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Who are we?

kingcasinobonus.uk is an educational chargeless website which has as its mission to offer an extensive database to help educate the consumer into making the best choice.

Our mission is to guide each player, be it new or an experienced one in this industry. We have dedicated pages for each player category where we explain in further details what to expect or how to proceed in certain situations. We supplement this with our fundamental beliefs where we make decisions with our audience in mind and we pull out all the necessary means to make the satisfaction of our users paramount.

Our experts behind the scene

Behind our company stands a team with experience in various domains that have seamlessly connected millions of players through their real-life gaming experiences. Each and everyone has contributed in its own way into delivering an in-depth casino database and actionable pieces of advice on how to play safely and responsibly. Our writers use their experience and expertise to provide insights and elucidations regarding the online casino and the bonuses that come with it. In addition to this, they know how to simplify the gambling legislation to make it easier to understand and offer essential strategies and tools to ensure a seamless gambling session.

Guiding principles


This is one of the main foundations we take into consideration when providing our services. We want our users to know that we perform to the best of our abilities and that we do not compromise our ideals, and we are not influenced in any way. Everything that we provide is based on our judgment, knowledge, experience, and analytical way of thinking.


Our transparency as a company full of experts it’s shown through the fact that we use methodology when we offer customers ways to apply specific methods. Each category that one will see on our website has a systematic analysis used to explain in greater length the theoretical underpinning of how our methods can be applied in some instances.

Contact us & Make a complaint

Our company takes into account the customer’s experience on our website. Hence, in case one discovers or considers that the information we provide is false or misleading, they can contact us through the available methods or make a complaint using the comment section. We strive to improve ourselves, consequently, we take under advisement each observation. We shall offer important questions about disclosures and other considerations with respect to our mission.


Creating a safe environment for our users is crucial. On account of that, we have taken all the necessary means to deliver details that are in compliance with GDPR, with the UKGC legislation, and use a cryptographic system to ensure that the data is encrypted.

Our platform

We use additional security layers to ensure that our customers won’t encounter malware or viruses that can damage their devices or gain access to their information.  Besides this, we have partnered only with brands regulated by a gambling authority such as UKGC and MGA and work on the same principles as us. In our reviews, we also provide the license numbers and guidance on how these jurisdictions come into the customers’ aide. As a company, we continuously improve ourselves to guarantee a safe space for our customers.

Privacy policy

The data we gather after one uses our service or signing up for our newsletter is used only to improve the customer experience. Furthermore, we hold the highest standards of professionalism and are in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation laws used to protect our users’ personal information. We provide more details about how we handle data in our dedicated page of Privacy Policy.


This is our requirement for leading our own company, meaning that we do not operate under an online casino. When we have thoroughly started investigating the iGaming industry, we have observed a shortfall for objective and transparency regarding the information that the players have at their disposal. For this reason, we have used our five-year experience and expertise in this domain to make a change in this industry and provide customers with feedback based on real-life experiences.

Advertise disclosure

Although we are partnered with iGaming websites, and that’s how we make money, we respect our audience, and thus our objectivity remains unaltered in offering reliable and ethical evaluations about those specific platforms. Our reviews and remarks are entirely ours and are given to users with the aim of offering informative and educational insights about this industry. In addition to this, we use legal information as guidance to emphasize that we approach all aspects when starting a gaming session.  

Advertise with us

Gaming operators who work under the same core values are welcome to join our mission in offering the UK audience a clean and trustworthy environment to start their sessions. We shall remain inattentive to those who do not operate under the same principles as us and are not regulated by one of the main authorities.

Player protection

We are aware of the fact that gambling can become compulsive, nevertheless, we have the means to prevent such cases and keep the session under control. We come into our customers’ help with support and counseling services from legal organizations that offer advice for individuals who are seeking guidance.

Underage gambling

We are not advertising in any way underage gambling and we use auxiliary tools to prevent such occurrences. Furthermore, we promote the special commissions that have dedicated their work to combating underage gambling. We come into their aide with several means to help educate the young generation about the risks associated with the world.


We strive through our services to promote that gambling sessions can be kept as a form of entertainment and nothing more. Ergo, the bonuses that we constantly update contain all the necessary data so that UK players will know from the very beginning what to expect and thus to make the best decision for them. This is precisely why we take all the time and use all the necessary means into improving safely gambling. Everything we do, we do it out of passion and in a pet-friendly environment where we can deliver accurate information we’ve already tested.

How to use our products

Our services have been created for UK players and not for our partners. Hence, we provide an advanced guide free of charge on using our pages and what information users should pay extra attention to. We provide only gambling operators on our platform that our experts have thoroughly verified and update our pages constantly based on a click rank algorithm.

Through this guide, we will walk customers step-by-step on the following pages:

  1. How to use our bonuses and what type of strategies we use;
  2. Advice regarding our informative pages and what must be taken under advisement;
  3. How to reach us in case one considers we deliver misleading information.

Our numbers

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Career opportunities

We are constantly looking for new specialists to join our team who want to deliver long-lasting solutions to our customers. We’re going the extra mile for our audience, and thus we look for experts who can sustain and strengthen our core values. Applications are encouraged for the ones who are willing to make a difference in this industry without distinction of race, sex, national origin, age, or religion.

Reach us

Is further guidance needed? Our team can be contacted via [email protected] for any inquires regarding our services only. We are trained to provide compelling and accurate answers to any questions.

Get in touch with us, and we shall be at your service!