How to Choose the Best Bingo Bonus?

How to Choose the Best Bingo Bonus?

Have you ever redeemed bingo bonuses and failed to gain earnings? We used our experience and created top tips to help you up your bingo wins to up to 24%!

How to Find the Best Bingo Bonus for Your Playing Style

You should not rush into claiming a particular bingo bonus. As a bingo player, it is important for you to put certain criteria into place, and analyze it before redeeming. These criteria would help you to make use of the bonus to the brim.

The Key to Finding the Ultimate Bingo Bonus

  • Size Up the Bonus Value

Sizing up the bonus value is a key factor in finding the ultimate bingo bonus. You should weigh the value that the bingo bonus carries before you give it a try, The importance of the bonus value is reflected in the overall winnings and bingo sites offer bonuses with varying values. The higher the bonus value, the better your chances of winning quite high.

However, from our 6+ years of experience, high-value bonuses also come with higher wagering requirements or minimum deposits. Try to weigh the pros and cons of the bonus, and do not go for value if the other requirements do not fit your gaming style.

  • Go for Fair Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are placed by each casino on almost all bonuses. For example, if an online bingo site offers £20 as a welcome bonus, and has a 5x wagering requirement, the wagering requirement is therefore £20 X 5 which = £100.

When choosing bingo bonuses,  it is advisable to select bonuses with lesser or no wagering bingo bonus requirements. Try to not claim bingo bonus funds or tickets with wagering requirements higher than 5x. Low wagering bonuses would help you as a player to be more efficient with your funds as well as have direct access to your bonus wins immediately.

  • Pay Attention to the Availability Period

You should be mindful of the validity period attached to the bonuses. They are always clearly stated in the terms. New customers could fall victim to a short validation period after they register, and they don’t manage to complete the requirement within the given period.

Why You Should Only Pick Legitimate Bingo Sites

Invest in Legit Bingo Sites

Picking a legitimate bingo site should always be a focus for you as a bingo player. Investing in illegitimate websites can make you lose your funds, and this is because they do not have any backing from the UK Gambling Commission. These tips are essential in choosing a bingo site to play on.

  • Checking Expert Reviews: Before you invest in a bingo site with real money, ensure you read reviews from experts. This would help you weigh the pros and cons ahead of the bingo site and help by keeping your heads up on certain policies to expect.
  • Looking for a Verified License: It is important for you to ensure the bingo site has its license from the UKGC. The commission regulates how the website works, sanctions them based on irregularities and ensures player’s funds are safe.
  • Looking out for User Ratings: It is important for you to check for the ratings from users. They are confronted with certain issues that the experts may not have come across when writing the reviews. However, you must be very critical and try to identify patterns, rather than believe any single review.

How to Get the Best Value out of Your Bingo Bonuses

  1. Create a budget for bonuses: It is always a good idea for you as a player to set a budget which you should not go beyond. Setting a budget for bonuses allows you to manage your finances properly and be more aware of your spending patterns. Pay by Phone bingo sites will have lower max deposits, which can help prevent overspending.
  2. Do not claim high-wagering bonuses: Irrespective of how enticing the bonus appears, you should always pick lower wagering bonuses instead. This would help you with the ease of accessing your bonus wins faster, or not losing the winnings along the way.
  3. Mind the maximum cashout amount: Some bonuses appear interesting until you discover there is a minimal cashout limit. This simply means that you can not cash out more than the fixed amount placed by the bingo site, and you may not be compensated fairly.
  4. Avoid excluded games while wagering: Before you claim or use a certain bonus, it is important for you to read the terms and conditions attached to the game. Checking to see if the bingo rooms you were going to play at are excluded will keep you in the right direction and not allow you to waste funds on games that are excluded.
  5. Choose bingo rooms with high payouts and added features: Before you select which bingo to play, ensure it has a high payout and more features such as free rounds, jackpots, and different winning combinations.
  6. Always stick to your budget: Bear in mind that going beyond your budget does not make gambling responsible. It is good to stick to a budget and gamble responsibly.

Top Bingo Bonus Types Worth Trying

Breaking Down Bingo Bonus Typs

Bonus Type Bonus Description
Bingo Tickets Bingo tickets are grids or ticket cards that are used to play bingo. Players mark off numbers as they are being called all in an attempt to win by completing a particular pattern on their tickets. In a bonus, you will get a set number of free tickets, such as Quality Bingo’s 1250 no wagering tickets, which can be used on 75 and 90-ball bingo.
No Deposit Bonus Funds No deposit bingo bonus funds are usually given to players on completion of registration. The funds can be used on multiple game types, including bingo or Slingo games. Chit Chat Bingo has a great £5 bingo bonus which we think is worth trying out.
Deposit Match Bonus A deposit match welcome bonus is given when you make your first deposit. The percentage of the match can vary, going up to 200% deposit match. The funds can usually be played on slots, but with some bonuses, you can use them on bingo rooms.
Reload Bonuses Reload bonuses are for existing players. This serves as a motivation for registered users and could come in different forms of prizes, such as casino free spins, bonus funds, and deposit match bonuses. At new bingo sites, there are plenty of promotions which can be used on bingo rooms.
Loyalty Rewards Loyalty rewards are earned based on how much you wager. You get to earn points based on the bingo site’s policies. After you have accumulated up to a certain point, you get to qualify for loyalty rewards, such as no deposit spins or no deposit funds. In most cases, the no deposit funds are not tied to a specific game, and you can use them in bingo rooms.

There are different bingo bonus types for you to choose from as a bingo player. These bonuses may differ in requirements, types and use. You can select the bonus to use based on your playing style and preferences. It is always good to stick to your gaming preference and not go beyond that.

KingCasinoBonus Key Takeaways on Bingo Bonuses

It is important to have a good choosing strategy when choosing a bingo bonus. With so many bingo site promotions to choose from, it pays to be selective and go for bonuses with the highest value and fairest terms.

Make sure to choose only bonuses from UKGC-licensed casinos, and to check the bonus value and wagering requirements. Last but not least, play responsibly!