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Who is King Casino Bonus UK?

KingCasinoBonus UK is the leading independent online casino review platform for UK players. Owned by Dopamine Gaming and launched in 2016, we provide thoroughly researched analysis and insights to help players find trustworthy gambling sites and make informed decisions. Our website focuses on informational content and reviews for online casinos, associated casino bonuses, and land-based casino reviews.

Each type of content comes with specific standards and test methods that allow readers to understand better the product we review.

Mission Statement & Brand Values 

Our mission is to guide players by providing transparent, objective, and comprehensive online casinos and bonus reviews. We uphold the values of:

  • Integrity: We uphold rigorous ethical standards in our reviews and content. Our judgments are based solely on objective analysis, real-world testing, and first-hand expertise – never influenced by outside parties. We are transparent about our evaluation methods and any commercial relationships. You can read more about our publishing policy, its criteria, and its reasoning.
  • Safety: We partner exclusively with UKGC-licensed, regulated operators. We use encryption and other security measures to protect user data according to the GDPR and ensure a secure experience.
  • Independence: As an independent affiliate site, our reviews and recommendations reflect our unbiased perspectives and experience. Even if we make money from listing online casinos, if we identify discrepancies or issues with an operator, we will highlight them openly. We only advertise casinos that share our values and want to join our mission.
  • Player Control: We equip players with comprehensive information to make informed decisions that are right for them. We provide access to resources for safe, responsible gambling practices. Players’ interests are always our top priority. Furthermore, we promote the special commissions that have dedicated their work to combating underage gambling

About Our Parent Company: Dopamine Gaming

Our parent company Dopamine Gaming, is an iGaming tech provider powering our proprietary review platform. Their team of 55+ gambling experts provide the data analytics and AI-assisted tools we use to evaluate 284+ online casinos and 813+ bonuses robustly and at scale. Their advanced systems aggregate real-time data across the market to enable our rigorous and independent benchmarking.

As an affiliate marketing business, we act as player advocates and industry analysts to bridge the gap between online casinos and players. 

Multi-lingual service available in 4 countries 

Dopamine Gaming operates multiple other sister websites to KingCasinoBonus in different regions of the world:

  • OnlineCasinos365.net.nz is our website for the New Zealand market;
  • CasinosOnline365.es is a similar brand for the heavily regulated Spanish market;
  • CazinoExpert.ro hosts our informational service for the Romanian market. 

Key milestones of our company 

From humble beginnings to an industry leader, the Dopamine Gaming story is one of innovation, risk-taking and chasing virtual glory:

  • 2016: Ionut Catalin Marin founds the project Kingcasinobonus
  • 2022: Rebranding and strategy change 
  • 2023: Ionut Marin takes over as CEO of the KingCasinoBonus project 
  • June 22, 2023: OnlineCasinos365, our NZ brand, is launched
  • July 13, 2023: CasinosOnline365, the sister brand on the Spanish market, is launched
  • July 24, 2023: CazinoExpert, our RO brand is launched

Plans for the future 

KingCasinoBonus UK is committed to continuous improvement. We have ambitious plans for the future as we strive to be the premier online casino review and information platform. Some of our key goals and upcoming projects include:

  • Launching a global version of our website to increase our reach and serve players from markets worldwide.
  • Investing in AI technology to keep innovating our systems for evaluating online casinos for more insightful and accurate reviews.
  • We have a video channel in the making, and we’re expanding our social presence with new forms of content beyond just reviews and articles.
  • Another big plan that started with our Bingo Section’s launch is exploring other opportunities to widen our scope beyond online casinos, such as sportsbooks, poker, and other gambling verticals. 

The dynamic nature of our work pushes us to new boundaries every day! We work with experts with varying experiences under their belts and on multiple markets, so we know what’s truly of value to a large palette of players. Allow us to unlock the best possible casino experience for you!

Meet Ionut Marin, our CEO

Ionut Catalin Marin is our founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer, who has shown his solution-based approach in his 7 years of experience working in the gambling industry.

The most obvious resource that Ionut brings to the team and our work is opening up new roads by applying industry and outside-industry advancements to the daily process. Using data from case studies, tests, and reports conducted in-house, he knows what route to pick and walk upon to make something happen.

The company’s initial goal was to commit to excellence and player control, an issue that has been neglected by parts of the gambling industry, as mentioned by Ionut Marin: “This still remains the driving force of KingCasinoBonus, and our promise to you remains intact. But considering the challenges that the technologies face, we need to adapt to new ways of thriving in a competitive space and give you the support you need“. Ionut is highly aware of these aspects and is committed to giving you the best possible alternative when it comes to your well-being.

Our Experts Behind the Scenes

Behind our company stands a team with experience in various domains that has seamlessly connected millions of players through their real-life gaming experiences. Everyone has contributed in their own way to delivering an in-depth casino database and actionable advice on how to play safely and responsibly.

Our writers use their experience and expertise to provide insights and elucidations regarding online casinos and the bonuses that come with them.

