How to Avoid Bonus Abuse in Sister Casinos?

How to Avoid Bonus Abuse in Sister Casinos?

Enjoy playing on sister casino sites, but don’t want your promotion and winnings confiscated due to bonus abuse? Our trusted experts give you the pro tips and tricks to use on the best UK sister sites to keep your gaming sessions safe!

How Do the Bonus Structures of Sister Casinos Work?

Sister casinos are owned by the same company despite being different casinos. They often have shared T&Cs even if they offer distinct games. This means they usually have the same type of promotion, even occasionally using the same bonus code.

However, you can only redeem this kind of promotion a set amount of times across the whole operator network. For example, if you are playing on a Jumpman Gaming site, you are limited to redeeming five bonuses across their whole network. Meanwhile, Aspire Global casinos do not stipulate such a restriction.

Note this does not refer to one person per household but your entire IP address. If you are unsure, read the terms and conditions carefully and pick the right sister site for your taste.

What is Bonus Abuse at Sister Casinos?

What Constitutes Bonus Abuse at Sister Casinos

Not everyone who commits promotion abuse is bonus hunting. This is where you create multiple accounts to take advantage of a casino operator’s welcome offer to get many more no deposit slots bonuses and extra funds than standard.

Rather, a bonus abuser will be taking actions, intentionally or unintentionally, manipulating the terms to their advantage. They then aim to cash out, leaving the casino once they have made a profit. Lots of practices to abuse a bonus are recognised by every casino. These are listed below:

  1. Firstly, having multiple accounts on any online casino could be bonus abuse. This will apply if you are using these accounts to claim a promotion like a first deposit promotion multiple times. Casinos may use their KYC systems when you create an account to make sure you aren’t breaking the rules.
  2. Secondly, most bonuses have a max bet restriction. This limits how much you can get after using the bonus funds. Make sure to stay within this limit, as breaking it may be considered bonus abuse.
  3. Finally, irregular betting patterns are common among bonus abusers. Sometimes, bonus abusers use different tactics to avoid these wagering requirements rather than playing genuinely to meet them.

Follow our Tips to Avoid Bonus Abuse in Sister Casinos

Sometimes, players accidentally break terms and conditions. Read the list below to find advice on how you can use online casino bonuses without falling foul of bonus abuse rules:

  1. Read the terms: Every bonus has T&C terms. If you fail to follow them, you will get done for bonus abuse. It is your responsibility to read the bonus terms.
  2. Do not make multiple accounts: Use one account per casino per household. If you don’t do this, it is easy to accidentally use the same bonus twice.
  3. Follow responsible wagering practices: Wager responsibly at an online casino. This will stop you from being tempted to wrongfully use a promotion.
  4. Play fairly: Bet and play responsibly. Using computer systems to enhance your strategy may lead to you accidentally using bonus funds wrongfully.
  5. Acknowledge network restrictions: Your promotion may have restricted use based on what you have previously done on the network. Do more than just read the casino’s terms and conditions to properly understand this.
  6. Switch to independent: If everything else seems too complex, you can switch to independent casinos.

Online casinos find that players who aren’t in control of their gambling often accidentally break bonus abuse rules. Using a promotion without following responsible gambling principles can lead to you betting on sports and playing slots in a way that breaches rules or makes you tempted to do so to make up for your losses.

Staying in control of your gambling is the best way for you to enjoy a free spins promotion. Set limits on time, spending, and deposit frequency to stay inside the rules.

What Happens If You Commit Bonus Abuse?

What Happens If You Commit Bonus Abuse

If a particular casino finds you abusing promotions, you will face consequences. These will spread across the operator’s entire network and not just the casino in question. The punitive measures listed below could ruin your online gambling experience.

Firstly, it could result in your iGaming account being banned. Irregular play, seen as bonus abuse, will result in you suffering a temporary or permanent suspension. This is a harsh punishment that will usually result in you having to find a different online casino provider.

A casino can also choose to take away your winnings. If you used a no-deposit bonus, the casino could confiscate all your winnings. However, depositing players will usually still be able to cash their winnings from their deposit funds.

The final consequence of breaking the rules is that the casino will prevent you from claiming a bonus again. Note this measure is usually applied to an IP address, not just one account, so you can’t create another account to circumvent the measure.

King’s Takeaways on Avoiding Bonus Abuse

Many top UK online casinos work hard to make sure their promotions are not used illicitly. So, make sure you always read the terms and conditions properly and check that you haven’t already claimed a bonus on the same network so you don’t take advantage of the system accidentally.

Maintaining your gameplay with the operators’ guidelines will keep your sessions safe and not cause dissatisfaction, regardless if you play online slots, poker, roulette or blackjack.