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Who We Are

KingCasinoBonus.uk has grown to become one of the leading authorities in the online gambling industry, offering a range of free reviews, insights and bonuses to casino players up and down the country.

Priding ourselves on in-depth analysis and a rigorous process, we have strong values that ensure full impartiality across all our reviews, ratings and assessments of online casinos and that they remain unaffected by any advertising or commission based fees. Essentially, honesty and transparency are at the heart of what we do.

KingCasinoBonus launched in 2016 as part of the wider Dopamine Gaming group and focuses on the user first, providing informative content in the form of online casino reviews, their accompanying casino bonuses and even offline casino evaluations.

All the information we provide to you has to meet specific standards, something we review constantly in the ever-evolving space we operate in. We undertake extensive testing of each gambling site to ensure the insight you receive is both up-to-date and accurate.

KingCasinoBonus’s Brand Values

  • Integrity: Every casino and bonus review we undertake are completely transparent and never influenced by outside parties. We hold high ethical standarts, with our team using their years of experience to objectively analyse and thoroughly test each site.
  • Safety: We partner exclusively with UKGC-licensed, regulated operators. We use encryption and other security measures to protect user data in line with GDPR and the Data Protection Act, ensuring a secure experience.
  • Independence: As an independent affiliate site, our reviews and recommendations reflect our unbiased perspectives and experience. Even if we make money from listing online casinos, if we identify discrepancies or issues with an operator, we will highlight them openly. We only advertise casinos that share our values and want to join our mission.
  • Player Control: We equip players with comprehensive information to make informed decisions that are right for them. We provide access to resources for safe, responsible gambling practices. A player’s interests are always our top priority. Furthermore, we promote the special commissions that have dedicated their work to combating underage gambling.

Our Mission

Our team’s priority is to provide you with transparent, objective, professional and user-friendly reviews of online casinos and their bonuses. To ensure we always give our readers the most accurate knowledge possible, we work to, and stick to, strict guidelines and values.

Player welfare

Most importantly, we fight against gambling addiction by always providing quick and easy access to responsible gambling tools and help from accredited counselling services, all of them absolutely free of charge.

Driving high standards

On our website, you will never find any casino or bonus reviews influenced by external factors. We uphold the most rigorous ethical standards and base our content solely on our first-hand experience, strenuous testing of each casino and objective analysis of our findings. You can find out exactly how our publishing policy works and the criteria guiding our reviews.

Trustworthy casinos

Our experts thoroughly check all casino operators listed on our platform to ensure they hold valid UKGC licenses, which affirms that you will have a safe and fair gaming experience. While using our website, you are also protected by the latest encryption and security measures to keep your personal information safe, according to GDPR.

An unbiased view

We operate as an independent affiliate website, meaning all casino and bonus reviews you find on KingCasinoBonus.uk reflect our unbiased perspective and experience. While we make money by featuring online casinos, we always highlight all their flaws and strengths similarly. We only advertise with casino operators who uphold our values and want to share our goals.

All our content is created with the sole purpose of equipping you with objective information about casino platforms so you can sign up knowing both the benefits and the downsides.

KingCasinoBonus’s Expertise – What We Do

KingCasinoBonus offers British readers a unique perspective on a variety of casino operators through expert reviews of gambling websites, their promotional offers and land-based venues.

Below you’ll find just a snippet of the work we do to provide you with the best possible gaming experience across licensed UK casinos:

Top Casino Rankings

As we strive to provide you with the best possible gaming experience, during our thorough testing process we score all casinos for their various qualities. This provides you with rankings based upon a variety of categories, including:

  • Slot games
  • Live dealer games
  • Payment methods
  • Minimum deposits
  • Fastest payouts
  • Best casino bonuses
  • Mobile compatibility

And much, much more. Essentially, we explore the key aspects of a casino our readers look for and rank our reviewed casinos based upon those. We manually review and test each feature several times, as well as returning to them on a regular basis as sites continue to improve, add new offers and so on.

Bonuses & Offers

If there’s a bonus being offered by an online casino in the UK, then you’ll find it with us. We present all the latest bonuses and offers currently active and go through the same process as every British punter would to test them.

We start by creating our casino account and completing the KYC verification process. We make a qualifying deposit, bet and complete any terms and conditions to receive the bonus and then test exactly how it works. We look out for a series of factors within our reviews, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Generousity of bonus
  • Time limits
  • Wagering requirements
  • Games available to play with bonus

Casino Reviews

Our bread and butter, if you like, is undoubtedly our reviews of both online and offline casinos. It’s what we pride ourselves on as a market leader, with our full reviewing process covering all aspects of a casino site, from game selection to payment methods, bonus offers to responsible gambling tools, mobile compatibility and more.

Online Casino Reviews

Our full casino reviewing process looks as follows:

  1. The first step is to ensure that the casino is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.
  2. Our experts then create multiple casino accounts on different devices (Desktop, Android, iOS).
  3. We test different deposit methods by making the minimum deposit required to claim any welcome offers available.
  4. We then play as many gaming titles as possible with varying betting limits.
  5. During our testing of the site, we check in with customer service to ensure they adhere to the response times they claim, and the information they provide is useful.
  6. Our experts use the responsible gambling tools available to make sure they work properly.

