How To Use Casino Bonuses To Increase Your Bankroll

How To Use Casino Bonuses To Build A Bigger Bankroll

If you want to improve online casino odds, our expert tips on using online casino bonuses can help you grow your bankroll with an average of over 32%. Read on to find out more!

Claim and Use Bonuses with Your Bankroll in Mind

Want to use bonuses to boost your bankroll? Our tips for accessing casino bonuses can help you get the best chance of maximising your earnings when using promotions in accordance with your current bankroll.

The gambling bankroll refers to how much cash a gambler sets aside for wagering on a betting platform. No one has an infinite budget. Casino players try to increase their bankrolls by playing bonuses, which can make a massive difference by minimizing their risks while increasing their profits.

Based on your budget, you should understand whether or not a casino bonus fits your bankroll. For instance, if you want to access a 100% deposit bonus up to £10, you will receive an additional £10 dollars when making your deposit. However, if your overall deposit amounts of only £20 other dollars, £30 dollars may not be ideal for a long gambling session. Instead, you can redirect your attention to 200% or 300% deposit bonuses that will allow you to receive £20 and £30 dollars for a £10 deposit, and hence offering you better winning chances on the long run.

Most casino bonuses have some requirements imposed on players. Always read casino terms and conditions to see bonus requirements. These fair policies ensure players use the bonuses for playing games and not just to get earnings. If you don’t know where to start, KingCasinoBonus experts have prepared a guide to help you understand how to compare and choose casino bonuses.

When accessing bonuses, you can play games without risking your funds. After completing the wagering requirements, all the earnings resulting from bonuses you have left can be withdrawn.

Casino players must be strategic when it comes to using their bonuses. KingCasinoBonus’ author Antonia Catana recommends you start by exploring casino games with high return-to-player (RTP) percentages to learn what games can offer better winning odds.

Use Bonuses Strategically to Increase Your Bankroll

KingCasinoBonus experts discovered that players can increase their bankrolls with at least 22% if they commit to using a well-thought strategy with their casino bonuses. By following the next tips, you may get the most out of your gambling experience.

  1. Increased betting amount: Imagine a case where your betting bankroll is £150, and then you sign up at an online casino that offers a welcome bonus of “100% on your first deposit up to £200.” After you deposit this amount, the total amount you’ll have available to bet will be £300. With a larger amount, you stand a higher chance of making profits on your bets.
  2. Depositing for saving funds: Bonuses from deposits can be great for exploring casino games, trying out different strategies, and understanding how a game plays. Examples of bonuses in this category are cashback offers which allow players to get back a percentage of the total amount they have wagered or lost.
  3. Reach for loyalty rewards and additional bonuses: Casinos appreciate loyal customers and sometimes give them extra bonuses as a reward. These rewards can help increase their bankroll and winning chances.

Build a Bankroll from Scratch with No Deposit Bonuses

With no deposit bonuses, players can:

  • Get familiar and build experience with casino games
  • Cashout real money
  • Try out new playing strategies and betting options

One important thing you must note about this bonus type is that they do have high wagering requirements and cashout limits.

Casinos do this for fair play; you can refer to their terms and conditions to see what conditions are bound to their no deposit bonuses.