In addition to this, they know how to simplify the gambling legislation to make it easier to understand and offer essential strategies and tools to ensure a seamless gambling session.

Our Platform in Numbers

Brands we have partnered with 284
Number of reviews available 284
Number of casino bonuses covered 813
Number of land-based casinos reviewed 13
Hours spent on creating a review and testing the casino  16+ each
How many people check the reviews before publishing  4

More About What We Do

Join us on a tour behind the scenes of KingCasinoBonus UK reviews – where dedication, expertise, and diligence combine to serve players first.

Reviews of online casinos

Our assessments of online gambling domains represent our main occupation.

We provide each presentation of various online casinos to better inform the British user and help readers proceed with better choices. To do so, we employ a mode of analysis that combines gathering objective data, manual tests, and market-wide comparisons.

While our methods of reviewing online casinos are extensive, the overall process can be distilled into 5 essential steps.

Our general steps

  1. We start by ensuring that each platform is licensed and fair.
  2. Our reviewers sign in to the platform anonymously and start using the services with real money.
  3. Following an extensive checking period, we collect data based on objective criteria and firsthand accounts.
  4. Each compiled data relating to a casino is then compared with a credible and independent market standard.
  5. Using this comparison, we rank and rate a casino and explain our reasoning and presented data.

What we check

  • The licensing of each casino, plus secondary accreditation.
  • The overall registration process and user policy, all done anonymously.
  • The KYC checking process using real documents.
  • Gambling products found across the domain.
  • Live dealer and slot games, tested with real money for extensive periods.
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods, tested with the transfer of real funds.
  • Provided casino bonuses, and the promotional policy as stated and encountered during manual tests.

You can consult a table showing the details of our manual tests for each casino review entry.

Casino bonus reviews

We consider our analysis of bonuses to be an extension of our main approach to reviewing casinos.

Each promotion comes under scrutiny, following policy assessments and manual tests. Each presentation aims to inform our readers regarding five general sections.

What you can find out about casinos

  • A general presentation of the benefits you can receive.
  • The claiming process from beginning to end.
  • Use and conversion conditions.
  • Advantages and drawbacks of each casino bonus.
  • A condensed verdict that informs you whom the bonus is suited for.

Reviews of land-based casinos

We provide an extensive overview of how we review land-based casinos.

This market verification process is the most extensive, expensive, and time-consuming of the three. Nonetheless, it reflects our criteria and general publishing policy that we have set for all types of reviews.

What we check for land-based casinos

  • The quality of slot machines
  • Additional casino table games and services
  • Service quality and employee evaluations
  • Loyalty, VIP, and incentive programs
  • Our casino reviewers’ overall experience
  • House regulations, access policy, and participation requirements
  • Player and guest evaluations and feedback
  • Operator specifics, dependability, and quality
  • Comparisons with similar venues reveal similarities and differences.

All land-based casino venues have been accessed anonymously. You can read a concrete set of specifications regarding the tests performed on each land-based casino in the associated reviews.

How to Use Our Products

Our services have been created for UK players and not for any online casino operating company. Hence, we provide an advanced guide free of charge on using our pages and what information users should pay extra attention to.

We provide only gambling operators on our platform that our experts have thoroughly verified and update our pages constantly based on a click rank algorithm.

  • Read the reviews regardless of your final decision: No matter if you decided on choosing a platform to use, you should still consult the casino review we provide. Beyond helping you pick one gambling site, it can also showcase essential use considerations that will help and improve your overall experience.
  • Bonus breakdowns help you gamble better: Similarly, each presentation of a casino bonus aims to inform you and enhance the subsequent experience. Our content will help you understand how to use a promotion for the best results.
  • Additional informational content is available: Each casino review comes with various informational page entries that address specific subjects more in-depth. You can find player guides, responsible gambling pages, and more diverse blog entries. Each piece of content is published as an ancillary of our main occupation, casino reviews.
  • Signal or check-in for changes: Our casino reviews are as dynamic as the casino sites they cover. As such, they are subject to change and updates. We advise our readers to constantly check for revised content and only consider recently updated reviews. Fortunately, all casino reviews we publish are constantly verified for errors or inadequacies.

You have learned

  1. How to use our bonuses and what type of strategies we use;
  2. Advice regarding our informative pages and how to use them;
  3. How to reach us in case one considers we deliver misleading information.

Career Opportunities

We constantly seek new specialists to join our team who want to deliver long-lasting solutions to our customers.

We’re going the extra mile for our audience, and thus we look for experts who can sustain and strengthen our core values.

Applications are encouraged for those willing to make a difference in this industry without distinction of race, sex, national origin, age, or religion.

How to Reach Us

Is further guidance needed? Our team can be contacted via [email protected] for any inquiries regarding our services only.

Our company takes into account the customer’s experience on our website. Hence, in case one discovers or considers that the information we provide is false or misleading, they can contact us through the available methods or make a complaint using the comment section.

We strive to improve ourselves. Consequently, we take under advisement each observation. We shall offer important questions about disclosures and other considerations concerning our mission.

Get in touch with us, and we shall be at your service!