The Future of Casino Game Developments

The Future Of Casino Game Development

Is the iGaming industry progressing? Let’s see the current state of casino game development and the projections and plans for the future. 

Short Evolutionary Timeline of Casino Game Development

  • 1638: The first Casino to open in Venice, Italy
  • 1891: New York’s first poker machine was created by Sittman and Pitt
  • 1895: Liberty Bell by Charles Fey is the first-ever slot machine
  • 1907: The Operator Bell is created, a better version of the Liberty Bell
  • 1976: The first video slot is created
  • 1998: Microgaming launches Cash Splash, the first-ever online progressive jackpot slot
  • 2006: Mobile casino games could be played for the first time
  • 2007: Live dealer games being introduced in online casinos
  • 2012: Operators shift towards HTML5, providing a better mobile gaming experience
  • 2017: First live game show available at online casinos named Dream Catcher

Fun Fact

When the first brick-and-mortar establishment was opened, a casino meant a little house for gaming.

Latest Casino Technology

It is no surprise that each year, not only do casino games get better, but the overall experience at an online iGaming site becomes more pleasent. 

Thanks to the new technologies implemented, online casinos are becoming safer, and the interactive aspect gets a massive boost.

And with new tech constantly coming out, such as virtual and augmented reality or cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, online casinos may become the dominant branch of gambling, making brick-and-mortar casinos a thing of the past.

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Crypto Casino & Blockchain Technology

Not many people believed in blockchain technology when it started making waves almost two decades ago. 

Today, crypto payments have become part of every popular industry on the market, including the gambling one.

Thanks to blockchain tech software, transactions – including deposits and withdrawals – have become safer and faster.