Bingo Terminology: A Glossary Of Bingo Terms And Phrases

Bingo Lingo: A Glossary Of Common Bingo Terms

Bingo has been a long-standing game in the UK since the 18th century. Players have developed a unique bingo language, which we’ll review in this article.

Bingo Slang: Why Is it Important to Know it

You are in for a treat if you’ve never participated in an in-person bingo session. The terminology alone will both confuse and amuse you. 

The callers use a range of bingo slang terms, phrases, and sayings that, to the unfamiliar ear, will sound nothing short of humorous and intriguing.

There are dozens of bingo terms callers use when calling different numbers. Callers use bingo slang numbers for each of the 90 numbers in the 90-ball UK version of the game. 

Learning the bingo slang numbers and language is a must to ensure everything is clear.

A Glossary of Bingo Terms

A Glossary of Bingo Terms

  • Admission Pack – the bingo cards a player must buy to be admitted into a bingo hall
  • Bingo Lobby – the lobby leading to the bingo hall
  • Buy-in – the minimal amount of money you must pay to participate in a bingo session
  • Bingo Board – each number a player claims is shown on an electronic board 
  • Cover-all (Blackout) – term in bingo language where you must cover every card number called to win
  • Full House/FH – similar to the coverall, FH in bingo slang is a pattern requiring you to cover all numbers on your card to win
  • Lucky Jar, Cookie Jar – the winner gets a jar full of cash
  • Moonlight Bingo – a bingo term used to refer to a late-night bingo session
  • Pattern – a specific line of numbers you need to mark off on your card to win
  • Quickie – quickie and blowout are bingo terms referring to a fast-paced cover-all bingo game
  • Wild Numbers – you will randomly receive additional free numbers based on your first assigned number. If the first number is 43, you mark off all numbers on your card ending with a 3. Those numbers, in bingo slang, are called wild numbers

What Are Some Bingo Sayings?

What Are Some Bingo Sayings

Callers follow each of the 90 numbers in British bingo with a relevant saying or phrase, such as Cup of Tea after the number 3 as the two rhyme or Knock at the Door after 4. 

These sayings are inspired by the nursery rhyme ‘One, Two, Buckle my shoe’.