In particular, the experts did not only analyse the ratio of 5 and 4 star ratings to 3-2-1 star ratings but also evaluated how often certain keywords and phrases such as "very disappointing" or "not as nice as expected" were used in review descriptions. All this information led to a number that represents the odds of being disappointed by a travel destination and also resulted in a helpful list of the World's Most Overrated Cities.

The World's

Most Overrated Cities

Most Overrated City #1: Bangkok, Thailand

  • 16.6% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Khaosan Road

Kick Bangkok off your bucket list! It will be as crowded as your morning travel to work and the river is muddy, at least if you trust the reviews left by tourists online. The investigation by our data analysts reveals that almost 17 percent of Bangkok tourists leave the city disappointed and with the understanding that the capital of Thailand is highly overrated. The backpacking district Khao San Road is particularly badly reviewed by visitors and described as extremely touristy and only acceptable if you are very young and looking for a party. Even the world famous street food of Bangkok leaves most of the reviewers unimpressed. Dishes like the Boat Noodles or Pad Thai might be cheap but lack in quality when handed over to non-locals.

Most Overrated City #2: Antalya, Turkey

  • 16.5% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Water Planet Aqua Park

Is Antalya worth visiting if you are already nearby at the popular summer holiday hotel resorts in the province of Antalya? If you ask people who already made the trip, then the answer is no. The city was broadly described as trivial and without any attractions worth mentioning by several of the tourists who reviewed the city. Even the Water Park could not lift the mood of the visitors. Tourists experienced Antalya as average and more than 16 percent came home bored and disappointed. You might be better off in an Antalya hotel resort where animateurs and service personnel take care of your fun and pleasures from morning till night than in the urban city. Enjoy your stay!

Most Overrated City #3: Singapore, Singapore

  • 15.8% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Orchard Road

Singapore has rapidly developed itself from a small fishing village to one of the biggest finance hubs of the world over the last decades. With its economic growth, the city of Singapore - that is also a country and only as big as New York City - became extremely popular for high-skilled expats from all over Southeast Asia, seizing the opportunity to work in the tech and finance field. And with that we come to the point where Singapore gets overrated according to reviewers that travelled here. Lots of the tourists describe the city as a place to work but not a great city for anything fun or exciting. Even tourist attractions seem to appear charmless and gloomy, so some of the reviews online point out. Singapore does not lack in photo spots like the world famous infinity pool on top of the Marina Sand Bay building and the stunning Gardens by the Bay but lacks in soul and culture, according to tourists that left ratings on review portals on the web.

Most Overrated City #4: Munich, Germany

  • 15.7% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Deutsches Museum

Among others, the Oktoberfest in Munich is definitely part of many once-in-a-lifetime things to do. The world's biggest beer fest attracts more than five million visitors. That number is a fact but the analysis shows that the city is yet highly overrated. Around 15.7 percent of people commented some kind of frustration around their trip to Munich. At least the Oktoberfest is just the sixth most disappointing attraction in the city out of 20 sights that were analysed. But still, one in ten shared that their expectations of Oktoberfest were not matched with reality. What conclusion can we draw out of all this data? Skip Munich but come to Oktoberfest - it will be fun in 9 of 10 cases.

Most Overrated City #5: Rimini, Italy

  • 14.2% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Fiabilandia amusement park

The famous seaside resort at Italy's Adria coast is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Europeans. Rimini is known for its wide sandy beach and colourful bikinis - it is truly considered to be the place to be in summer, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. Nowadays the golden times of the city seem over, according to reviews tourists left online after travelling the region. More than 14 percent of tourists mention some kind of disagreement on the current Rimini vibe. A repeating critic in reviews is that the city seems outdated, old and like a walk through the past. So, if you still have Rimini on your bucket list because you grew up in the 1980s then you can kick it off your list, your memories will definitely not be fulfilled in 21th century Rimini.

Most Overrated City #6: Miami, USA

  • 13.9% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Calle Ocho at Little Havana

The Most Overrated City in the United States is Miami, Florida, according to ratings and reviews posted on travel review portals that have been analysed by experts. The city is a hot spot for wealthy people on yacht cruises and highly influenced by Art Deco art style and hispanic culture. The Havana district with a high concentration of people from neighbouring Cuba left several commentators feeling underwhelmed. Others expressed Little Havana has lost its charm and feels like a big tourist trap. If you want to experience Cuban culture, we have a tip for you: Don't go to Miami, visit Cuba!

Most Overrated City #7: Mumbai, India

  • 13.9% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Juhu Beach

Indian Mumbai clearly has its own rules and does not adhere to the sightseeing and lifestyle habits of Western tourists, which is why many people reviewing the city and its attractions online seemed overwhelmed and anxious when visiting Mumbai. Mumbai is a city that is known for its vibrant and fast-paced atmosphere, so it can be quite different from what many tourists are used to. However, this is also what makes Mumbai such a unique and exciting place. It's important to remember to be respectful of local customs and traditions while travelling, to keep an open mind and try to embrace the differences that you encounter. For those who are not willing to do so, better skip Mumbai as a travel destination.