Master the Math of Wagering Requirements

  • Learn the true meaning of wagering requirements. The wagering requirement shows how many times you must wager a bonus before withdrawing your winnings. It is often expressed as 25x, 30x, or 35x. An example of this condition is a casino giving you a £300 bonus with a 40x wagering requirement
  • Study the bonus terms and conditions carefully. Read every line, highlight the playthrough requirements, cashout limit, bonus availability, and minimum deposit, and check if the wagering requirement applies to the bonus and deposit or just the bonus
  • Calculate the playthrough amount by multiplying the wagering requirement and the bonus amount (if it only applies to the bonus amount). In our example above, this would be £300 multiplied by 40, which equals £12,000
  • If the deposit is included for wagering, sum the bonus and the deposit amount, then multiply by the wagering requirements number. For our chosen example, if we deposited £100, we’ll add it to £300 and then multiply by 40, which would equal £16,000
  • Adjust your calculations for wagering free spins, free spins + bonus, and free spins + bonus + deposit. To calculate the wagering amount for free spins, calculate how much you’ve earned using free spins and multiply by the wagering requirement number. For example, you get 70 free spins and win £15 with it. You will have to multiply by 40, which equals £600. For free spins + bonus and free spins + bonus + deposit, add them all together and multiply the sum by the wagering requirement number: Free spin + bonus [(£15+£100) x 40]; free spins + bonus + deposit [(£15+£100+300) x 40].
  • Check out the games contributing to the wagering requirement and calculate accordingly. The terms and conditions will state what percentage each game contributes. One game can be 100%, and another can be 50%. In a case like a 50% contribution, you will divide the bet amount on that game by 0.5. For example, if you have a playthrough amount of £300 and you can play only Blackjack(100%) and Poker(50%). Assuming you spent £150 on playing Blackjack, you must spend £600 on Poker to meet the playthrough amount.
  • Keep playing and monitoring your progress to know when you fulfil the requirement. Some casinos have a section where you can check the remaining wagering, such as their promo section or your player profile
  • Withdraw your winnings once you have met the wagering requirement amount. Pay attention to maximum cashout in the terms and conditions. This is the maximum amount you can withdraw when you apply a specific bonus

How to Maximise The Value of Your Casino Bonus

How to Maximise The Bonus Value

  • Never skip reading bonuses’ terms and conditions if you want to make sure you get the best value of it. This is important for making wise financial decisions, like making the right deposit to claim a bonus
  • Check for bonus expiration date. You will lose your bonus if you do not use it within its validity period
  • Know each game’s contribution to the playthrough when trying to meet the wagering requirement amount
  • Play with a strategy. Don’t rely on luck and play randomly with your bonus; try to learn play techniques that improve your game and potentially increase your winning
  • Take full advantage of no deposit free spins. They can be game-changers for users with limited funds
  • Use your bonus to play games with lower house edges. You have better winning chances in these games
  • Avoid bonus abuse. If you are caught, you risk losing your bonus or, worse– getting banned

Common Bonus Pitfalls You Should Avoid at All Costs

  1. Ignoring casino bonus terms and conditions: The first thing you should do before you claim a casino bonus is to read the terms and conditions. This is where all the information and limitations of the bonus can be found
  2. Committing bonus abuse: Casinos have written conditions to prevent players from abusing their bonuses. These abuses include behaviours like multiple account creation, using VPNs to change locations, or engaging in collusive play to cheat the system. You may lose your funds if you’re caught or get an outright ban from the casino
  3. Not meeting the wagering requirement: You must understand what a wagering requirement means and play with your bonus accordingly. Monitor your playthrough progress to ensure you don’t lose your bonus and the winnings
  4. Ignoring withdrawal limits: Casinos will place a maximum withdrawal for bonuses to prevent players from attempting to abuse these bonuses. Check these limits and ensure you’re okay with them; you may cancel if you consider them unfavourable

Bankroll Management Strategies That Will Keep Your Budget Afloat

  • Set a budget and stick to it. In the same way you set a budget in your everyday life, this should also apply to gambling. The rule of thumb in gambling is never to gamble what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Set a winnings & loss limit so you can know when to withdraw your winnings and when to accept your losses. Knowing both of these are helpful strategies
  • Understand house edges and use this knowledge when choosing games to play. One of our team’s main editors, Vlad Nita notes that when you are playing a game for the first time, you should play one with low house edges to understand how it’s played. When you are more convenient with games with higher edges, you can join in to play
  • Don’t chase your losses. It is possible to have days with long losing streaks; never attempt to increase your bet size to regain your losses. Once your budget has run out, it is time to leave the game
  • Leave emotions out of your game. Have a game plan and stick to it, don’t let your emotions control you

Casino Bonuses also Have Additional Benefits besides Building Your Bankroll

  • Longer gameplay: Bonuses allow you to play longer without worrying about your bankroll. With bonuses, you can spend more time learning to play new games and how to play old ones with new strategies
  • Building a good reputation: By playing bonuses according to terms and conditions, you earn a good reputation with owners of top online casinos. This could open the door to more bonus offers
  • Jackpot prizes: Some bonuses give you a raffle draw opportunity, while some can qualify you for other special promo or tournaments
  • VIP: Many casinos offer special perks to their loyal customers. This is their way of saying thanks and encouraging players to keep gambling. Some loyalty awards can come in a ladder system or groups