Improve Your Odds With The Black And Red Roulette Strategy

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Black and Red Roulette Strategies

If you want to enhance your betting approach, you can try out a Roulette red or black strategy, which may lower your losses down to 26%! There are several techniques that work well with this bet type. Let’s discover what they are and how to use them to minimise your losses!

Top Successful Strategies for Betting on Red or Black in Roulette

Focus on outside bets to boost each strategy. This category generally guarantees a 50% success rate, which is more than sufficient for keeping pace. A Roulette strategy black and red, for example, will have a 50% chance of winning given that the Roulette odds black or red each cover half the possibilities on the wheel.

Beyond the odds, a strategy of betting on red or black in Roulette aims to decrease the margin of loss. At this point, you should follow patterns in order to bet successfully. Whether you increase the value of the bet or simply decrease the bet intending to double it later, each of these methods will serve you well when betting on Roulette odds black or red.

Martingale Strategy


The Martingale strategy stands out for its efficiency. The system itself is not complicated. There is only one step to take: double your bet after each loss. This allows you to recover your initial sum and receive extra winnings.

The technique does not require complex calculations. Simply double or keep the bet, depending on what happens on the table. Suppose you place a bet of £8 on red. In case you lose, double the second bet to £16. When you win, you get back the £8 you initially lost.

You may test this strategy in the demo version of any online Roulette game. You may also navigate Roulette promotions and claim one that suits your playing style. In this way, you will not spend any of your real funds, and you may play for an extended period of time.

Labouchere Strategy

Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere strategy is a bit complicated if you are a new player. Unlike Martingale, you have to establish a kind of numerical sequence that allows you to determine how much to bet depending on the direction your bet takes. Then you must set a particular value after a win and another value in case of a loss. Our experts generally recommend this strategy for all outside bets, such as even/odd or red/black.

To start, choose a sequence based on your budget. Suppose you have £10 to bet with. Create a series of figures that add up to 10, for example, 1-1-1-2-2-2-1. Add the first two digits of the sequence and start betting with this value. If you win, you must eliminate the first two numbers and continue with the next pair, and so on, as long as you beat the house. If you lose, just add the amount lost to the end of the sequence.

The tactic is somewhat complex but not impossible. To master it, you only need to know how to correctly apply top Roulette strategies, such as Paroli, Fibonacci or Martingale. We suggest focusing your attention on outside bets as they provide better odds.

Fibonacci Strategy


If you are interested in a more systematic tactic, we recommend the Fibonacci strategy. When applying this as a Roulette strategy black and red, you only have to choose a betting value. As the Fibonacci sequence is predetermined, each new number is the sum of the previous two numbers. (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55). So, you just have to choose your starting bet.

Under Fibonacci, you can start with the following figures: £10, £20, £30 or £50. If you bet £10 and win, you must then bet £20 (£10 + £10) and so on. However, should you lose, you must start from the beginning.

The previous example demonstrates you can limit the sequence to £50. To level up, you must have sufficient experience with the game. Hence, you can take the sequence beyond £100. But don’t forget to play responsibly!

Paroli Betting System

Paroli Betting System

If you found the Martingale strategy easy, you’ll find Paroli’s method even more straightforward. The system dictates that, with each bet, you double the value until you get three wins in a row. After attaining this, start betting again with the value of the initial bet. This also applies to losses.

To better understand Paroli’s strategy, let’s suppose you start by betting £10, but you lose. For the next bet, you must add an additional £10. In case you win, you shall increase the value of your play up to £20. When you beat the house again, you can raise your bet to £40. Should you reach the third bet undefeated, you must go back to the start and bet £10 again.

Everything revolves around the number 3. Should you achieve three consecutive wins, you may start again, even with a higher bet.

Will the Roulette Red or Black Strategy Increase Your Odds?

Can a Roulette red or black strategy increase your odds

The red and black Roulette strategy allow you to decrease your losses with up to 26%. However, there is no method that can guarantee an increase in your Roulette winning odds. Usually, the odds are predetermined for each game version and cannot be changed by applying different betting methods.

The Fibonacci strategy and other tactics focus solely on optimising your profit by minimising losses. Nevertheless, these methods are worth implementing to determine which one fits you the best.

Yet, if you’re at the beginning of your gambling journey, we recommend betting on red and black in Roulette or on other outside bets. These will boost your winning odds and will help you get used to each strategy faster.

If you’re looking for an easy strategy to start with, we recommend Paroli or Fibonacci. The Martingale is also a great strategy to begin with. And when you feel confident enough in your playing skills, you can try out the Labouchere system. With adequate preparation, you may even implement these with higher risk bets, such as inside wagers.

Let the Odds Work in Your Favour When Betting on Red or Black in Roulette

Let the Roulette odds black or red work in your favour

Regardless of your objective, these strategies for betting on black or red in Roulette will allow you to recover the amount you have previously lost. Although you can’t rely on consecutive wins, you can ensure that your budget remains relatively constant.

Since some of the best British online casinos include demo games in their catalogue, you may test the Roulette red or black betting option without spending any funds. Discover the Roulette strategy black and red that works for you by practising multiple techniques!