Editorial Publishing Policy - Our Mission and Values


At KingCasinoBonus we have a rigorous and strict editorial policy to ensure that every review, guide or blog post we create meets the accuracy, integrity and quality that our readers deserve.

The policy was created by our editorial team, led by founder and CEO Ionut Catalin Marin and is regularly scrutinised in order to ensure we maintain such standards in an ever-changing industry and world in general.

We leave no detail aside, starting from the extensive research we engage in to our writing steps and our fundamental reasoning. We also give you a glimpse into our team’s common values, which we have transformed into publishing ethics.

Our Editorial Team 

We have an expert team with years of experience in online gambling. Spearheaded by our CEO, our editorial team is made up of:

  • Our founder and CEO Ionut Catalin Marin. With over seven years of industry experience, Ionut serves as the chief reviewer ensuring our content is transparent and objective.
  • Vlad George Nita, our Chief QA Manager, rigorously checks every piece of content for accuracy before publication. Vlad brings over five years of iGaming expertise to keep our information fully vetted.
  • Experts like Alexandra Camellia Dedu and Antonia Catana compose our in-depth casino and bonus reviews. Our casino experts have tested 100+ gambling sites first-hand.
  • Our editorial staff carefully reviews and updates all content regularly to keep information current. This team ensures we provide players with the latest facts.

Our Editorial Standards

Transparency is at the heart of what we do and as a result, we ensure our readers are handed every detail, while we are keen to always make our mission statements, editorial policies and standards, and monetary policies clear.

For details on where our income originates, you can visit our page on how we make our money. There you will find an in-depth presentation of our monetisation policies, their extent, and relation to our process overall.

Our mission statements

The general mission of KingCasinoBonus is to provide our readers with all the information they need to make the most informed decisions on their gaming. It’s all about encouraging readers to find the right casinos, offers and games to suit their needs, while ensuring player welfare at all times.

To realise this overarching goal, we adhere to three guiding principles:

  • Players always need to play safe.
  • Casinos always need to stick to fair play.
  • Marketing should not be misleading.

Therefore, any casino site or bonus you find on KingCasinoBonus is entirely trustworthy, fair and looks after a player’s welfare.

Authors’ responsibilities

Authorship is of great importance for our standards and, of course, for our readers. Thus, we have collectively decided on mutual responsibilities that we do our best to follow at all times.

  • Making substantial contributions: We know that time is money and that especially our readers’ time is valuable. We prioritise ease of access and clarity, making our reviews and guides easy to read and in a way that is not time constraining. It is also important for us to create meaningful reviews, separating the hard facts from the attractive, albeit hollow, marketing schemes.
  • Correct data interpretation: The information we collect in our research phase comes from both internal efforts and third-party sources. Our commitment to you is that our data-based conclusions are purely informative and unbiased. We continually monitor and review the data insights we provide, amending with any updates, new releases or errors.
  • Taking accountability: Our authors care deeply about the expediency of their end developments and content. Thus, the team takes responsibility for the casino content they put out. However, our reviews are a reflection of the site’s terms and policies. If there is an error or purposefully misleading information, our team cannot prevent such things from slipping through the cracks of their analysis.
  • Setting the record straight: Again, there may be situations where the things we initially published need corrections. Corrections are different from periodic updates. They relate more to certain casino facts that affect you directly, where having them wrong may lead to a negative impact on your gaming. We keep an eye on the platforms we have already reviewed and ensure any errors are rectified swiftly.
  • Clearing up our interest: KingCasinoBonus is not owned by any casino website or casino corporation. Therefore we are not positively or negatively biased toward any of the brands listed across our website. This gives us the freedom to operate objectively and bring you the accurate insight you need to inform your gaming decisions.

Our guiding principles

When we first started this venture, we sat down and discussed the path we wanted to take. From thereon in, academic research and learning has been an everpresent in what we do.

Our values are inspired by scholarly standards, which has been key in our creation of a more compact rulebook and more stringent editorial values. Our extensive rulebook considers a range of factors, which include:

Criterion Our reasoning Our methods
Transparency We believe that players deserve the right to be correctly informed. To do so, we make no compromise when reviewing both the good and bad aspects of casinos.
Independence This is a passion project aimed at guiding gamblers who need exterior assistance. We are not owned by any online casino or online casino trust. We act independently.
Security Players need to be confident that their information is stored securely Our site follows the guidelines of the EU GDPR legislation.
Fun&Love Gambling should only be an enjoyable pastime. We always tell you how to maintain a balanced approach to safe gambling.

One of our main goals is to be a source of entertainment and fair gaming in the UK online casino market, which is led by the concepts in this table.

