Who is Mikki Mase? How His Baccarat Strategy Got Him Banned From Las Vegas

Who is Mikki Mase? Poker and Baccarat's Prodigy Banned From Las Vegas

The Las Vegas gambling world has undoubtedly seen many professional gamblers. However, Mikki Mase is one player who won’t be forgotten for a long time. Michael David Meiterman, popularly known as Mikki Mase, is a self-proclaimed King of Baccarat who is so skilled in table games that he had to be banned from casinos in Las Vegas due to his series of successful wins. But is he as good as he claims, or is he a scam?

The Gambler Who Beat Baccarat: Mikki Mase Gambler Biography

The Gambler Who Beat Baccarat Mikki Mase Gambler Biography

Nikki Mase was born on October 27, 1991, in New Jersey. His father was a professional racer, while his mother’s occupation was not publicly known. Growing up, Mikki was taught how to play certain table games by his grandparents, who were deeply involved in his early years. At the age of five, he had learned Texas Hold’em, Hungarian rummy, and Gin rummy.

With this knowledge, Mikki played with other Jewish kids, including winning their Bar Mitzvah money. Besides gambling, he developed an interest in racing, just like his father, and chased this dream for a while. Unfortunately, due to an accident, his father had to give up racing and turn to organised crime, which got him arrested.

At this point, everything changed for Mikki, as he was in and out of trouble at school. Eventually, he started using and selling drugs, which got him locked up. After his release, Mikki met a friend who offered him a lifeline by offering him a job in his tattoo shop.

Young Mikki, who was then homeless, gladly accepted the offer, and it turned out to be the beginning of his journey. Subsequently, he got a job as a construction worker at a rehabilitation centre and later opened his own centres and pharmacies. However, at the age of 28, he sold all these businesses and went fully into high-stakes gambling.

From Michael David Meiterman to Casino Hustler

With time, Mikki Mase became popular among the poker crowd and made an appearance at Hustler Casino Live. Although he was already an Instagram sensation famous for his extravagant lifestyle, the Hustler Live appearance did wonders. Due to his bold claims, many were curious to know who he was.

Mase claims he developed a strategy that could beat unbeatable casino table games such as baccarat and crap. He also claimed he had been banned from all Las Vegas casinos due to the effectiveness of this strategy.

As you’d expect, not everyone was buying these claims, but he did have some receipts to back these claims. His win/loss statements from several casinos showed long years of winning, converting doubters to believers.

One of the best poker and baccarat players

Although known as the king of Baccarat, Mikki started playing other casino games, such as blackjack and poker, before switching to baccarat. So he’s also known as a professional poker player. During his inaugural appearance on HCL’s Episode 4 in August 2021, Mase participated in a high-stakes 50/100 No-Limit Hold’em cash game.

The game, a $100 ante big blind, featured famous poker player Antonio Esfandiari. Mase’s performance was impressive, amassing $119,500 at the end of the episode. Subsequently, he made another appearance in Hustler Casino Live Episode 60, where he played a $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em game.

This episode, like the others, featured renowned poker players such as Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan. In the live game, Garrett Adelstein, who started with Ace-King, eventually folded when faced with a $60K bet on the river. Mase won the pot with a triumphant bluff after making an aggressive four-bet with a weak hand.

Besides these events, Mase frequently competes in high-stake poker games and cashes out big from such events. As we know, poker is a skill-based casino game, so Mase’s ability was met with doubt, including from reputable poker players.

In one such instance, to ascertain his claims, avid poker enthusiast Adam “adam22” invited Mikki to share his story on the “No Jumper” podcast.

How did he become a professional gambler?

Mase’s gambling journey started with his grandparents, whom he disclosed were skilled casino game players. While watching him, they would often include him in their games. From this early experience with gambling, Mikki Mase was quick to learn the basis of certain games. With time, he realised that he was good with numbers, and this skill turned out to be handy. Mase’s knowledge of math not only paved the way for his numerous businesses but also smoothly transitioned him into a professional gambler.

As you know, card games require skill and strategy, and Mikki had enough time to perfect his. So, when he decided to go fully into professional gambling, it made perfect sense. According to him, after selling his business, he would gamble at Las Vegas casinos. At first, he did it for fun and made $10,000 to $20,000 per trip.

On seeing how good he was, he decided to go fully into gambling, which turned out to be lucrative for him, earning him up to $100,000 per trip, marking the beginning of his professional gambling career. Mikki Mase’s professional gambling journey wasn’t all rosy, though. According to him, there were instances when he couldn’t win no matter what he did because casinos cheated him. For the games he won, he soon created a reputation for winning huge prizes, which was not so pleasing to many operators.

How Much is Mikki Mase’s Net Worth?

How Much is Mikki Mase's Net Worth

Mikki Mase is known to live a rather lavish lifestyle. From his Instagram account with the user name “Dirtygothboi,” you can see Mase’s lifestyle. His network is estimated to be around $45 to $50 million. This value is a combination of his previous business and high-stakes gambling.

From homeless to $5 million

Considering that Mase started broke and homeless, a net worth of $5 million is an incredible feat. He has recorded an astonishing gambling spree, turning $200 into over $200,000 and $50,000 into $6.2 million.

