How to Win at Online Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines

Caught in the jackpot fever? Who hasn’t dreamed of landing that massive million-dollar progressive slot prize? While winning is never guaranteed, this guide reveals insider tips to seriously boost your chances at scoring significant progressive payout.

You’ll get the inside scoop on the best games to target, expert bet sizing strategies, and bankroll management skills to go the distance. With this top-tier progressive slot intel, you can approach games armed with the insider knowledge needed to tilt luck in your favor. 

Ready to learn the secrets of winning at progressive slots and try scoring that elusive mega-payday? Read on to discover how the pros set themselves up for success at progressive machines and how you can too!

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Progressive slot machines have the same base as the regular slots, but there is a prize pot in play instead of a fixed prize. Placing a bet on progressive slot machines is just like placing a bet on any other slot, the only difference being that you stand to win more. 

Unlike most fixed jackpots, people choose progressive slots jackpot due to the increasing prizes. 

On the downside, these jackpots are more challenging to win than the classic slot, so there’s more risk involved.

Progressive Jackpot

A tiny percentage of each player’s bet is assigned the jackpot amount. The percentage is taken from all the bets on the game or network, so it’s no surprise that the jackpot can reach very high amounts. 

The best part of these slots is that the jackpot will continue to grow until someone hits it.

But slots aren’t the only games that contain growing prize pots. You can find it in other top online casino games, too, such as:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Lotteries

Seed Value

You may wonder what happens with the slot after someone wins the jackpot. Does the new jackpot start from zero? Well, of course not! 

That wouldn’t attract many players, so this is where the seed comes in. The source is the jackpot’s starting point – a sum of money guaranteed by the game provider or the casino, upon which the bet percentage is added. You can explore high-quality progressive jackpots on the best UK Playtech casinos.

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

Slot games vary in shape; the same can be said for the progressive slot. There are different types of progressive slots, and it’s a good idea to know the difference between them.

Standalone Slots

The standalone slot has a progressive jackpot, but only on the machine in question. This means that the percentage added to the jackpot comes from the bets on that specific machine. 

The jackpot amount is generally smaller, and only someone playing on the particular machine can win it, however the chances of success are higher when playing a standalone slot.

Network Progressive Slots

These are progressive slot games connected to a network. All the bets placed on the machines in the network contribute towards the jackpot, meaning that the sum is more significant than the standalone progressive jackpot. 

As most players are interested in the same prize, the chances of winning are lower.

Local Jackpots

The biggest jackpot can be won on regional progressive slot machines, which are connected to the same prize pool. These are common on slot sites but can also be found in brick-and-mortar casinos. 

They’re undoubtedly very alluring; this network’s large number of bets results in a very significant jackpot amount — but it’s also the hardest to win. 


Classic Slots vs Progressive Jackpot Slots

15 unexpected facts about progressive slot machines

Classic slots were invented back in 1984 and have maintained their popularity throughout the years. This jackpot is the so-called “update” that took the games to the next level.

The classic slots have a fixed jackpot amount, and the amount you stand to win depends on the size of your bet. 

For example, if the payout is fixed at 100x, the bet amount you stand to win is your bet x 100. This is different for progressives, as the jackpot grows constantly, and you can stand to win a lot more, regardless of your bet size.

Differences between classic and progressive slots

One key difference between the classic and progressive slots is the volatility level, i.e., how likely you are to win the slot jackpot. 

We already mentioned that it’s more difficult to win on the progressive; these machines have higher volatility levels than the classic slots.

Other than these two key differences, there’s not much to distinguish between these two slots. The gaming experience is the same whether you’re betting on a classic or a progressive slot.


Progressive Slot Machines Winning Strategies

Is luck the sole determinant when it comes to playing a progressive jackpot? You can implement strategies that may bring you one step closer to the jackpot.

RNGs and PRNGs

RNGs and PRNGs determine the outcomes of progressive slot games. The RNG or Random Number Generator calculates a result from a set of numbers, factoring in natural entropy, much like determining the outcome of a dice roll. 

The RNG is used in mechanical slots, usually older, vintage slots, so you’ll not likely encounter any of these.

The PRNG or the Pseudo Random Number Generator imitates authentic randomness, taking the seed as the starting point and putting it through a complex equation. This is why the PRNG creates completely accurate, random results, and they are used in digital and online slot games.

Winning on Chance

Before betting on such a jackpot, you’ll want some tips on winning. 

Well, our first tip is the simplest — win by chance. However, to do this, you’ll need to play quite a lot; the more bets you place, the higher your chances of winning.

Our experts agree that this is the most straightforward strategy you can employ, but it’s also the riskiest. If you decide to use this strategy, you must set limits and never bet more than you’re prepared to lose.

Bonus Games

Many progressive slots require playing a bonus game to enter the jackpot race. So, please don’t pass it up when you see a bonus game being offered. Go for it, whether it’s a jackpot wheel or an additional spin.

New online casinos that include in their game selection the best slots provide their users with various no deposit casino bonuses and other offers. 

In our opinion, this makes the slot experience more fun, and you’re not lowering your chances. But it’s also a good choice because you’re not taking on any additional risk unless there are wagering requirements for the bonus winnings, so be sure to check!

Symbol Combination

The most well-known slot strategy is the symbol match. You should aim to match as many of the same symbols as possible. 

Depending on the machine, you may be due a payout if you match just three symbols, while some machines will only pay out if you match 9 symbols or more.

We can all agree that this is an excellent strategy, but there’s one problem – it’s easier said than done. Matching the symbols is not straightforward; sometimes, you’ll need to match many symbols to win. 

Must-Drop Jackpots

The most exciting slots you’ll find are the must-drop jackpots, i.e., progressive slot machines that offer three jackpots at once. 

One of these jackpots must be awarded in a specific timeframe, so if you play during that time, you stand to win at least one.

Our experts’ take is that this is a worthwhile strategy — there are several jackpots, and someone must win one. You have better chances of winning, but there’s always the possibility you will win one of the smaller jackpots.


Progressive Slots: Final Take

Progressive slot machines are a player favourite in online casinos; anyone can see why. The prize pot grows with each wager, and each participant stands an equal winning chance.

Playing these slots is simple, but there are some things you should know before you start your game, for example, whether it’s a standalone or a part of a network of progressive jackpot slots.

Once you grasp the basics of this slot, you can start employing strategies that will improve your chances and bring you the much-wanted jackpot.