Online Casino FAQ


The King Casino Bonuses FAQ section was developed as a guidance and help tool for our players. We provides short and concrete answers to burning questions that most casino players asked themselves at some point in time.

The amount of experience you have with UK casinos has no relevance to the questions you might have when it comes to slot games, online casino games, operators, wagering and many more.

Below we will go through some of the most common asked questions and provide you with an answer to your burning question.

What is an online casino?

Online casinos are website implementations that provide gambling activities and games for real money.

Are online casinos legal?

All online casinos that receive and hold a currently active license from the UK Gambling Commission are legal and trustable until proven otherwise.

How do I start playing at an online casino?

You will need to pick a worthwhile casino, make prior preparations and verifications and finally start playing responsibly. We have created a guide for new players that includes all essential details.

How can I choose the best online casino for me?

We recommend that your consult the casino reviews we make available for our readers. These contain extensive data on casinos, presented transparently, and a thorough explanation and contextualisation of these details.

What games can I expect to find on an online casino?

Other than differences in game providers and the number of games online casinos offer there isn’t much difference in the game typology. The slot sites which mainly offers classic slots and video slots, and live dealer casinos provide players with blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Some casino offer variations of the games such as live casino games, VR casinos and unique slot games developed specifically for them.

What is the legal age at which I can play at an online casino?

In the UK, you must be at least 18 years old to play for money. Casinos carry rigorous ID check on their players. Providing false information’s about your age, address and name is considered a felony, and it is punishable by law. However, casinos have available a series of games that can be tested without an account in the demo mode, but they do not allow underage individuals to register or play for real money.

How do I learn how to play casino games?

That always depends on preferences. King Casino Bonus provides a series of player guides that discuss casino games such as poker, roulette and blackjack that can provide you with insight. We also provide insights on the use of bonuses in blackjack or similarly playing roulette with a bonus.

Another possibility would be to follow online tutorials, free demo games on online casinos and forums about the game you would like to play.

How do I create an account?

Access the registration page of the casinos through the links provided by us in the casino review sections and the casino list by clicking the button – Get Bonus- . This button will direct you to a page containing more information about the bonus or straight to the registration page of the casino. Depending on this either click play now, register now or start filling in your personal information.

Amongst the requested personal information is:

  1. Name and surname;
  2. Address;
  3. Birthdate;
  4. Gender;
  5. Phone number;
  6. Email.

Payment/deposit information

Once you fill out your information, it will ask you if you wish to make a deposit and inform you about your welcome offer. Enjoy!

Why is my deposit still pending?

In addition to the bank, online casinos have their system of screening. So, at times there might be delays due to the communication between banks. Other times the casino might ask you to provide extra information, such as an extra ID. If the bank does not receive the confirmation within seven days, the money will be transferred back to your bank account.

What does RTP mean?

RTP means Return to Player, and it tells you how high a game’s payout percentage is. Return to player differs from skill games and luck games both in the way they are presented and in percentages. Learn more about RTP from our full guide.

How do I make sure I pick a reliable casino?

Picking a reliable online casino comes down to a few essential checkpoints:

  1. It has a UK licence;
  2. Check reviews and testimonials from players;
  3. Get on discussions on forums;
  4. Check their last audit day;
  5. Read the terms and conditions.

One of the trusted audit firms for gaming is eCOGRA. They are one of the most common use, so we recommend you look for their logo at the bottom of the website.

How do I make a deposit at an online casino?

You must pick a payment method that is available at your chosen casino, complete the KYC verifications, and add funds according to the operator’s conditions. You can consult the guide to deposits and withdrawals for the process in greater detail.

How do I withdraw my winnings from an online casino?

In order to access your cashable winnings for reasons other than gambling on the casino site, you must perform a withdrawal. To do so, you must access the payout tab, pick your method, verify it if you did not do so, and select a value within withdrawal bounds.

Are online casino games fair and trustworthy?

All licensed casinos must respect fairness rules in all activities. If they fail to do so, customers are entitled to raise a dispute and solve their issues. However, since we do not wish you arrived in this situation, we manually test casinos to ensure their fairness.

Can I play online casino gaming products for free?

Many online casino platforms also provide free-play game implementations that only registered users can play. Note that you must still verify your age and identity even if you do not use real money.

