Expert Breakdown: Best Scratch Card UK Games

Best Scratchcard Games and Where to Find Them

If you recently started to dip your toes into online scratchcards, and don’t know where to start, look no further! We will show you our top three favourite games, the best scratchcard casinos you can try out, and how to tell a good online scratch game apart from the others.

What Makes an Online Scratchcard Game Good?

When we analyzed the best scratchcard games for this post, we used a set of criteria we usually look at when we test online scratchies themselves. It might help our readers if they remember these tips while browsing the best scratch cards on the UK market!

  1. Check Odds for a Winning Card: Winning odds refer to the probability of winning rewards at a specific game. So, it’s essential to go through these chances before picking a suitable scratchie for gaming. Scratchcard games generally have high RTPs, so choose the card with the highest winning odds. However, the odds depend on the card’s corresponding multiplier that will apply to the payout – the higher the payout, the lower the odds.
  2. The Jackpot Size: Since scratchies belong to the instant win games category, they offer decent payouts in case of a win. Choose scratch games that provide worthwhile jackpot rewards for a fun casino ride. If you’re a beginner, try picking relatively low-cost options that provide numerous jackpots (even if low-value ones).
  3. Look at the Payout: Consider each game’s payout potential while choosing your favourite scratchcard. Although scratchies have a standard average RTP of 85%, many options provide RTP levels greater than 90%. Pick these games to have a fulfilling casino journey at top UK casinos.
  4. The Game Mechanics: Before picking a suitable scratchie, research thoroughly to learn all about it. Check the number of paylines and average grid size it offers and how to play the game to ensure a seamless gambling session.
  5. Scratch Theme: Themed scratchies elevate your gameplay experience to a new level. Players can thoroughly indulge in immersive gaming sessions since they are based mostly on player-favourite movies or TV shows.
  6. Scratch Price Per Card: The most important factor to consider while picking an online scratchie is its price per card. You’ll find scratch cards at different prices offering various categories of rewards at top online casinos. However, try picking the games with the best price-odds combination to enjoy hefty returns. Or look for free scratchcards no deposit, so you can try them out free of charge before wagering your real funds.

No. 3 – Rainbow Riches Scratchcard

Rainbow Riches Scratchcard

The Rainbow Riches Scratchcard Game is a great option for gamblers. The scratchcard has a great win rate of 1 in 3, which is typical for scratchies. Also, it follows the much-loved Irish folklore theme consisting of elements like leprechauns, rainbows, and much more.

The quick and direct gameplay makes it a highly desirable option among gamblers at all levels. Moreover, mobile players can easily engage in this game anytime and anywhere, as it fits perfectly on the mobile screen.

Players love the rare jackpot round as it offers an above-average multiplier reward of up to 10000x your stake or £250000, depending on whichever you land first. Try the game at £3 per card, or using free scratchcards no deposit on a great scratchcard casino from our list, and see for yourself.

Win Rate 1 in 3
Price Per Card £3
Max Jackpot Win £250000
Bet Multiplier x10000

No. 2 – Happy Scratch

Happy Scratch

This is one of the best scratch cards for new gamblers kickstarting their gaming journey, as it has a pretty low cost of £0.10 per card and a minimum bet value of £0.1.

Scratch the 3×3 virtual gift box and reveal three matching symbols to claim a prize on this game by Hacksaw Gaming. Although the game isn’t heavy on graphics, it carries the traditional scratchcard gaming essence that attracts many gamblers.

The game offers eight distinct cash rewards depending on the combination of matches you receive; thus, the payout is well above average (the game features one of the best payouts of 92.01%, which is high for a scratchcard). However, the jackpot isn’t very huge, as you can only get a maximum of £1000.

Still, especially given the low min price per card, we think the game is worth trying out – with free scratchcards no deposit or not.

No. 1 – King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is undoubtedly the best scratch card for UK gamblers, as it’s well-designed and holds great payout opportunities. Also, it’s suitable for all types of players as the minimum and maximum bet values are £1 and £10, respectively.

As the name suggests, this themed scratchcard is based on the journey of King Kong, the ape. The gameplay has three distinct sections: you must match five rows of bananas (1st round) and two out of three numbers on one column (2nd round).

You reach the Bonus Barrel round if you scratch to reveal three King Kong symbols in the third or final round. Once you pick the correct barrel, you receive the spectacular jackpot multiplier of 10000x your bet or above £1500000.

You can find this classic game by Blueprint Gaming at Pokerstars Casino and have loads of fun!

  • Payout Rate: Average
  • Minimum bet: £1
  • Maximum bet: £10

Where to Find the Best Scratch Card Games?

In general, great scratchcard sites are harder to come across, even though this is one of the more desirable niche games in the UK. Most casinos carry a smaller selection of cards, which may not be enough for all scratchcard fans. There are also not enough game details on the sites, and you have to learn mechanics and features only after you start wagering.

If you want to give the games a go and don’t know where to start, our experts selected great beginner-friendly sites that we think are worth checking out.

  1. Lottoland Casino is a great place to start. All the scratchies have information displayed transparently, before joining the game. You can see the odds of winning, price per card, theme, and max win amount, which can help you when deciding where to use your real funds.
  2. Megacasino is another one of our favourites. Besides the presence of popular scratchcards like King Kong Cash, the casino also has some interesting scratchcard and progressive jackpot hybrids, like the Deal or No Deal Jackpot King Scratchcard, which has a pot of over £1000000.
  3. Lottomart is another great scratch card site. Unlike Lottoland and Megacasino, which have a £20 minimum deposit, Lottomart is a low minimum deposit site, with the 60 best scratch cards in the UK.