Most Searched Casino Games in 2022

Most Searched Casino Games in 2022

Current casino trends show us that slots are still ranking the highest among gambler preferences.

Even so, what else is at the top of the list? For instance, are Roulette and Sic Bo as popular as before?

Casino games & categories – 2022 popularity

Game Total Yearly Searches 2022 (UK) Total Yearly Searches 2022 (Global) Top Variations Used
Slots 439800 1374000 slot games,

casino slot games,

online slot games

Poker 63720 627000 poker games,

poker games online,

poker card games

Blackjack 12360 127200 blackjack games,

online blackjack games,

blackjack casino games

Roulette 10200 150600 roulette games,

casino games roulette,

online roulette games

Baccarat 2160 61800 baccarat games,

online baccarat games,

baccarat casino games

Craps 1800 36000 craps games,

casino craps games,

craps games online

Sic Bo 480 3000 sic bo games

How we compiled this casino game popularity study

This KingCasinoBonus study was compiled using Ahrefs, a trend search tool that enables our experts to see what the most popular choices among gamblers are.

This study was conducted by our experts to learn what today’s gamblers prefer in terms of casino entertainment.

Slots have a record search number with multiple variations

According to our research, players seem to enjoy slots more than any other casino game.

The over 1 million searches for slot machines in the whole past year show that this is a common preference worldwide.

However, it’s worth noting that this also applies to UK players, who gathered 439800 searches for phrases such as “slot machine games” and “online slots”.

The main reason why slots are sought after is the bonus diversity players have at hand. Here are three of the most claimed offer types:

Given the nature of these searches, online slots are likely to be more popular than physical ones.

Poker takes second place in terms of popularity

Poker games are the second most popular in both the UK and worldwide, with 63720, respectively 627000 searches in 2021.

Even so, the difference between poker and slots is quite significant, as the latter have +1 million more searches.

Besides the phrases mentioned in the table above, gamblers also looked up “cash poker games”, “live poker games”, and “online video poker games”, to give some examples.

Blackjack acclaim and player preferences

Blackjack has always been the first choice of gamblers who enjoy games that mix chance and skill.

It is also a common choice among UK players, with “live blackjack games” being the fourth most searched phrase.

So far in 2022, Blackjack 5 cards and Blackjack 7 cards seem to have the most searches in the UK. Both can be found on designated Blackjack casino sites, which is why they’re often played online.

Other casino games that rank high in 2022

Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, and Baccarat are also some of the most searched online games.

However, to better understand how much their popularity levels differ, consider the fact that these four games compile only 18.3% of the total slot-related searches worldwide.

Even so, the numbers are still substantial given the diversity of casino play options, particularly when it comes to Roulette.

While there aren’t specialised sites for all the popular casino games in 2022, several Roulette sites and Roulette bonus sites are available for all UK players.

  • Most of them have a minimum bet that can reach £0.1, with the highest min bet being around £4 (in Craps)
  • Their effects regarding dopamine and adrenaline release are similar, although with different intensities
  • They’re convenient to access when playing at online casinos, and an optimal way of socialising when played at land-based venues
  • They’ve been in the market longer than other games, so most gamblers are familiar with them

The games have several common points that justify their reputations.

Slot particularities

Slots tend to be the first choice of all gamblers who have a lower budget.

This is mainly because all of them can be played without any personal funds: since all online casinos feature offers that can be used on slots, it’s quite easy to achieve this.

Even if the offer requires a deposit, it’s usually less than anyone would normally spend on an average gameplay session.

Eligibility and withdrawal requirements are essential when deciding whether an offer is worth claiming, so make sure you read all T&Cs carefully.

With slots leading our ranking list, we can conclude that there are millions of players who prioritise spending less rather than playing short sessions using high sums.

This comes to show that promotions may be decisive when choosing what to play.

If casinos took this into consideration, the market would provide considerably raised standards in terms of promotional value, wagering conditions, and marketing, leading to an improved gameplay environment for users.