The Gambler Who Beat Roulette: Meet Niko Tosa

The Gambler Who Beat Roulette: Meet Niko Tosa

Many gamblers know that roulette is a game of luck, and it is impossible to predict the outcome. However, Niko Tosa, a roulette mastermind, proved otherwise and managed to beat the game. Read on to learn about Tosa and his strategy.

Who Is Niko Tosa?

Before we cover his impressive feat at the roulette table, who exactly is Niko Tosa?

Niko Tosa is a Croatian native with the unique ability to predict the outcome of roulette. Tosa and his companions, Livia Pilisi of Hungary and Nenad Marjanovic of Serbia gained popularity when they sat at a table in the Ritz casino.

They managed to win a significant amount of cash at the roulette table, which left staff amazed. The management checked the roulette table and other footage for suspicious activities but found nothing.

Tosa’s story has since become a legend in the gambling world, with many still trying to figure out how he predicted the game of roulette.

How Did Tosa Beat the Roulette Table?

How Did Tosa Beat the Roulette Table

Niko Tosa and his crew had a unique approach to beating the tables even when the odds were not in their favour. Tosa first caught the eye of personnel at the Ritz when he and his Serbian companion claimed six-figure payouts. It was shocking for the Ritz because the casino featured state-of-the-art equipment that had never been beaten.

While roulette is a game that was designed to be random, bettors like Tosa have curated mathematical systems to beat the game. According to security personnel who noticed their activities over a period of days, when Tosa and his crew entered the casino, they first looked around before selecting a table.

Apparently, Tosa was searching for a table he had played and won before. Then, while at the table, he and his partners would wait until the roulette ball started moving before placing bets at the last second. Their bets were usually a combination of consecutive numbers instead of three numbers.

When the trio started betting, they began with a few thousand pounds, which helped them claim winnings, running into millions over a period at the Ritz. When Tosa and his team arrived the next night to gamble, they were ambushed and arrested by the police on suspicion of “deception.”

Tosa Was Never Caught for Cheating

After Tosa and his team were arrested, the police searched their hotel rooms but couldn’t find anything suspicious aside from some cash and a list of casinos they intended to visit. The investigators also went through the roulette table in search of hidden devices and security footage and questioned the dealer at the table they played—but they could not find anything!

After a nine-month investigation, Scotland Yard dropped the case in December 2004. Then, the winnings were returned to Tosa and his partners, and the police informed them they were free.

Tosa’s Explanation of His Roulette Strategy

Tosa’s Explanation of His Roulette Strategy

To fully grasp the successful roulette strategy used by Tosa, you first need to understand how roulette works including the various types.

How Roulette Works

A basic game of roulette is very straightforward. The croupier spins the roulette wheel, which has numbered pockets. As the wheel spins, he drops a ball in the opposite direction where it is rotating. Bettors will then predict where the ball will land and place their bets.

They can wager on individual/ combined numbers, red/black or odd/even numbers. Roulette allows bettors to wager until the ball spins around the wheel the third time. At this point, the croupier will make a call and stop accepting bets. The game works similarly, regardless if you’re playing a live roulette game or an online variant.

Types of Roulette Wheel

European roulette and American roulette are the most common types of roulette wheels. European roulette has one “0” pocket with a lower house edge of 2.7%. It is a more friendly alternative for gamblers since their winning chances are higher.

In contrast, the American roulette has both a “0” and “00” pocket, with a higher house edge of 5.6%. It is a more challenging variant since the casino has the upper hand.

Tosa’s System

Tosa’s roulette strategy focused on “neighbours” bets. This type of bet involves placing specific numbers alongside the two numbers on the opposite sides, which means you cover five consecutive pockets at once.

Tosa mentioned that the wheel’s condition was crucial, and he searched for tables with defects that could affect the randomness of results. Then, by observing the wheel and ball until the final seconds, Tosa claims to be able to determine where the ball will land. While this was not always accurate, he mentioned that it was enough to beat the house edge.

According to reports, Tosa has a roulette wheel at home. Here, he spends countless hours learning to predict where the ball will land. Tosa maintains that he did not use any device, and his skill stems from countless hours of practice.

Expert Explanation of Tosa’s Strategy

Expert Explanation of Tosa’s Strategy

Tosa’s strategy has many experts stuck since it defied the concept that the roulette game was designed to be random. Many experts believed the team used devices to support their calculations of the wheel’s rotation but could not determine how they achieved it.

However, Mike Barnett, a former electrician turned professional gambler and security consultant, shed some light on the matter. While he was unsure how Tosa beat the roulette game, his explanation made sense.

He stated that Tosa used predictive software and timers to beat the game. Barnett stated that you only needed to rule out two numbers on the roulette wheel to beat it. With the absence of two numbers, the person betting will enjoy significantly better odds.

Barnett mentioned that this only worked on a flawed table—one with a tilt or dent that could create a “drop zone.” This drop zone made it easier for the software to determine where the ball would land on the wheel, making it possible to predict the game.

The After Effect of Niko Tosa’s Roulette Strategy

After the explanation provided by Barnett, many casinos around the globe rushed to replace defective wheels. They did this to eradicate the possibility of experiencing a drop zone as explained by Barnett.

After the events that took place at the Ritz, Tosa kept gambling under different aliases. He has still left many wondering how he could pull off this feat. In contrast, the Ritz was unable to recover from the pandemic and has since closed down.