A Beginner's Guide to Online Bingo

A Beginner's Guide To Bingo Online

Did you know that 4 out of 5 new bingo players feel overwhelmed by modern online rules and features? This guide breaks down everything novice bingo players need to transition seamlessly from brick-and-mortar halls to winning on the web.

We’ll explain how classic bingo gameplay has been adapted for the digital space while keeping the spirit of community and fun.

With insider tips tailored for beginners, you can enter the online bingo hall with confidence. So read on to master online bingo as a true newcomer.

What is bingo online, and how is it played?

At its core, it is a simple game in which a player must match numbers on their card to those called.

The aim is to complete uninterrupted lines of numbers horizontally and, depending on the game type, vertically or diagonally on the way to achieving a card and getting a full house.

Main bingo rules for UK players: a beginner’s guide

UK players must remember a few rules when learning to play bingo online.

Most standard rules apply to online games, but it is relevant to make sure you know which bingo version you are playing to decide your future moves. For example, are you playing a variant with blanks? If so, you’re going to need fewer numbers per line.

Some of them are specific to playing a bingo game online. These include how it’s crucial to ensure you choose a licensed operator. Players should always look for information on whether a bingo site is registered with UKGC before playing online.

The main numbers of bingo

Numbers are vital to the game, and because of that, some must be remembered. Firstly, when learning to play bingo in the UK, you must focus on the numbers you receive.

You’ll likely see numbers ranging from 1-75 to 1-90 in use in online halls. Looking beyond that, it’s perhaps most important to consider the numbers that provide an earning combination.

How many numbers would you have to match to win the game? For example, a standard game will require 15 matched numbers for a full house.

What do corner numbers mean in bingo?

The corner numbers in the UK variant refer to the four outermost points on the left and right of the grid of 27 numbers that you see when playing.

Like any space on the grid, you will want to see these called. Getting all four corners, including any blank spaces you may have, counts as an earning combination.

This will form part of the ultimate goal of achieving a full house and claiming the best results.

How you should complete the free spaces

In the most common bingo online in the UK, you will be looking to complete horizontal lines, aiming to get one, then two, and finally, a full house of three. This means that you will have to match five numbers per row.

In other game types, you will have a different number of spaces on your board to complete before achieving a victorious pattern.

Based on your chosen game type, you must know which shapes and patterns amount to a victory.

Most popular types and variations of bingo games

Bingo is notable for the many variations on a seemingly simple concept. For example, 90 ball is the most popular type for beginners in the UK. This is where a player looks to fill out a 9 x 3 card with rows of four blanks and five numbers.

There is also a Bingo variant called 80 balls, played on 4 x 4 boards with no blanks. This type of game sees players looking to complete vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.

Beyond these variants in the game, online bingo has opened up a world of themes and versions.

75 Ball vs 90 Ball – Why do Americans prefer the 75 ball?

90 ball may be the game that has been most played in halls across the UK for years. However, in the US, players are more likely to choose the 75-ball game. This format uses cards with 5 x 5 grids, including a blank space in the middle.

A player will have 24 possible numbers to fill. Because of this blank in the middle, there are several patterns you can make, including a figure of eight, a diamond, an L, and vertical and diagonal lines.

This quicker and more varied playing style is why US audiences prefer this alternative.

Joker Bingo

Balls are a necessary part of the game, aren’t they?

But that’s not the case for Joker Jackpot Bingo, a relatively new bingo site game of relevant popularity in the UK that uses cards instead of the iconic balls that most bingo players are accustomed to.

You will be dealt hands of cards similarly to how you receive a bingo card of numbers. You must then complete either the shape of the letter J instead of a line or the entire hand, much like achieving a full house in the typical form of the game.

It’s even available at iconic company brands like William Hill, showing its popularity.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal is a world-famous game show franchise where participants are given boxes with a number inside representing an amount of money by the Banker. The game aims to guess which contains the highest and ensure they end the game with it and beat the Banker.

Its online bingo counterpart follows the game’s basic rules but adds a Deal or No Deal theme.

The player is presented with an offer from the Banker at the end of the game, and they’ll have to decide whether or not they are willing to risk their full house earnings.

Can you cheat in bingo?

There will always be some who look to cheat the game whenever money is earned. And statistics show that Bingo players are no exception. This is why UK bingo halls require individuals to check cards where an earning has been claimed to ensure no fake claims.

Cheating in bingo online is also problematic, if not impossible, and should be highly avoided.

In online games, a random number generator (RNG) will decide the numbers called, so it’s impossible to influence the outcome. So, the short answer to the question would be no.

Tips and tricks on how to play bingo online

This game should always be a pleasant activity, but it can be challenging if it’s your first time playing online.

Basic tips and tricks to use in bingo for a pleasant online gaming experience

  • Verify that the site is licensed to operate in the UK
  • Mix it up and play different game versions
  • Look for top bingo sites with different bingo bonuses, such as 5-deposit Bingo or 10-deposit Bingo incentives
  • Try to find websites with demo play options to practice your skills. Free bingo no deposit bonuses can help players improve their strategy and technique
  • If available, use chat functions to swap tips with other players
  • Find fast payout casino sites where you can process your payments fast. Playing on Pay by Phone bingo sites or PayPal bingo casinos could be a wise choice

Bingo is an excellent choice for all ages

Any game that has the lasting power that this one has must have something special about it. In this famous pastime’s case, that’s its simplicity and versatility. With no particular strategies needed, this game is accessible to everyone, young and old. Hence, it takes little time to learn how to play bingo.

It is also common for slot enthusiasts to engage in bingo playing, according to recent data, so bingo sites with slot bonuses could soon become much appreciated by the gambling community.

Our research shows that gamblers who appreciate slot games and bingo titles could have a pleasant experience playing on Slingo sites since slingo titles combine the best features of slots and bingo.

Add the different variations and themes employed to keep the game fresh for new audiences into the mix, and you have a victor. With that in mind, bingo online in the UK will continue to grow in popularity in the upcoming years.


Why is bingo suitable for the elderly?

There are several reasons that the game is suitable for seniors.

One aspect is the social aspect of the game. Perhaps most importantly, though, the game helps exercise the brain due to the concentration and memory needed to participate in the game.

Canadian research released in 2019 showed that those 75+ who played bingo regularly performed better than those who didn’t engage in cognitive exercises, showing improvements in memory, coordination, and even language.

Is bingo a game of skill or luck?

Any game of chance ultimately comes down to luck. It’s impossible to influence the numbers when playing a bingo game online. However, there are ways to improve your chances of earning rounds, especially when playing physically.

One of the most significant parts of playing is the need for focus. The more concentration you invest in the game, the more likely you will call a victory before anyone can beat you to the punch.

You’ll also not miss any of the numbers called.

When playing online, bingo with no wagering bonuses could be a wise way to minimise your losses and increase your earnings since you can cash out right after the game.

Why is bingo called bingo?

This might come as some surprise, but according to historical sources, the game hasn’t always had its iconic name.

In the early 20th century, an American salesman on his travels called Edwin Lowe witnessed players in Georgia having a game of “Beano”.

He took the bean-based game with him to New York, where one of his associates got himself flustered and called “BINGO!” instead.

That stuck, and we now have the legendary game and its famous catchphrase.