The History Of Bingo Online And Its Evolution

The History Of Bingo In The UK

Standard bingo halls remain a staple in UK bingo history, but bingo sites entice them to try the game and play their lucky numbers.

When Did the History of Bingo Begin?

The Italian renaissance gifted many wonders to humanity, and bingo tops the list of inventions originating in the 16th century. 

Historians are confident that the modern bingo game traces its origins to the Apennines peninsula, where it was played in a more conventional lotto format. 

Merchants brought the game to neighbouring states. First appearing in France in the 17th century, from where it got adopted into the British Isles and Germany. 

For a long time, the game was called lotto and remained in the domain of the aristocracy. 

The situation changed significantly in the 1920s when it started to gain a following in North American fairs. 

The person credited for the modern version of bingo is salesman Edwin S. Lowe, who recognised the potential and patented bingo in the 1940s.