New Casinos Are Shaping The Future Of Remote Gambling

New Casinos Are Shaping The Future Of Online Gambling

New, inventive, and interactive online casinos are reshaping the future of online casino gaming – a trend witnessed by all UK gamblers.

What Can You Find In Online Casinos

As gaming sites are rising in popularity among UK players, the operators are trying to stack their sites with the best features possible so users can experience top gaming time. 

Usually, most casinos offer two separate divisions for members: an online casino and a sportsbook.

Regarding the casino part, the most important feature UK players can find is the array of gambling titles and types of games. 

For example, British gaming operators usually divide their game library into different categories, such as slots, tables, live dealer casino games, new titles, hits, etc. The games inside these come from known providers and have various themes and in-game features.

On the other hand, a new online casino may additionally provide its players with sports betting, esports, and fantasy bets.  

This part of the site will allow Brits to bet on the current most popular sports matches – whether in hockey, football, handball or a CS:GO tournament.

Reasons Why Around 50% of British Gamblers Choose to Play Online

By the end of Q1 of 2021, UK players’ online gambling accounts were approximately 32 million.

Since then, this number has risen to around 50% of the UK’s population playing on web-based gaming sites. Here are several reasons why:

  • Safety & Licensing: New online casinos usually have top-notch security and encryption systems. Moreover, the top web-based gaming sites hold a licence from a relevant authority, like the UKGC, to show that it is secure for players
  • Wide game variety: New gambling sites can sometimes host thousands of different games by the world’s leading software providers
  • Multiple payment options: These sites offer numerous payment methods that are secure.
  • Multiple bonus options: Gaming sites usually offer welcome bonuses for newbies, and many other promos for other players, like free spins, offers, reloads, cashback bonuses, and more
  • Transparency: All prominent UK game providers specify the rules, limits, and requirements in their T&Cs. Additionally, they have a different bonus T&C and information about each game to make it easier for players to play the game
  • Ease of use: Online gaming sites allow gamers to play from the comfort of their home instead of going to the nearest brick-and-mortar establishment

The Future of British Online Casinos’ Technology

As previously mentioned, the iGaming sphere is constantly shifting to adapt to the new changes of the world. 

This includes incorporating new technology that would further immerse the player into the game and give them a better gaming experience.

One example is crypto casinos, which allow players to game with virtual money. A statement to this is that the crypto casino market has an estimated worth of more than £202 million.

Other features like better security and incorporating cloud services are also on their way to improving the playtime in gaming sites.

Blockchain Casino Technology 

Recently, there has been a trend of transition to blockchain technologies. For example, a new online casino can provide you with payment methods based on blockchain. 

You can make deposits or withdrawals using popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, etc. 

Around 3 billion crypto payments were made in web-based crypto casinos in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

There isn’t official data on how many UK online casinos utilise blockchain casino technology. Nonetheless, there are more than 300 of them in the iGaming market. You can now unlock promotions, place bets, and withdraw your winnings using crypto.

Blockchain casino tech also provides anonymity of personal and financial data. Furthermore, this casino tech has a very high encryption level. 

This way, new UK operators guarantee their customers safe and secure transactions.

Superior Security

Fully-fledged security systems are important to ensure the safety of the customers and the site’s funds. 

These systems and measures become even more crucial for crypto or AI casinos.

New gaming sites often have top-notch security systems. For this, they implement multiple measures and encryptions, like SSL encryption or two-factor authentication (2FA casino technology).

On the other hand, SSL encryption ensures a safe connection between the web server and the client’s web browser. The accepted standard right now is a 128-bit SSL.

Cloud Services 

Cloud gambling allows players to place bets online through remote hardware owned by a particular cloud provider.

Moreover, cloud services also reduce the chances of interruptions and manipulations of the platform.

NLP Technology

There’s no need to be surprised if you find a new online casino using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. 