The sources we consult

Our editorial process is built upon certain strategies that we have, where research is one of the top priorities. Even so, it is vital to remind you that both our cited sources and our unique texts are checked by specialists and associates, to ensure the checkmark of peer-reviews.

Source Our methods of analysis How does it help you?
Gambling authorities We take the statements of the UKGC as our navigation manual, no exceptions made. You can be certain that the products displayed on our site follow the legislative bodies of the UK.
Journalistic investigations We consult the local and international press to scan the multiple opinions of the industry. You know that all of our texts are unbiased compilations of multiple perspectives.
Economical reports In a joint effort to make the best editorial decisions, we analyse the business side of major casinos. If you know more about a business, you will feel more comfortable making a gaming decision based on numbers.
Statistical data Sociological, mathematical, and psychological data are of utmost importance in our industry, so we keep up with the newest reports. Knowing what the trends are can allow you to make suitable and even profitable gambling decisions in the long run.

The gambling industry has many facets, all of equal importance. In cases where an aspect is out of our field of expertise as iGaming specialists, we reach out to specialists for their insights. This is done, however, only after extensive, independent research.

Our own data collection

Because our team is made up of people who know the industry inside-out and stay engaged with the latest updates and news, we have sufficient resources to source our own data and knowledge.

Typically, the resources we utilise are:

  • The engagement and usage of readers on our site;
  • The comments and reactions we receive from our users;
  • Our own personal and collective experience;
  • The live courses and webinars we participate in.

Alongside this, any other data used will be added to the relevant page as a resource, so you understand where every ounce of information is from.

Review methodology

We have a structured process with all our reviews, whether it be online casinos, specific slots or bonuses. The steps ensure we don’t miss any information and players get the insight they need. The steps we take are as follows:

  1. We go through the registration process like any other British player would.
  2. Our experts then deposit a sum ranging from £10 to £100, depending on the amount needed to claim promotions.
  3. We try out different types of games, ranging from classic and video slots to regular and progressive jackpots, as well as live roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many more.
  4. Our team redeems and uses the bonuses to review the entire process.
  5. We analyse the responsiveness and solutions provided by the customer support team by placing multiple queries.
  6. Our experts also ensure the withdrawal process works properly by testing several of the available payment methods at a casino.

Staying up-to-date

As many of us are aware, the online gambling industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. For players, that can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. That’s why our team is always reviewing policies and keeping an eye on the latest changes. That is then reflected in our content.

Typically, this is most commonly found in:

  • Minor corrections: Such as updating certain lines in copy. For instance, if a casino extends the period of time in which they allow for KYC from 3 days to 5, we will let you know.
  • Make a retraction: In cases where we discover a serious issue after we have published a review, offer, or article, we will remove the old information from the site. This will be followed by a statement on what changed and why.
  • Important pages: As well as casino deals, pages will be updated constantly and consistently. You can check when the latest modification was, on the page, near the title.

Types of Reviews

Across KingCasinoBonus, you’ll find several types of content, and within them there are key differences in how they’re approached and the editorial process within them.

The variants of content you will read

  1. Casino reviews
  2. Casino bonus reviews
  3. Informational pages: This includes the likes of player guides, blog entries and responsible gambling information
  4. Land-based casino reviews

Online casino reviews

Every review that we undertake undergoes meticulous analysis by our experts. All reviews have to hit specific points of interest for you as a player, from insight into the brand itself, to the features of the website such as games available, bonuses on offer, payment methods, customer support, mobile compatibility and more.

Why we focus on online casinos

Online casinos are the most popular way to play slots and table games these days, so our focus lies there, providing comprehensive views with an aim of becoming the go-to site for transparent, accurate and insightful information.

In every online casino review we produce, you’ll find:

Tested areas Testing Methods
Registration process We register multiple accounts on various devices.
KYC process & time We go through the KYC verification similarly to any British user.
Game types We browse the game catalogues of each individual casino platform.
Live games We test the games by placing real-money wagers on as many live tables as possible.
Slots Our experts test slots of all types with various bet ranges to check the quality of the collection.
Deposits methods Our team tests out multiple deposit methods to check their speed and usability.
Withdrawal methods We withdraw via several payment options to ensure the limits and payout speeds advertised are accurate.
Casino bonuses Our experts claim and use multiple bonuses on the same website and thoroughly review the entire process separately.
Market ranking Our team compares all of our analysed gaming sites and bonuses and creates individual rankings for numerous categories.

Our experts always include a standardised table with a quick summary of our findings that provides a snapshot of the important information you need to compare sites and determine which is the right one for you.

