily captivate another. Conducting thorough research and exploring destinations on our own terms, rather than solely relying on conventional tourist spots and online reviews, is highly recommended. Take the opportunity to reflect on your genuine interests and compile a list of places that align with your passions. This will help you make the most of your travels and have meaningful and memorable experiences.

This year's list of the world's least overrated cities in this study includes Washington, D.C., in the United States, Glasgow and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and Mexico City in Mexico. If these cities are on your travel bucket list, rest assured, they're worth keeping!

The World's Most Overrated Cities

Methodology and sources

  • 1

    The city's selection is based on several rankings of most popular (Western) tourist destinations as declared by Euromonitor and the Global Destination Cities Index by Mastercard. 85 of the most popular cities for tourists were picked.

  • 2

    The ratings and reviews analyzed were sourced from TripAdvisor in April 2024, known as one of the most prominent platforms for tourism-related ratings and reviews globally.

  • 3

    In order to conduct the analysis, the 20 most reviewed attractions of every of the selected 85 cities were picked. That means 1,700 tourist attractions and their ratings and reviews were examined.

  • 4

    The final ranking as shown above is based on a statistical calculation of the ration between 5 and 4 star ratings and 3-2-1 star ratings. 1, 2 and 3 star ratings have been classified as a disappointing experience while 4 to 5 star ratings were classified as an attraction that resulted in a good experience. Based on the ratio, the percentage of reviews with disappointing experiences was calculated and presented as the odds of being disappointed.

  • 5

    For the interpretation of the results, reviews have been evaluated around certain keywords and phrases such as "very disappointing" or "not as nice as expected".

  • 6

    All analyzed reviews online are biased, highly subjective and based on personal preferences of the reviewers. They do not represent facts but subjective experiences. This ranking is professionally constructed but should be looked at with a grain of salt. We love all selected cities and respect the people who live there as well as their cultural heritage.