The growing trend for these algorithms is the need for improved knowledge of users’ needs and experiences. 

If a site has implemented an NLP algorithm, players can communicate with the program in a natural human language and express their sentiments. 

Online Casino Trends 

There are numerous online casino trends, such as VR technology, device optimization, multiple payment methods, crypto bonuses, etc. 

These trends are caused by the need to attract and keep customers while improving overall traffic.

VR & AR Casinos

VR & AR Casinos

There already are VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) in the UK online gambling market. 

Nonetheless, they need more updates and improvements to catch the atmosphere of a real-life casino. 

VR and AR games give players a real-time gaming experience and a realistic feeling of gambling in a real setting.

VR and AR gaming sites would enable a complete 3D experience with a 360’ view of the casino. For example, you’ll have an impression of playing in a land-based casino with live dealers in front of you.

A new online casino like this can also support you with real-time stats, game options, available bonuses, and more.

Casinos Optimised For Different Devices

With more than 72 million mobile connections in the UK, web-based casinos are starting to acknowledge the need for optimization. 

Many newer gaming sites are optimised for mobile usage or provide downloadable smartphone apps. 

This optimization is crucial for the industry because of the increased number of smartphone users and mobile casinos.

According to the UKGC, around 60% of online gamblers use phones to partake in this activity. That’s why a new online UK casino is usually well-optimised for mobile usage with appropriate graphics, a mobile game library, available bonuses, and more. 

This way, it makes navigation, payments, and customer support much faster and easier.

Fact About Optimised Casinos

Did you know you can claim and play a welcome bonus through your Android or iOS smartwatch? 

New gaming platforms don’t just tailor their sites for mobile devices but for all Android or iOS devices, including smartwatches.

Mixed Payment Methods

The new online casino trends also include the implementation of numerous payment methods. 

If you register an account, you’ll notice multiple payment options that range from modern ones like e-wallets, cards, and cryptos to the usual traditional method – bank transfers. 

Players get to choose the payment method which suits them the best. 

It’s crucial to read the T&Cs before specifying the payment method. For instance, some payment methods offer a deposit and withdrawal, while others provide only a deposit or withdrawal option. On the other hand, there can be different minimum and maximum limits. 

Lately, British players have been indulging in using crypto as a payment method due to their faster transactions and high level of security. 

That’s why players at new UK operators can combine payment options into a single bankroll strategy.

The UKGC Banned Some Payments Methods

Did you know that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) banned the usage of credit cards in web and land-based operators in 2020? 

The statistics show that 22% of problem gamers in the UK use a credit card as a payment method. 

Adding such strict measures was unavoidable because the UKGC’s goal is to protect players.

Crossover Casino Games

Crossover casino games are another perk reshaping the future of online casino gaming. Across the market, you’ll find slots inspired by British history, like Excalibur, Henry VIII, Reel Baron, and Robin Hood. 

These games can sometimes even have a crossover element when the characters and the story of one slot overlap with the characters from another title.

AI Is Helping The New British Casinos Lead The Market

AI Is Helping The New British Casinos Lead The Market

UK casinos embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are multiple reasons for these, depending on the numerous uses of this tech. 

AI’s one of the online casino trends because it enables the system to learn the players’ behaviour, respond, adapt, and make decisions accordingly.

Furthermore, a new casino online UK can utilise AI technology to provide a customised gambling experience. The sites can also use this technology to provide accurate recommendations and collect data for enhancing the overall experience. 

Considering it’s a competitive trait, it’s safe to assume it will continue to be even more attractive in the future.

What’s The Future of Online Gaming?

New casino pages are reshaping the future of online casino gaming in a few specific fields.

Implementing emerging technologies, such as AI, VR, AR, and cloud services, enhances and enriches the user’s experience while improving the operator’s profits.

What’s even more interesting is that due to the market growth, new online casino sites will continue adopting online casino trends at a faster speed, updating and enhancing them more frequently at the same time.