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Most Claimed Casino Bonuses in 2023

Our team crunched the numbers for the most claimed casino bonuses in 2023. Players, casino brand stakeholders, and industry reviewers should all be aware of last year’s trends.

Join us as we delve into the statistics:

  • Free spins no deposit bonuses have a 42% claim rate. They remain the most popular casino bonus type, the same as in 2022.
  • We’ve seen no wagering casino bonuses rise in popularity by 15% as compared with last year.
  • There is a high engagement percentage for match bonuses between 200% – 500% deposit match; 29% of players interested in that category claim them.
  • Casino bonus categories will continue to stay popular as long as they cater to individual gambler preferences.
Most Popular Bonus Types Claim percentage Average value per bonus Changes in popularity versus 2023
Free Spins No Deposit 42% £10 – £15 +8%
No Wagering Bonuses 34% £5 – £20 +15%
First deposit bonuses 24% £25 – £75 -2%

Methodology: How Our Team Gathered the Report Data

We used our internal data to see what bonuses were the most viewed, clicked, and claimed. We monitor the user activity to understand what bonuses are the most popular.

Our experts compiled the data using an internal data analysis technique based on our users’ preferences. Every trend this article discusses is UK-specific, yet it may also apply to other markets.

Brief details of our most important findings:

  • Our internal data reveals that free spins and no deposit bonuses increased their popularity by an average of 8% compared to last year’s statistics.
  • Slot-based bonuses remain the most popular among UK players, as online slots are still the most played casino game: 70% of gambling sessions in the UK happen on slot games (Blackjack comes in as a far second at 16%, and Poker and the rest complete the list).
  • No wagering bonuses almost doubled their claiming usage compared to last year’s 19% popularity rate.
  • Lastly, bonuses on deposit, such as welcome bonuses, maintained steady traction, at a 24% claim rate.

42% of Players Claimed Free Spins No Deposit Offers

Types of Free Spins Bonuses Claim percentage Bonus Renewal Rate
Up to 100 Free Spins 53% 42%
5 Free Spins 32% 27%
10 Free Spins 15% 31%

As online slot sites remain one of the most popular casino game platforms among all age groups, free spins and no deposit bonuses are currently the most claimed types of casino bonuses.

There are many types of spin bonuses available, and we narrowed down the list to the top three bonuses.

On the top of our list, up to 100 free spins casino bonuses have the highest percentage, with 53% of casino players claiming this bonus in top UK online casinos.

Next in line, 5 free spins bonuses have a 32% claim percentage, followed by 10 free spins bonuses with a 15% claim percentage.

The KingCasinoBonus editorial team comments on the top casino bonus trend:

“Players appreciate the chance to try out a casino’s game selection without committing their own funds, making these bonuses an attractive option for both newcomers and seasoned players alike.”

Statistics show 1 in 5 free spin claimers deposit afterwards

The most telling result of our internal analysis is that 1 in 5 players who claim free spins with no deposit end up making a deposit later on. Around +20% of active gamblers do so.

This comes to show how efficient promotions can be in convincing gamblers to play on an operator’s platform, particularly since this offer type is usually given upon registration.

Whether they’re in the form of a welcome bonus or a regular no deposit one, though, free spins allow gamblers to invest less and play more, which is often enough for successful marketing.

No Wagering Bonuses: The Second UK Gamblers Preference

Types of No Wagering Bonuses Claim percentage Bonus Renewal Rate
Free spins no wagering 83% 71%
Deposit bonus no wagering 17% 29%

The simplicity and transparency of these offers appeal to UK casino players because they allow them to withdraw their winnings without having to deal with wagering requirements.

The most claimed subtype was free spins no wagering, accounting for 83% of claims in this category, with only 17% of our users claiming deposit bonuses with no wagering.