Additionally, during our testing of each online casino site, we also check for the following characteristics:

  • Mobile compatibility with quick-loading speeds and lack of bugs.
  • Accessibility and navigational features.
  • Presence of renowned software providers.
  • Loyalty benefits and VIP programs

Once satisfied with the amount of data gathered, our expert team then analyses the results and delivers a verdict and rating based upon the ranking categories mentioned above, allowing players to get a clear understanding of the best casinos to suit their needs.

Land-Based Casino Reviews

As part of our commitment to providing UK players with the most accurate and extensive reviews on casinos in the country, we also review offline casinos too.

We take the same thorough approach as we do with online casinos, completing background checks of the premises prior to visiting the location. We then take a budget of £500 to uncover the following:

  • The variety of slot machine games available.
  • The range of casino table games available.
  • Interaction and engagement with staff, from croupiers to the reception, restaurant and bar staff.
  • Any loyalty and rewards promotions that obtaining a membership can provide.
  • The atmosphere as a whole in the casino.
  • The opinion of other players in the casino.

We then gather the information we’ve sourced to provide a verdict and ranking based upon our findings.

Tips & Education

Finally, we provide and offer plenty of tips, insight and educational pieces in our blogs and guides to aid players on their gaming journey. We place a heavy emphasis on responsible gambling and methods of keeping gambling as a recreational activity.

As part of our commitment to inform British players, our KingCasinoBonus.uk experts also try different betting strategies, all bonus offer types and a wealth of online gambling payment methods so we can always offer our honest, transparent and objective opinion on the subjects.

About Our Parent Company: Dopamine Gaming

Our parent company, Dopamine Gaming, is an iGaming tech provider powering our review platform. Their team of 55+ gambling experts provide the data analytics and AI-assisted tools we use to evaluate 284+ online casinos and 813+ bonuses robustly and at scale. Their advanced systems aggregate real-time data across the market to enable our rigorous and independent benchmarking.

As an affiliate marketing business, we act as player advocates and industry analysts to bridge the gap between online casinos and players.

Multi-lingual service available in 4 countries

Dopamine Gaming operates multiple other sister websites to KingCasinoBonus in different regions of the world, including:

  • New Zealand: OnlineCasinos365.net.nz
  • Spain: CasinosOnline365.es
  • Romania: CazinoExpert.ro
  • Worldwide: KingCasinoBonus.com

Dopamine Gaming: Notable milestones

From humble beginnings to an industry leader, the Dopamine Gaming story is one of innovation, risk-taking and chasing virtual glory:

  • 2016: Ionut Catalin Marin founded the project KingCasinoBonus.
  • 2022: Rebranding and strategy change.
  • 2023: Ionut Marin takes over as CEO of the KingCasinoBonus project.
  • June 22, 2023: OnlineCasinos365, our NZ brand, is launched.
  • July 13, 2023: CasinosOnline365, the sister brand on the Spanish market, is launched.
  • July 24, 2023: CazinoExpert, our RO brand is launched.
  • November 28, 2023: KingCasinoBonus.com, our global brand is launched.

Meet Ionut Catalin Marin – KingCasinoBonus’s CEO

Ionut Catalin Marin is our founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer. With over seven years experience working in the gambling industry, Ionut decided to use his breadth of knowledge to create a site that commits to both player control, transparency and editorial quality and integrity, something he felt had been neglected within the space.

“This still remains the driving force of KingCasinoBonus, and our promise to you remains intact. But considering the challenges that the technologies face, we need to adapt to new ways of thriving in a competitive space and give you the support you need.”

To this day, that’s still the main goal of Ionut and the KingCasinoBonus team, providing the best insight into your gaming options, while keeping a firm eye on responsible gaming and player welfare.

Our Experts Behind the Scenes

To consistently provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the ever-changing landscape of online and offline gambling, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team of highly adaptable individuals who share the same goal.

Our experts at KingCasinoBonus all have different backgrounds and bring their unique expertise and approach to delivering in-depth casino-related analysis and reviews, as well as practical guidance to safe and responsible gambling.

Using their first-hand experience and casino proficiency, our team pride themselves on providing you with the best insights around online and offline casinos, as well as the bonuses and promotional offers available. To complement this, our years of hands-on knowledge allows us to simplify the processes, terms and conditions, as well as British gambling legislation to ensure it’s understandable for players of all skills and levels, creating a seamless gambling experience for both novice and experienced players.

Fighting Against Unregulated Gambling Sites

As self-comissioned watchdogs of the British online gambling market, we’ve noticed a rising trend of unregulated online casinos that don’t offer you any security, transparency, or fairness. Our utmost priority is to keep you from ever accessing any of these websites by reporting them to the competent authorities.

Our main priority is to provide you only with safe, fair and licensed gambling sites so we can help prevent underage gambling and protect vulnerable players from harmful gambling. If you ever come across an online casino that doesn’t present a highly visible and valid UKGC license, we urge you to notify us immediately so proper action can be taken.

Sometimes, even licensed gambling sites can cause issues, so if you ever have any problems, you can safely contact us so we can help you submit a complaint to the proper authorities.

Career Opportunities

We constantly seek new specialists to join our team who want to deliver long-lasting solutions to our customers. We’re going the extra mile for our audience, and thus we look for experts who can sustain and strengthen our core values.

Applications are encouraged for those willing to make a difference in this industry without distinction of race, sex, national origin, age, or religion.

How to Reach Us

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team regarding our services you can do so by emailing [email protected].

We’re always keen to improve our readers’ journeys, so if you have any considerations, or discover something on the site that you may find false or misleading, get in touch and let us know.