The Ultimate 35 Tips Beginners Need to Use When Playing Slots

Oliver Keegan

Casino expert

Slot Machine Tips For Beginners

This guide comprises top casino tips for beginners on slots. You will find here plenty of valuable information every slot newbie must know. Let’s check it out!

1.  Manage Your Bankroll Effectively

Avoid chasing losses, and don’t let winnings carry you away. Consider the amount you are willing to lose and only increase if the house gives you a bonus.

2.  Assess Game’s Volatility

Some slot machines for dummies rarely pay, but the outcome is higher, while others regularly pay out minimal amounts. Check the game’s volatility you want to gamble on.

3.  Choose Slots with High RTPs

All slots feature a specific RTP. You will have the advantage if you play a slot with a 99% RTP over a 92% RTP.

4.  Examine Bonus Rounds

If one free spins round features an 8x multiplier while the other comes with a 2x multiplier, it’s sensible to gamble on the one with substantial potential. Make sure you check the paytable to find more about this.

5.  Ensure You are in the Best Mental State

Ensure You are in the Best Mental State

Your mind must be fresh before you start playing. Also, regulate your emotions, regardless of whether you are succeeding or losing. Frustration and excitement should never control your bets.

6.  Know When to Quit

It’s vital to recognise when to stop. Triumphing streaks won’t last the whole day. So, understand when to quit and keep your dues. Similarly, if you are on a losing streak, you should consider stopping.

7.  Start with Extra Spins

As a beginner, free games that come with free spins offers will not allow you to play with your own funds. You can learn the game’s tricks and features and test various strategies by trying these. Also, they let you gamble with unnecessary hurry.

8.  Set a Budget

Set a Budget

A crucial gambling tip is to set a budget and strictly follow it to the latter. Notably, the set budget should be an amount that you are willing to lose without consequences.

9. The House Always Wins

Whether your outcome, the house always wins. You can assess the payout percentage of various slots to know how profitable they are. This way, you can improve your chances of succeeding over the house.

10. Understand Your Games

It would help if you used different strategies on different slot games as they are designed differently. Look for strategies for different games and use them intelligently.

11. Go Through Gambling Reviews and Articles

Go Through Gambling Reviews and Articles

Reading slots reviews can be an excellent source of valuable information. You can find out what are the British top online casinos that provide the best slot machines for dummies.

12. Assess Your Playing Expertise

It’s advisable to pause, think, and analyse your games. Note the mistakes you are making and plan how to solve them. Sometimes, how you bet on one game can significantly impact the next one.

13. Be Patient

As an amateur, you need to learn the significance of being patient before making any move. Wagering in a hurry leads to poor judgement, which results in losses.

14. Don’t Make Gambling an Investment Plan

Gambling is a form of entertainment, so make sure you are aware of that. Don’t abandon other activities to play. In case you lose control, you can address to the right authorities.

15. Set a Time Limit

You can quickly get wrapped in a casino and lose track of time. As a result, set the alarm and stop playing when it goes off.

16. Balance Gambling with other Activities

As said earlier, gambling is a typical form of entertainment. And if it starts to become your only entertainment form, it may eliminate the enjoyment aspect and become an issue.

17. Take Regular Breaks

Taking frequent breaks between gambling sessions will help you stop the regret factor. Thus, take breaks and think about whether it’s worth continuing or not.

18. Avoid the Use of Drugs when Playing

Avoid the Use of Drugs when Playing

Alcohol and other drugs may affect your decision-making abilities. Gambling demands a clean mind to ensure you make sensible and focused decisions.

19. Learn Continuously

When it comes to playing slots, be ready to continue learning to perform well at any that comes your way. It would help if you learned a lot to know how these games work inside out.

Your primary objective is to have the upper hand over the house.

20. Visit Several Platforms Before Playing

Ensure you check various sites first before starting at a particular one. New casinos constantly launch in this industry, so there is no chance you wouldn’t find a new slot casino that suits you.