Most Overrated City #8: London, United Kingdom

  • 13.8% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: London Eye

London did not do well in reviews by travellers online and landed in the top 10 of the world's most overrated travel destinations. In particular, the London Eye ferris wheel, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben tower received poor reviews. The majority of its visitors felt bored and led them to the conclusion that these sights and the city itself are totally overrated. It's time to look for new must-see places in London, as the old attractions no longer excite tourists. Street food, concerts, nightlife, and art may be more interesting than old buildings and monarch sightings by future generations. It's important to remember that everyone's interests and preferences are different. What may be enjoyable for one person may not be as appealing to another. It's always a good idea to do your own research and explore a destination on your own terms, rather than relying solely on the traditional tourist attractions.

Most Overrated City #9: Paris, France

  • 13.8% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Montmartre

Does Paris still match expectations? After all it's the city of several must-sees such as the Eiffel tower, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting at Louvre museum, world famous pastry shops as well as popular restaurants with french cuisine. Paris matches expectations only partly as online reviews on the top 20 most popular attraction shows. It is worth pointing out that the number of reviews in total had no influence on the calculation of this ranking. Our data analysts were able to compare travel destinations of different sizes or annual visitors. For Paris, many visitors did not appreciate Montmartre. In their comments tourists shared that they have felt unsafe, pressured, and harassed. At least the Eiffel tower did not score high for most disappointing attractions, ranking 6th this attraction is still loved by tourists and locals as the perfect photo spot.

Most Overrated City #10: Tokyo, Japan

  • 13.6% of tourists felt disappointed
  • Most disappointing attraction: Hachiko at Shibuya crossing

This Asian mega-metropolis has long been best known for combining traditional thousand years old culture with high-tech, fast trains and the kawaii lifestyle. For many years, Tokyo has delighted tourists and visitors with its unique blend of modernity and tradition. From the busy streets of Shibuya to the tranquil gardens of the Imperial Palace, there is something for everyone in Tokyo. But almost one in six tourists leave disappointed while heading home, according to analysed online reviews. Especially the statue of the Akita dog Hachiko, remembered for his unwavering loyalty to his deceased owner, installed outside Tokyo's Shibuya Station, in Japan left tourists' hearts cold. Maybe western tourists are not the right target audience for this cute little story. You can give Tokyo a last chance or book a ticket to Seoul, Korea, the newest place to be for western tourists in the far east.

The World's Most Overrated Cities

What comes next?

It's time to dust off the travel bucket list and reassess which destinations and attractions are truly worth seeing and which are not. Personal preferences are important and should be prioritised when redesigning the bucket list. It's important to remember that everyone's interests and preferences are different, and what may be enjoyable for one person may not be as appealing to another. It's always a good idea to do your own research and explore a destination on your own terms, rather than relying on the traditional tourist attractions and reviews written online. Take the time to consider what you are truly interested in and make a list of places that align with your own interests and passions. This will help you make the most of your travels and have meaningful and memorable experiences.

The world's least overrated cities in this study have been Naples in Italy, Washington DC in the United States and Liverpool in England. If these cities are on your travel bucket list, keep them!

The World's Most Overrated Cities

Methodology and sources

  • 1

    The city's selection is based on several rankings of most popular (Western) tourist destinations as declared by Euromonitor and the Global Destination Cities Index by Mastercard. 85 of the most popular cities for tourists were picked.

  • 2

    The ratings and reviews analysed have been found on and taken from the website TripAdvisor in December 2022. The website is one of the most popular rating and review websites for touristic sights and attractions worldwide.

  • 3

    In order to conduct the analysis, the 20 most reviewed attractions of every of the selected 85 cities were picked. That means 1,700 tourist attractions and their ratings and reviews were examined.

  • 4

    The final ranking as shown above is based on a statistical calculation of the ration between 5 and 4 star ratings and 3-2-1 star ratings. 1, 2 and 3 star ratings have been classified as a disappointing experience while 4 to 5 star ratings were classified as an attraction that resulted in a good experience. Based on the ratio, the percentage of reviews with disappointing experiences was calculated and presented as the odds of being disappointed.

  • 5

    For the interpretation of the results, reviews have been evaluated around certain keywords and phrases such as "very disappointing" or "not as nice as expected".

  • 6

    All analysed reviews online are biassed, highly subjective and based on personal preferences of the reviewers. They do not represent facts but subjective experiences. This ranking is professionally constructed but should be looked at with a grain of salt. We love all selected cities and respect the people who live there as well as their cultural heritage.