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We provide reliable and up-to-date information about the best online casinos. Our in-depth reviews will help you make an informed decision before signing up. Read more

What is a casino review?

A casino review represents a critical and objective analysis of a gambling platform. Our team of gambling experts go through the entire player experience, from signing up to depositing and playing, all the way to cashing out. They are then able to provide you with first-hand information and tips.

Disclaimer Gambling Addiction

Problem gambling is a severe condition that can take a toll on your personal life. KingCasinoBonus is dedicated to raising awareness regarding gambling addiction! With us, you can learn about the warning signs of this addiction and how to prevent it.

Our main goal is to fully inform you about both positive and negative aspects that may impact your gaming sessions and overall experience on the website. Our findings and years of being passionate about gambling allow us to compare casinos and put everything into perspective to make it easier for you to make the best choice.

What is a casino review

Either you are an experienced player looking for something new or simply one who is just starting out, you will be well taken care of!

We have experience in dealing with all sorts of situations. Therefore, our content is tailored to every type of punter. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with certain terms! We do our best to explain everything as clearly as possible to leave with no doubt after accessing our page.

8 sections that are present in our reviews

For every piece we content, we try to add our personal touch. Even though our authors have different writing styles and analysis are different, some sections appear in almost every review we make. Such as:

  • Registration walkthrough;
  • A short description of this platform;
  • Essential information about the KYC procedure (the documents that you will need to send and how to send them);
  • The promotions that a casino offers and their bonus terms;
  • Details about games and providers (categories, loading speed, graphics, contribution to wagering requirements, etc.);
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods (including fees, restrictions and other limitations);
  • Customer support (available ways to get in touch with a staff member, average response time and situation handling);
  • Tips, recommendations, be aware, disclaimers (we design our reviews based on our own experience with the platform).

Types of reviews

Because gaming platforms are very different, we don’t use the same ‘review template’ for all of them. We follow certain patterns, but we don’t have a predefined structure. Thus, you can find three review categories on our site:

  1. Long

    Our experts spend more time on the biggest online casinos in the United Kingdom. These reviews are longer, as we have to touch on every aspect and analyze and present everything they have to offer. These platforms usually have a long history and provide their customers with a myriad of features and services. We test everything and give you a full picture of what it will be like for you to play at such casino.

  2. Medium

    These are tailored to well-known sites that have been around for a while. These platforms provide lots of services but do not have the complexity of a large casino yet. Most of these sites are operated by other companies.

  3. Short

    The last category targets recently launched online casinos, which may not have that many features yet. Plenty start out as slots sites and evolve by gradually adding other game categories.

Why are reviews so important?

Now that you know what reviews are, you may wonder what their role is. There are two main reasons why online casino reviews exist:

  1. To inform players.

    This is, of course, our main goal when we write our reviews. We are not here to glamourise any of the facts, and we only present them as they are! We try to do it in the most concise and easy to understand way as possible. We know that nobody wants to spend many hours in search of unnecessary details, so when we compile our reviews, we make sure that we cover all points of interest.

  2. Our readers are the most important to us, and we value their opinion more than anything!

  3. To encourage gambling sites to maintain a high level of professionalism.
    Reviews are not only good for players to read, but online casinos also benefit from the reviews written on them. A good review will make potential customers pay them a visit and even sign up and play on their platform. Therefore, casinos want to see more positive reviews, which means that they try to fix whatever bad aspects they find in them. When someone writes a bad review on a casino, that platform is losing possible customers. This is how our reviews as well as others’ in this industry encourage casinos to improve their services and be more customer-oriented.

The casino reviewing process

Take a look into how we came up with these analyses

To provide the best casino reviews, we put ourselves in the player’s shoes by testing every single aspect of the platform. We start by creating an account, to give you an overview of the registration process. After that, we take our time to go through every section on the website, including all the game categories, account features, terms and conditions, privacy policy, promotions and banking options.

Our team will read the entire user agreement so that no important details can be missed. And when it comes to transactions, we thoroughly research every aspect concerning them, such as deposit and withdrawals methods, fees, restrictions and payout processing. The same applies to the bonus policy, which we carefully analyse to uncover any hidden promotional rules and limitations. So, after reading one of our reviews, you’ll know exactly how to claim a bonus, what payment alternatives you dispose of and what its specific conditions are.

The casino reviewing process

Moreover, we count all the available games and launch a couple to determine their loading speed and see if they function correctly. It is important to do that, as some products may be listed on the website but might not open due to bugs and glitches. When entering a game, we also make sure to check the minimum and maximum bet, as well as the stake and the RTP.