How do online casino bonuses and promotions work?

Casino bonuses are exclusive promotional systems that award players with specific items, funds, or rewards for free play, subject to limitations on resulting money.

What are the different types of online casino games available in online casinos?

Online casinos share a slew of gambling games, with some being reworks of existing types while others being specific to the internet environment.

You will find games such as:

  •       Classic slot games.
  •       Jackpots, progressive and traditional.
  •       Table games include video roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.
  •       Live dealer versions for roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and others.
  •       Live shows and similar implementations.
  •       Bingo, Keno, and scratchcard implementations.
  •       Multiplayer poker, betting of various types, and many other game types.

Can I play any online casino games on my mobile device?

You can find multiple mobile casinos in the form of mobile-adapted sites and downloadable casino apps.

Are online casinos safe and secure?

All casino domain operators must provide trustable SSL encryption and protections for customer information and funds in adherence to UK consumer and information security laws.

How do online casinos compare to brick-and-mortar casinos?

Online casino sites have constantly proven more accessible and affordable for the average gambler while only improving the overall authenticity of the experience.

What is a live dealer casino?

Live dealer casinos are online implementations that use live-streaming technology to simulate a real-time table game. Gamblers get to bet, watch the round and its outcome, and receive a potential payout.

Are the odds better at online casinos or traditional casinos?

Experts agree that online casinos generally offer better odds for slots, table games, and most other titles, given their need to compete with other just as accessible internet domains.

Can I play casino games online for real money?

Most games in internet casinos are played with real money being actively spent, with the exception of titles played in Demo mode or with bonus funds.

What are the age requirements for playing at online casinos?

You must be over 18 to access any gambling activity in the UK.

What is responsible gambling, and how can I practice it at online casinos?

Responsible gambling is an umbrella term for the suite of tools, measures, and resources created and provided to generate a safe environment and aid gamblers who face addiction risks.

Can I play at online casinos from any country?

The availability of a casino domain depends on its availability within a jurisdiction. Users in said jurisdiction cannot reliably access the casino site if their legislation does not license it.

What are the most popular online casino games?

Slots remain the most popular game types within casino sites, with live dealer games coming in a close second. You can count titles like Book of Dead, Starburst, or Gonzo’s Quest to be the most popular singular titles.

Are online casinos audited and regulated?

Yes, all running platforms have been checked, at least by the UKGC. However, some casino sites have been additionally audited by third-party agencies like eCOGRA, Gaming Labs, and others.

How do I contact customer support at an online casino?

All casinos have one or more methods of contacting the customer support team employed by the customer. You should see interface elements that point you to a live chat option, email, or phone number.

What are the different payment methods accepted at online casinos?

Gambling sites will accept most payment methods available on other internet domains, with some notable exceptions. You can use most debit cards, e-wallets, and phone payment methods. However, you cannot use credit cards for gambling in the UK. This is one of the more critical exceptions.

What is a no-account casino, and how does it work?

No-account casinos are gambling sites that provide real money activities to customers without needing prior registration. It is illegal to gamble without initial identity and age checks in the UK.

Are online casino winnings subject to taxes?

Winnings from gambling are not taxable as per current UK tax law. Nonetheless, the decision depends on the extent of your activity. If courts deem your gambling to be your primary stable source of income, it may be taxed accordingly. We advise you to stay informed regarding gamblers’ taxes and consult a legal expert in such instances.

Can I play at online casinos if I have a gambling addiction?

In the event that you show signs of gambling addiction, online casinos will attempt to aid your recovery, up to barring you from playing, according to current UKGC regulations. We also advise you to recognise gambling addiction and know when to stop to stay safe.

What is a wagering requirement, and how does it apply to online casino bonuses?

Wagering requirements are the general term for the amount of funds you have to use in order to cash out bonus funds or winnings as real money. A wagering requirement of 35x related to your bonus winnings means that you must use 35 times the value of your cashable winnings for conversion.

How do online casinos protect my personal and financial information?

Your personal and financial details are protected via SSL encryption, secure databases and adherence to current data protection and reasonable use laws, as per the gamblers’ rights and obligations.

Are there any strategies for improving my chances of winning at online casino games?

