Mashudu Netshivhungululu is a passionate responsible gambling specialist and counsellor, committed to educating the community, training other mental health counsellors and treating punters who have gambling issues. His experience in responsible gambling allows Mashudu to offer valuable insights to players.

Alexandra Camelia Dedu is a passionate casino expert and language enthusiast, keen on bringing a fresh view to the online casino community. Her expertise in the gambling industry helps Camelia provide objective and valuable information to British players ensuring that they make smart financial decisions.

Vlad got his Master’s Degree in Business Management, and the knowledge derived from the higher-degree education courses is ingrained in his methods of working and perfecting his skills.

Antonia is a Law School Graduate and a person with a high interest in behavioural psychology and these 2 main and defining aspects of her personality are reflected in her work. You will see, as a user of our site, that her texts are just as concise and clearcut as legal texts, but they have a friendlier tone and a more upfront style. For you, that means that the message is easier to grasp and use.

Let us introduce you to Ionut Catalin Marin, the leader of KingCasinoBonus UK. His professionalism is the main guiding asset in our work, so explore his extensive perspective on the industry.

The editorial staff’s mission is to provide accurate, engaging, and informative content that educates and entertains our audience. They aim to be the leading source of information and analysis in the gambling industry and to provide a platform for our readers to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Maxwell is a content writer with a background in psychology and a passion for gambling. His  interest in the gambling industry was sparked while studying the psychological effects of gambling addiction in college.

Awfully curious, Amelia is that kind of person that enters the window when you close the door. These characteristics made her the perfect fit for a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln. She learned about ethics and law, the craft of fiction, and political journalism and acquired the basics that would prepare her for her future career. She published a few articles for local newspapers, but her dearest work was the casino rubric in the university newspaper.

Oliver Keegan is a permanent collaborator on our site, handling a wide array of article topics, from thorough casino reviews, gambling and sports betting event coverage, journalistic input, and broad expertise on the UK punting scene.

About Our Authors

All our team members are former gamblers with vast experience in other domains. Affiliates, Data Analysts, Publishers, IT experts, and iGaming specialists bring a unique perspective to our content. Thus, we analyse the online casino market in the UK with a unique perspective to deliver equally unique insights for you.

We have a diverse group of experts, but we share one goal of properly informing and assisting UK punters.

Author Highlights

KingCasinoBonus experts contribute with exquisite links between gambling and Business Management or Psychology:

  • Strong skills in simplifying complex info for UK players
  • Dedicated to fully objective, well-researched perspectives
  • No ties to industry – Our sole commitment is informing UK players.
  • Accuracy obsession – We verify all info/data shared in our reviews.
  • Transparency commitment – We distil complexity into easily digestible insights.
  • UK-focused – Our sole focus is serving UK gamblers with tailored knowledge.

In terms of leadership, Ionut Catalin Marin, the founder of KingCasinoBonus, is the manager of our Editorial Team. At the same time, Vlad George Nita is the person in charge of checking the accuracy of our casino and bonus review content in the QA process. Our experts spare no effort to ensure we present accurate data on our website. 

Our Team’s Experience


Our knowledgeable researchers perform in-depth examinations of all parts of the UK gaming industry, allowing us to make informed and personalised suggestions.

Casino Reviews

Our staff conducts comprehensive evaluations of UK casino sites, wherein we assess and rate many aspects such as game selection, user experience, security measures, payment alternatives, and customer service. Our reviews offer valuable insights that aid in making well-informed judgments.

Educational Resources

We create thorough teaching materials on topics like understanding casino games, responsible gambling, and improving the gaming experience using our expertise. Our instructional offerings help UK players learn about gaming legislation, responsible gambling, and casino features.

Industry Standards

We continuously track legislative changes, industry advances, and new technologies relevant to the UK market to provide up-to-date reviews.

Why Trust Our Authors?

All our writers, editors, publishers, and administrators follow strict publishing guidelines:

  • Independence: Our mission is informing and assisting UK readers objectively, independent of industry interests. Contributors must uphold this.
  • Accurate Reviews: We are committed to providing reliable data and observations in our reviews and content. Our review process ensures accuracy.
  • Editorial Policy: Our stated editorial principles and practices ensure we meet our aims of informing UK players. All team members are familiar with these.
  • Transparency: We value openness and honesty. We are dedicated to complete transparency in the information we provide.

Our Authors’ Purpose

  • Educate & Inform: Our mission is to equip UK players with useful gambling knowledge and perspectives.
  • Add Value: We strive to deliver insights beyond surface-level information to provide meaningful value.
  • Trusted Source: Through well-researched content and fairness, we seek to become a reliable resource for UK gamblers.
  • Complete Transparency: Honesty and openness drive our commitment to transparent communication.

Up-to-Date Industry Expertise

We empower players with the latest UK gambling knowledge by tracking legislative changes and new technologies available in the industry. We keep our content fresh and updated so you never miss a beat!