These new websites come with more providers, plenty of bonuses and a fast payout time.

21. Start Slow

If you feel optimistic and lucky, you may be tempted to stake the maximum amount. That’s not the right move since it’s just impulsive action. Therefore, you should consider gambling at the minimum.

22. Begin with the Basics

Start gambling with the basic games first since you are a newbie in this area. After familiarising yourself, you can later move on to the advanced slots.

Give yourself sufficient time to learn how the games work and move at your own pace.

23. Pick Games with Low Jackpots

In general, you can easily win a game with a minor jackpot over a high jackpot. So, bet on slot games with low jackpots if you want to boost your chances of winning big fast.

24. Understand the Game’s Layout

Each slot’s game layout is different from one another. So, make yourself conversant with the slot machine to avoid making avoidable mistakes.

25. Slot Games are Random

Slot machines are random and previous bets have zero effect on what transpires next. They come with a random number generator (RNG) system to assure fairness and security.

26. Analyse the Slot’s Pay Table

Every machine includes a paytable that shows what you need to do to win. It contains all the machine symbols and offers you advice on how many you need to get on a line to win.

These symbols make some machines pay out more than others, so it’s advisable to know this before playing.

27. Regularly Check Slot Promotions

Casinos often run slot bonuses that give you access to additional funds. You should always check out for these promotions as they let you boost your bankroll.

28. Register for Casino Slot Club

Casino slot clubs gives you a way to get bonuses and rewards for use in slot machines. Ensure you register for the slot clubs before playing, as they give you special access to additional tournaments and promotions.

29. Ask about Welcome Bonuses

Whenever you sign up at a new casino, you need to ask about the available no deposit free spins. Remember that it is credited when joining for the first time.

30. Gamble at Casinos with the Best Pay Out Rates

While some casinos publish their payout rates on the websites, others don’t. Luckily, a quick search will give you most of this info.

Usually, only top online casinos have the best payout rates, which means you will be able to enjoy high-quality services.

31. Pick Games that suit Your Personality and Objectives

Do you want to play a game with extended plays and regular small wins, a game with high jackpot opportunities, or a mix between the two?

Well, it comes down to what you want from the slot games.

32. Choose a Slot You Enjoy

Choose a Slot You Enjoy

It’s reasonable to gamble on a slot you love. You might be playing on a slot game hoping to win but end up doing things wrong due to boredom. In general, playing an uninspiring game may end up ruining your playing experience.

33. Keep a Journal

Being observant of what you are doing improves your gameplay. So, it would be helpful of you to keep a journal of your play whereby you track both wins and losses.

34. Understand the Bonus Requirements

Some of you don’t go through the bonus wagering requirements. Well, you should know how to read casino terms and conditions to fully understand how many times you have to roll over your offer.

35. Avoid Progressive Jackpot Slots

While these games give you the chance to win more, you could also end up with nothing. Progressive slots require players with profound knowledge of casino slots.

Basic Slot Terms You need to Know

Before figuring out how to play slot machines for beginners, you need to be conversant with slot machines and the associated terms.


Getting the correct number of bonus features lets you enter into a bonus round comprising a couple of extra spins and new successful conditions.

Some of the triumphant conditions include bonus prizes, multipliers, or even an increment of the number of a specific symbol.

Extra Spin

It’s an incredible slot machine feature that awards you a bonus spin at no extra cost after landing the exact number of specific symbols. In general, the more symbols you have, the more spins you receive.

Different slot machines have various features that trigger this. So, it would be best to sample a few games to discover the features to consider.

Hand Pay

It’s a term used to define winnings whereby a physical slot machine can’t pay you in a typical manner. In such a case, an exchanger needs to pay your dues, usually in person.


Payline is a literal line on the slot machine’s screen, and it passes through symbols. It shows the rows that produce a winning combination if you match symbols. It’s essential to understand this feature as it tells you what to look out for when spinning.