The best way of improving your chances for a payout from online casino games is by staying informed regarding strategies and expert approaches. We publish free guides to understanding game rules and using betting systems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing at online casinos?

The main advantages of playing on gambling sites concern the extended accessibility, ease of use, and affordability, as betting bounds are lower. Online casinos generally offer better odds for table games and slots. With mobile casinos, online gamblers can also access casinos anywhere and anytime.

The drawbacks of online gambling sites are reduced authenticity, longer waiting times for withdrawals, the requirement to pay with non-cash banking options, and the general lack of associated services, like events, catering, or venue activities.

What is a welcome bonus, and how do I claim it?

Multiple online casino sites will offer newly joining members a welcome offer that will aid them in starting their activities on the website. To claim a welcome bonus, you must register and opt in to receive promotions. In some cases, you will need to add a bonus code. We recommend that you read our presentations on welcome bonuses to stay informed and claim them correctly.

Can I play multiple casino games at the same time?

While this may be a possibility on some websites, we advise against it. Gambling games consume real money in real time, and playing multiple games may reduce your ability to stay in control of your expenditure.

What are the minimum and maximum bet limits at online casinos?

Betting bounds will vary depending on the type of gaming product you are playing and the site you are on. Minimum bounds can start at 10 to 20 pence for slot games, with maximums going up to £1,000 or more. Online table games accept bets between £1 and £5,000.

Can I access online casino games on a laptop or desktop computer?

Desktop casino sites are the standard for the current gambling industry. In other words, any online casino you can access via your phone, you can do so on your laptop or desktop computer.

What is a loyalty program, and how do I join one at an online casino?

Customer loyalty systems are schemes that aim to reward returning gamblers with additional perks for their activity. Joining loyalty programs can be as simple as registering with the casino, opting in, or being invited by casino staff. Read more on VIP and loyalty programs in our dedicated guide and selection of such systems.

Are online casino games tested for fairness and randomness?

Industry authoritative agencies like eCOGRA or Game Labs actively test new and old game products to confirm and accredit their fairness and the true randomness of RNG systems.

What is a deposit bonus, and how do I redeem it?

Deposit-based promotions are casino offers that are only claimable through an associated incoming payment. To claim one, read our presentations first deposit casino bonuses, register, add and verify a payment method, and add funds while opting for the deposit bonus.

Are online casino games the same as the ones I can play at a land-based casino?

Not only are online casino games the same as those in land-based casinos, but they can prove to be even more diverse.

What is a no-deposit bonus, and how do I claim it?

No deposit bonuses are offers that you may claim without the need for a customer payment. These are still subject to wagering conditions, so make sure to consult the bonus policy before.

Can I play online casino games for fun without risking any money?

You can play with zero risk either by using a no deposit bonus or by playing in free-play mode.

How do I know if an online casino site is licensed and regulated?

  •       Look for the UKGC seal and hyperlink in the homepage footer.
  •       Read the terms and conditions. It should provide details on licensing
  •       Go on the UKGC’s website and search the database for the operator or casino site domain.
  •       Read our casino reviews and find curated data there.

What is a VIP program, and how do I become a member at an online casino?

VIP programs are select customer clubs. Becoming part of one will come with exclusive perks reflective of a better status. Becoming a member depends on the policy of the casino operator. In some cases, you must complete a specific volume of activity, while in other cases, you can only be invited.

Are the payouts at online casinos comparable to those at land-based casinos?

Online casino sites have payouts just as high as land-based venues, with some games tied to jackpot pool networks going over the higher values in brick-and-mortar venues.

What is a reload bonus, and how do I redeem it?

Reload bonuses are promotions that you can claim as an existing player. You can essentially ‘reload’ your bonus balance.

Can I play online casino games on my tablet or smartphone?

Casino sites and apps are available for all devices, including smartphones or tablets. Just make sure to check with our casino bonuses if this is the case for the casino you choose.

How do I know if an online casino is safe and secure?

You should look into the platform’s or the operator’s accreditation and certification from licensors and credible market agencies.

Are the rules and regulations at online casinos different from those at land-based casinos?

Yes, the rules for online casino sites in the UK directly address the safety and fairness of online players, elements which will significantly differ from what happens in the land-based casino environment.

What is a wagering requirement, and why do online casinos have them?

