Euro 2024 Final: Ticket Prices Soar +2,456%

Euro 2024 Ticket Prices Soar 2,456%

Sunday’s final ticket prices rose almost 2500% after England’s latest win.

Our editorial team at KingCasinoBonus has conducted research in an attempt to reflect the impact of England’s qualification on the overall price of tickets available for resale.

Price Increases for Euro 2024’s Final Tournament Match

Ticket Category Original UEFA Price Cheapest Resale Most Expensive Resale Increase
Prime Seat £1,285 £5,471 £5,471 325%
Category 1 £842 £3,095 £6,633 268%
Category 2 £505 £2,211 £4,422 338%
Category 3 £253 £1,656 £3,537 555%
Fans First £80 £2,045 £4,422 2,456%

The lowest increase is still a staggering 325% from UEFA’s original price. The Fans First section saw the biggest increase recorded in the last decade.

Methodology: How We Conducted the Study

During the study research, our editorial team compared official UEFA prices listed on their website with the resale prices we found to be available on July 11, 2024.

The analysis we conducted mainly focused on finding the lowest resale price for each category to calculate the percentage increase.

Resale prices and sources can be unpredictable and might lead to a large percent scam rate, so we advise caution to any fan who wants to support England’s team in Berlin.

KingCasinoBonus’ Study Findings on Euro 2024 Price Increases

The data we extracted from our study reveal a steep price surge.

The cheapest seats currently hover at around £1,650.

As for the supporters that were hoping to secure themselves prime seats, they may have to dig deep in their pockets.

Currently, prime seats are reaching a massive sum of around £16,580.

Supporters may not have expected “Fan First” tickets to take such a high hike in price. While resale values were expecting the increase, the numbers are still impressive.

Originally priced at a reasonable £80, “Fan First” tickets are now being sold for a minimum of £2,045 and a staggering maximum of £4,422

For fans that are hoping to witness a possible historic victory for England, they may have to pay up to 5,427% extra of the original selling price.

Atop the initial study results, our editorial team has also found that hotels within a 2-mile radius of the Olympiastadion Berlin are charging an average of 30% more for Sunday night, with a staggering 96% of rooms already booked.

Our Team’s Key Takeaways: Ticket Price Observations

England has never won the Euros, but this has never slowed down the support and appreciation of their enthusiastic fans.

A victory at the finals would rewrite history, with England delivering their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup triumph.

Fans’ expectations are met with high prices in return

The data resulting from our study has shown that fans are faced with a substantial increase of up to 2,456%.

This surprising price hike highlights the great commitment of supporters who are willing to see England play Spain on Sunday, following their recent dramatic win that came as a surprise to dozens of fans involved.

As England’s recent victory has ensured their fans’ dream of victory can live on, the team that took Europe by storm with its dramatic win is getting another chance to grab the Euro 2024 trophy and bring glory to the English supporters.

Still, fans who are hoping to see history write itself from a close standpoint will need to pay a hefty price to make their dream come true.

Fans’ support means the same from afar

And while seeing England potentially end their winning drought might not be an affordable ideal for many supporters, one shouldn’t let ticket prices dampen their enthusiasm for Euro 2024’s grand final.

KingCasinoBonus’ Pro Supporter Tips for Watching the Big Final

For those of you who can’t make it to the grand event, celebrate the final in style for a fraction of the price by rallying your crew. Celebrate for a fraction of the price by rallying your crew for a viewing party at your local pub, nearest outdoor screening, or even at home.

You will find the atmosphere and cheers to be electric regardless of location, and you might save yourself a small fortune in the process.