Customer support is a crucial part of any online casino, as it reflects its level of professionalism. Therefore, we will contact a staff member via live chat, to test the response time, the comprehensiveness of answers, and the communication style.

To better understand each website, we also look into the company that owns the brand and determine its positioning into the industry. We gather accurate financial information and statistics from trustworthy sources like the UKGC, the London Stock Exchange or the UK government.

Casino ratings

With years of experience in gambling, our experts have created a rating system that is based on both the industry standards and what we have encountered after testing hundreds of online casinos. Its purpose is to guide players and offer them a quick and easy way to tell how a platform stacks against the others, if they do not have the time to read the full review we have written on it.

Our rating uses a 1 to 5 scale and here are the aspects that affect this rating:

  • Look and feel (the website’s layout, graphics, design and user-friendly interface)
  • Payout speed (the time in which the casino processes payments)
  • Games (available titles and categories)
  • Bonuses (the diversity of promotions)
  • Customer service (live chat, email, phone, support form, FAQ, etc.)
  • Licensing (this element usually receives the maximum rating, as all of our casinos are licensed by the UKGC)

These are available in any review, and you can spot them on the right side of the page, under the casino’s logo. The overall rating is presented in stars.

Casino ratings

The core elements of our reviews

What makes our reviews unique is that we design them around some core elements like ‘tips’, ‘recommendations’ and ‘be aware’. These are meant to highlight the most important aspects concerning a platform. They make the entire text more readable and help gamblers focus on what interests them the most. The majority of readers view them as valuable advice, and we can even say that this contributes to creating a connection between the player and us.

What can you find here?

On KingCasinoBonus, you will be able to find a multitude of online casino reviews and each platform’s best promotions. As we are aware of how fast paced the online gambling industry is, we are dedicated to keeping our information updated at all times. Therefore, we revisit each platform and promotion from time to time and make sure the Terms and Conditions did not suffer any modification and we also check if they still offer the same payment options, games, and more.

Keep in mind, however, that in some cases, a platform may change something right after we have checked so if you encounter any inaccurate information on our website, please let us know! We encourage all British players to read the Terms and Conditions themselves every time they sign up for a platform or claim an offer!

We list the casino’s available offers next to each review. There you will find the bonus type and its specific terms and conditions. The bonus terms usually consist of the following:

  • Minimum deposit;
  • Wagering requirements;
  • Availability period;
  • Restrictions (games and payment methods).

Our filters make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Each promotions page comes with its own set of filters and by choosing one, the listing rearranges according to your preference. You can choose to see the latest added or the newest ones that have only recently launched. This way, you do not have to scroll for minutes on end to find the deal you were looking for.

Here, you will find the following filters:

  • A-Z casinos
  • New casinos
  • Top rated
  • Latest added

How to make the most out of KingCasinoBonus

Apart from casino reviews, we offer plenty of other useful guides and informational pages, all of them based on in-depth research. So, suppose you want to find out more about bonus types, providers, payment methods or game types. In that case, you can start exploring the available sections on our website. We guarantee you will find the answer to any gambling-related question that you might have.

The information you need

Just like the online casino reviews, our guide pages are strategically structured to be as concise and easy to understand as possible. But that doesn’t mean we cut back any essential information. We rely on gambling authorities, journalistic investigations, economic reports and statistical data to shape and organise all the categories. Moreover, our readers dispose of a casino guide meant to clarify any doubts or inquiries about gambling platforms. This guide includes information related to:

  • The KYC procedure;
  • Gambler’s rights and obligations;
  • Solving disputes;
  • Gambling addiction;
  • Loyalty programmes;
  • Bonuses and wagering requirements.

You can get all the information and resources you need to start gambling right from our website. However, we do know that for a beginner player it may seem overwhelming. We want to help everyone, especially players who are just starting, so here is how you can efficiently use our website if it is your first time here:

  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to look for general information.
  • Under the ‘Casino Bonuses’ section, there is another search bar intended for casino review
  • Apply filters to find what you are looking for faster.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with adjustments.
  • Explore our blog articles.

The information you need

All in all

In conclusion, we want to emphasize our casino reviews serve an informational purpose and should be carefully consulted before deciding to join a particular platform. They include every detail you could possibly need to make an informed decision. So, take your time to analyse them, and when you come to a conclusion, remember to gamble responsibly!


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