Author Highlights

  • 9+ years experience in treating problem gamblers and responsible gambling
  • Honours degree in psychology and trained in the field of clinical
  • Helps develop and introduce new approaches to improve responsible gambling treatment programmes
  • Committed to educating the community to reduce gambling problems
  • Being multilingual provided him with an opportunity to be a responsible gambling speaker and successfully help players worldwide
  • The ability to be flexible and willing to learn helped him to overcome challenges that came with his career.

Mashudu Netshivhungululu’s Experience

He believes that both responsible gambling awareness and problem gambling treatment programs help to decrease the rate of irresponsible gambling and gambling addiction. This is the reason he dedicated his career life to these topics to promote healthy behaviour in our communities.

His honours in Psychology and his experience in the field of responsible gambling and gambling addiction as a Senior Treatment Specialist shaped him to have a broader view of this field. His ability to take his work seriously and adapt to any difficult situation are keys towards overcoming obstacles that come with his career. His background in psychology and experience working with problem gambling helped him understand the behaviour of gamblers, how they develop gambling problems and ways that can be used to cue the problem.

Mashudu is a reliable therapist for problem gamblers because of his education, experience and commitment to tackling responsible gambling. His ability as a speaker, counsellor’s trainer and problem gambler’s therapist helps to improve the gambling industry in his country and Africa in general.

Why Trust Mashudu Netshivhungululu’s Expertise?

Mashudu’s Goal is to promote healthy gambling behaviour for the gambling community, where they can enjoy the gambling industry without being affected by the hazards that come with irresponsible gambling. He uses the knowledge of responsible gambling and gambling addiction on gambling in general to promote responsible gambling behaviour.

Mashudu is knowledgeable about the psychology of gambling, has a background in psychology, led a national problem gambling treatment program, participated in different forms of responsible gambling awareness projects, responsible gambling speaker in other African countries and trained gambling operators’ stuff on the topic of responsible gambling.

With his background, he can be able to assess and treat problem gamblers using clinical psychology tools and develop tools that educate players about responsible gambling. His dedication is to make sure that gamblers are informed about ways they can responsibly participate in gambling.

Mashudu Netshivhungululu’s Recommendations

  • Problem gambling or problems caused by irresponsible gambling are issues that need to be addressed in our communities. Players must be educated about the risks of irresponsible gambling before they experience it on their own.
  • Problem gambling treatment programs must be easily accessible just like players can easily access gambling platforms.
  • Self-help tools that are designed to treat gambling addiction must be available on gambling websites for those who have already developed a gambling problem.
  • Self-exclusion programs as a way of reducing harm must be available online for those who find it difficult to control their gambling behaviours.
  • Gambling responsibly is the only way to enjoy your gambling experience.
Self-Exclusion: How To Utilise The Responsible Gambling Tool

Self-Exclusion: How To Utilise The Responsible Gambling Tool

Self-exclusion is an important tool in the promotion of responsible gambling and player welfare and is something that’s offered by every online casino licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It’s an essential tool to be aware of for anyone who feels their gambling is becoming uncontrollable, compulsive and irresponsible and should be considered alongside receiving further help to try and tackle the problem. Self-exclusion is a tool that allows players to essentially ban themselves from logging in to or registering at an online casino or gambling website.

Underage Gambling

Underage Gambling

Underage Gambling is defined as the use of gaming and betting services by minors. In most countries, underage gaming is prohibited, with 18 years of age being the most common minimum gambling age. Underage gambling is a pressing issue with long-term effects for young British individuals, their families and society.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

Gambling Addiction Prevention

Gambling, the act of risking something of value on a game of chance for a desired result, has become part of today's culture and has been easily accessible, acceptable, and widespread through online platforms. Great Britain is one of the global leading countries when it comes to gambling, followed by Singapore, while Ireland and Candana are also close by (World Atlas, 2024). Discover the and how you can prevent it all together to keep yourself safe!

Addiction Signs

Addiction Signs

Gambling has been a popular human activity for centuries. However, excessive and irresponsible gambling can lead to various emotional, physical, and financial problems. Problem gambling refers to a type of impulse control disorder, where individuals diagnosed with this condition tend to have less control over their gambling than those who gamble recreationally.