Adding further value to our reviews

At KingCasinoBonus, we believe our reviews are set apart from other sites thanks to the plethora of experience and the unique perspectives of each of our experts. We believe that adding our subjective expertise into each review provides players with not only accurate recommendations, but positive or negative reinforcement from those who really have seen it all.

Can you find what you’re looking for?

Our team always puts you at the forefront of their minds when pulling together reviews, which is why we delve into the details. We’re sticklers for the specifics, whether you want to know the exact games you can play free spins on, or when the customer phone lines are available. We’ll generally have you covered.

Land-based casino reviews

No less important are our on-site analyses of land-based casino venues. Of course, we visit every casino we review and like our online reviews, engage in a thorough analysis which takes into account a wealth of information and features found within a brick-and-mortar casino.

As part of this, we review:

  • Slot machines and their quality
  • Other casino table games and services
  • The quality of service and staff ratings
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • The overall atmosphere encountered by our casino reviewers
  • House rules, access policy, and participation terms
  • Player and visitor reviews and feedback
  • Operator details, trustability and quality
  • Similarities and differences from comparisons with similar venues

Casino bonuses

Bonuses are a big part of what a casino player looks out for on a daily basis, and our reviews of the likes of welcome offers and no deposit bonuses are among the most popular pages on our site.

We include all the important information you need from an offer within our reviews, including:

  • Bonus funds
  • Wagering
  • Max cap (whenever the casino states it)
  • Availability

If you’d like to know more about what can be found in our bonus reviews, head over to our best casino bonuses page. Alongside that, there you will also find the best bonuses currently available to sign-up to.

Main types of analysed bonuses

Blogs, Guides & Gambling Reports

Alongside reviewing the good and bad of the gambling world, our expert team are also keen to share their knowledge and aid players in making more educated decisions when it comes to their gambling.

These can come in a variety of forms, from clearing up myths, supplying punters with the basics or going into details on the likes of betting strategies, certain payment methods and the various differences in gaming variants. They’re all designed to improve the understanding of our readers, promote responsible gambling and well-informed choices.

Why you can trust us

Our team is made up of people who know the industry from the perspective of gamblers. All our experts have a passion for the industry and hold our core values close to their heart.

All the information we provide is from our own knowledge and databases, from the casino sites themselves or via trusted resources, of which are referenced within all of our posts.

Our Main Concern – Your Safety

Our primary concern at KingCasinobonus.uk is your safety and security while you gamble online. For this reason, we take it upon ourselves to be fully compliant with the regulations set by the UKGC and to report any British gambling sites that operate without a license or commit player abuse.

Our experts also educate the UK audience about the dangers of underage gambling and gambling addiction, as well as referring any issues we discover among the UK online casinos to the industry watchdogs, like eCogra and iTechLabs.

Fighting Against Unregulated Gambling Sites

Our KingCasinoBonus experts are always on the lookout for UK gambling sites that operate without valid licenses or don’t respect the complete regulations of the UKGC to the detriment of the British players. You can also help us fight against unregulated online casinos by reporting them to us via our contact form. We will submit all complaints to the competent authorities so they can legally resolve the problems.

Combating Underage Gambling

We are always looking to find ways to keep parents informed of the dangers of underage gambling. Parents from the United Kingdom can use our page to identify signs their children are engaging in gambling activities. Afterwards, you can find the appropriate contact methods of expert organisations to help you solve the issue, such as GamCare, GAMSTOP, and GambleAware.

Preventing Gambling Addiction

Alongside this, we’re also dedicated to informing you about the signs and dangers of gambling addiction. You will find several guides on how to keep your gambling activities responsible and where to find help in case you need it. Organisations like GAMSTOP and GamCare have high success rates in combating gambling addiction.

Industry Watchdogs

We consider ourselves watchdogs of the industry and strongly believe that all UK online casinos should be deeply examined on a daily basis to ensure they always operate within the law.

Our team closely oversees the activity of all UK gambling sites by thoroughly checking their licenses and day-to-day activities, so we can help create a fair, transparent and safe gambling environment for British gamblers.

We urge you to report to us any misconduct you encounter during your gambling sessions so we can take proper action and further report these issues to the regulatory bodies, like the UKGC or the external auditors, like eCogra and iTechLabs, who endorse the websites.

The Values of Our Platform

In our quest of self-improvement, both in our work ethic and final product, we try to employ several strategies that have your best interests in mind.

Our reviews, guides and other posts are all constructed over a fixed structure that includes a few essential aspects, which we never shy away from.

We prioritise:

  • Your safety.
  • Your entertainment.
  • Your mental and physical well-being.

This helps us encourage our readers to play responsibly, make the best decisions for their gaming and make the most of their gambling experience.