The wagering requirement is an essential restraint for online casino bonuses. Casinos place these conditions to ensure that the operator will not lose money with every awarded promotion. Additionally, these conditions provide that players use funds for gambling and not money laundering.

Can I play online casino games without downloading any software?

Yes, as most casino sites are fully functioning online without the requirement of downloading software.

What is a live casino, and how does it work?

Live dealer casinos are domains that provide live-streamed interactive gambling events generally fashioned after classic table games.

Are the customer support services at online casinos helpful and reliable?

The quality of customer support services variates significantly from one site to another. We recommend that you consult expert reviews that include details about customer support before opting for a casino.

What is a sticky bonus, and how do I use it?

Sticky bonuses are promotions that cannot be cashed out or, in other words, are “stuck” in your casino balance. You can, however, use them to generate winnings and play for free.

Can I play casino games online for real money without making a deposit?

You can do so only with no wagering bonuses, which, by virtue of their lack of playthrough conditions, can be considered the closest to real money possible.

What is a progressive jackpot slot, and how do I win one at an online casino?

Slots with progressive jackpot pools do not have a maximum set prize. Instead, their total jackpot grows with every player’s wager and can drop at any time. Progressive jackpots have the biggest recorded prizes.

Are the graphics and sound effects at online casinos realistic and immersive?

Audio-visual aspects of online gambling products get better and better as technology advances. Nowadays, these are easily comparable to the graphics and sounds in real casinos.

What is a match bonus, and how do I claim it?

Match bonuses are a subclass of deposit offers. These will award claimants with a sum directly proportional to the one deposited, according to a match percentage. A 100% match bonus will match your deposit, while a 200% match bonus will double the bonus money amount.

Are there any free-to-play casino games available at online casinos?

Most non-live casino games have a free-to-play demo mode version that can be played free of charge by all registered players.

What is a cryptocurrency casino, and how do they work?

Crypto casinos are online gambling sites that also accept payments in cryptocurrencies. They work just like standard gambling sites, with additional payment methods.

Are the transaction fees at online casinos reasonable and transparent?

Most casinos place no payment fees neither for deposits or withdrawals, and this is not the standard by any means. However, some casinos may establish such conditions on your transactions.

What is a cashback bonus, and how do I redeem it?

Cashbacks are promotional schemes that return a set percentage of wagered or lost funds to participating players. Redeeming such bonus functions just like any other promotion.

Can I play online casino games with other players from around the world?

Many online casino sites function within multiple jurisdictions and allow players from different countries around the world to participate and interact with one another in multiplayer games.

What is a mobile casino, and how do I access one?

Mobile casinos are a general catch-all term for gambling sites that, either via a browser or downloadable app, can be accessed and reasonably used on mobile devices.

Are there any live casino tournaments available at online casinos?

Some select live dealer casinos will implement contests and tournaments for their players.

What is a free spin bonus, and how do I claim it?

Free spins are a promotion type suited for online slots, generally needing no payment. Instead of receiving funds, you get spins that you can use on specific slots. Winnings are subject to wagering conditions.

Can I chat with other players and the dealer at a live casino?

Cheating by collusion is prohibited, detectable and can result in your exclusion, the voiding of your winnings, and, in some cases, the confiscation of your balance.

What is a high roller bonus, and how do I qualify for one?

These are casino game offers that allow high-roller gamblers to play games according to their style and requirements. These will have better terms for higher bet limits and may allow users on different table games.

Are there any exclusive promotions or offers available at online casinos?

You can find many exclusive bonuses, either via VIP systems, loyalty programs, or customer support. KingCasinoBonus, too, lists many exclusive promotions you will not find anywhere else.

What are virtual reality casinos, and how do I play at one?

VR is slowly making its way into the online casino industry, with Virtual Reality casinos becoming some of the highest-end entries. Playing in one is difficult, as there are few such offers, but you should be able to register just like on any other site.

Are there any loyalty rewards or VIP perks available at online casinos?

All loyalty and VIP clubs come with specific perks and bonuses. All casinos will publish a list of the benefits of joining their program. You can find the details there.

What is a no-wagering bonus, and how do I redeem it?

No wagering offers are bonuses that do not impose any additional wagering for bonus funds or winnings. Redeeming such an offer is identical to all other opt-in processes.