A slot machine features 9 pay lines for the columns, rows, and diagonals for the icons. However, today’s slot machines contain lines of all shapes, from triangles and columns, and they have plenty of pay line possibilities.


Also known as volatility, variance denotes the difference between the payout amount and a slot machine’s rate of payout.

For instance, a slot machine with a high variance or volatility means that winning is scarce, but the win’s value is enormous. For a low variance slot machine, wins are regular, but the payout is meagre.

How to Play Slot Machines for dummies

How to Play Slot Machines for dummies

Playing a slot requires you to understand different symbols that appear on the reels. The most common ones include:

  • Regular Symbols

These symbols form winning combinations and don’t feature any unique function. You win based on the paytable if you land combinations of the common symbols.

  • Scatter Symbols

They trigger bonus rounds, and they typically pay if three or more of them land on the reels.

  • Bonus Symbols

These triggers bonus rounds if you land combinations or patterns. For instance, you may find a slot machine whose bonus symbol is a wheel.

  • Wild Symbols

You can use wild symbols in place of other symbols. These symbols sometimes move, expand, or stick on the reels.

What to Know About Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

Most slot machines feature at the minimum one bonus round feature. The feature is available in different styles, and it can cover a wide range of formats. As a player searching how to play slot machines for beginners, slot bonus rounds can seem confusing to you.

It would help if you viewed the paytable to discover what are the bonus rounds included in a game. Also, you can find out how to trigger a bonus round through certain symbols.

Top 3 Types of Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

Most slot machines for dummies and advanced players have the following bonus rounds:

Extra Spins

You are eligible for a predetermined number of free spins. For example, you can get a 3x or more multiplier to enhance your wins. In addition, you can opt for bonuses that come with extra spins without using your real balance.

Picking Rounds

You will find several items on the slot machine’s screen and will have to select a couple of them to win some cash payouts. In some instances, progressive jackpots are founded on picking rounds.

Bonus Wheels

This bonus round requires you to spin a wheel to obtain free spins and even access other special features and rounds.

Top 10 Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

1. Wagering on Games You Don’t Understand

You should avoid betting in a new game or an old game whose rules are unclear to you. Many gamblers play games they don’t understand, and they end up exhausting their bankroll fast.

2.  Excessive Plays

Although you might be into gambling, it’s never a good idea to bet just for the sake of betting. Gambling on more than 10 games is risky. Instead, consider being disciplined and limit your plays.

3.  Having Impractical Expectations

After you gather conclusive information on how to play slot machine for dummies, you might think that you now understand the mechanism. Well, that’s not realistic due to the house edge and return-to-player (RTP).

4. Chasing Losses

Often, you may decide to double up to make up for your losses. While you may recoup some of the losses, this is never a good habit as it can lead to further losses. Invent a betting budget and always stick to it.

5. Ignoring Practice

Before playing for real money, you should start gambling on free games to enhance your skills and learn the game’s features. Also, it’s crucial to start with small wagers before transforming to high stakes.

6. Picking Bets Fast

Regardless of your gambling experience, you should avoid betting high amounts on new releases. If a casino launches a new slot, consider learning about its rules before starting betting.

7. Lacking a Money Management Strategy

To become a successful gambler, you need to have a system to manage your cash. For instance, the management system should inform you when to stop after specific wins or losses.

8. Gambling with an Impaired Judgement

Impaired judgement means damaged or weakened. You may have impaired judgement if you are drunk, stressed, or haven’t slept for long. So, avoid gambling if you don’t have a fresh mind.

9. Gambler’s Fallacy

This is a belief that if something repeatedly occurs over a period, it won’t reoccur in the future. For example, if you continuously lose today, tomorrow might be a productive day. That’s not how casino games work.

10. Joining Unreliable Platforms

After learning how to play slot machine for beginners, you might be tempted to join a platform that promises incredible welcome bonuses and high RTPs. Before registering at any platform, check its regulations, licenses, reliability, and online reviews.