Mikki Mase is still young and gambles professionally, so his net worth could increase. He has also shown intelligence and business orientation, creating a series of successful businesses.

How did Mikki Mase make his money?

Before becoming a professional gambler, Mase worked in a tattoo shop before landing a construction job at a rehabilitation centre. While working here, he soon realised that running rehabilitation centres is a profitable business and set out to launch his own. With time, Mase opened his rehabilitation centre and expanded to include clinics and pharmacies.

His business grew over the years, making millions of dollars annually. It was quite controversial, too, from pharmacies to rehabilitation centres and clinical labs. At 28, Mikki Mase decided to retire and sold the business for millions of dollars.

He turned to playing baccarat and high-stakes poker full-time and slowly became a sensation in the gambling niche.

Why is Mikki Mase Banned from Vegas?

Why is Mikki Mase Banned from Vegas

Mikki Mase is one of the few players in the world banned from playing in Las Vegas casinos. According to him, his strategy for winning table games such as crap and baccarat was “too good”.

After selling off his pharmaceutical companies, Mase moved to Las Vegas, where he began his professional gambling journey. Although his strategy remains undisclosed, Mase’s various casino accounts’ win/loss records show wins of hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. He was winning between $20,000 and $50,000 per trip. Mase started out playing blackjack and eventually switched to blackjack, recording $300,000 per trip.

According to Mase, he scored whopping sums, and his continued huge wins eventually resulted in him being blacklisted from Vegas casinos. This ban, however, didn’t stop Mase from gambling as he moved to Los Angeles, where he participates in online casinos and private games.

How does Mikki Mase win?

Sure, the above question is one that several poker and baccarat players are curious about. How does Mikki Mase win, as he is one of the few players who claims he can beat the house edge? Unfortunately, Mase never reveals his winning strategy, although he has been very vocal about developing one. According to him, during gambling, he implements a strategy that makes it possible to beat the house.

For starters, he explains that he is a high-stakes gambler, so his average bet is $250,000. During an interview by Nelk Boys on the Full Send Podcast, Mase revealed that he had once won $11,526,000, his biggest win in a single sitting at a Baccarat table. This figure is no doubt impressive and unbelievable.

According to Mase, while gambling, he pays attention to patterns and creates strategic modelling to predict the game’s outcome. However, this pattern recognition is not always foolproof, so he adapts his playthrough and bets throughout the game.

While many doubt the effectiveness of his method, Mikki Mase doesn’t shy away from showing proof by displaying his tax certificates from famous casinos such as MGM Casinos, among others.

How did he got banned from every casino?

There have been headlines claiming that Mikki Mase has been banned from all casinos in the world. Although he is rumoured to be banned from “every single casino in the world”. The credibility of this claim can’t be ascertained, as Mikki Mase has been seen playing poker live streams in casinos.

If he were banned from all the casinos in the world, he wouldn’t be participating in online live casino games. However, he is known to be banned from top casinos in Las Vegas for winning too much.

What is Mikki Mase’s Baccarat Strategy?

Mikki Mase is very confident in his baccarat strategy. According to him, it is worth at least $50 million and capable of bringing casinos to their knees if shared publicly. As we know, when it comes to casino games, the house always has an edge. However, unlike other table games, the house has a slight edge on baccarat. So you are offered far better odds than in blackjack.

According to Mikki Mase, his technique includes picking up key notes, behaviours, and characteristics in cards. He also does a little reverse engineering to determine the casinos’ edge. This strategy has proven effective for Mase but is secretive about its details.

What Can You Learn From Mikki Mase to Beat the Casino?

Being one of the few people to be banned in Las Vegas history insinuates that Mikki Mase is doing something right and can beat the house’s edge. Although Mase is secretive about his winning strategy, he has offered a couple of hints on how he wins against the house. One of these strategies, as he disclosed, includes understanding the house edge in the game. If you know this key factor, you can figure out how to use it in your favour.

Other hints we figured out from his series of interviews include:

  • Mase is knowledgeable about reverse engineering mathematical problems. According to him, he is quite good at math, which comes in handy during his games, but he doesn’t employ card counting.
  • He understands gambling. Mase has been a self-proclaimed degenerate gambler for 25-plus years; that’s years’ worth of experience and practice. So, learning the basics of baccarat and other casino table games and practising is important.
  • Mikki Mase picks out key patterns in cards and adapts his playstyle and bets to fit this pattern.
  • He plays a flat bet on Baccarat. A flat bet isn’t the first choice of bet that comes to mind in baccarat. However, this is Mase’s go-to bet option, according to his interview with Jumper.
  • High-stakes betting. Mase doesn’t shy away from placing large bets, going as high as $250k on hand on baccarat and $75k on blackjack.
  • He remains calm during his games. Emotional discipline is an important factor in high-stakes gambling.

While there are mixed opinions about what Mikki Mase claims, these strategies seem to work for him, with records of him beating table games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Besides playing poker and baccarat, Mase is also an active social media influencer, so following him on the relevant platform can teach you a thing or two about your gameplay.