Bonuses on Deposit: UK Players’ Third Best Alternative

Types of Bonuses on Deposit Claim percentage Bonus Renewal Rate
Free Spins on deposit 36% 48%
High percentage bonuses (200% – 500% match) 29% 27%
Welcome bonuses 35% Only available for new accounts.

In 2023, free spins on deposit emerged as the most claimed subtype, accounting for 36% of claims in this category.

High percentage bonuses, such as 200% deposit bonuses, where players receive a significant bonus amount relative to their deposit, were also highly sought after, claiming 29% of the share.

Other high percentage bonuses range from 300% match deposits to 400% match deposits, where the initial payment is tripled or quadrupled. The highest percentage we’ve seen created by casinos is a 500% match deposit offer, which multiplies the deposit by 5 and adds bonus funds to the gambler’s account.

Also, welcome bonuses have a fair share of 35% claim percentage due to the convenience of receiving bonuses upon registration. Therefore, players who claim welcome bonuses are likely to keep playing after testing certain games.

Analysing the data from 2022, several notable trends emerged.

The popularity of no wagering bonuses increased significantly, reflecting players’ preferences for rewards that allow them to arrive faster at the cash out process.

Free spins and no deposit offers saw an 8% rise in claims, indicating a continued demand for opportunities to explore new games with no cost.

From a bankroll perspective, the surge in no wagering bonuses suggests that players are becoming more conscious of the potential costs associated with wagering requirements. By opting for bonuses without these restrictions, players can better manage their bankrolls and use their winnings without additional requirements.

What Does This Exclusive Report Highlight About the Online Casino Industry?

The trends and data highlighted in this report offer valuable insights into the online casino industry from multiple perspectives.

  1. The gamblers: Players are actively seeking bonuses that provide good value and transparency. The top casino offers are claimed by UK players for the advantages they bring to gamblers while they are actively playing. Players seek opportunities to explore new games without committing their own funds.
  2. The casino operators: To remain competitive and attract new players, casino operators must adapt their bonus strategies to align with player preferences. A diverse range of all the UK bonus codes can be a key differentiator in a competitive market.
  3. Industry analysts: As a trusted authority in the UK iGaming industry, KingCasinoBonus plays a crucial role in analysing and disseminating information about casino bonuses. By providing accurate and up-to-date data, we empower players to make informed decisions and help casino operators refine their bonus offerings to meet changing market demands. This is why this type of internal audit helps us better perform and gain more reliability for our users.

Bonuses That Drive Long-Term Player Retention

While promotional offers effectively attract new players, fostering long-term loyalty requires a strategic approach to bonuses.

Based on our examination, the following bonus types have proven to be the most effective in maintaining players and gaining a new audience:

  • Loyalty Programs: Rewarding players for their continued engagement through loyalty programs, cashback offers, and exclusive promotions.
  • No Wagering Bonuses: These bonuses eliminate the time spent associated with wagering requirements, providing players with a different experience.
  • Personalised Bonuses: Tailoring bonus offers to individual player preferences and behaviour can significantly enhance player satisfaction and retention.

KingCasinoBonus Predictions for 2024

Based on our analysis of historical data from the past years and industry trends, KingCasinoBonus anticipates several developments in the online casino bonus landscape for 2024:

  • We believe that free spins no deposit will still be the most popular bonuses, with more than 45% of UK gamblers continuing to choose them over other bonus types.
  • It is very possible that no wagering bonuses, both free spins and bonus money, will increase to around 40% of the claim rate and usage.
  • Casino operators will increase efforts to create personalised bonuses, which might increase bonus retention rates up to 39%.
  • First deposit bonuses and welcome bonus packages will remain stagnant, with a 3% error margin. As these are offers gamblers claim as first-time depositors, they will remain as popular as the gambling trends available.
  • If wagering rates remain under 35x, high percentage match bonuses, like the ones varying from 200% match deposits to 500%, might increase in popularity between 10% – 12%. Higher wagering rates might be detrimental and decrease the value from the presented 2023 statistics.