Blackjack Double Down Strategy - Expert Guide

Blackjack Double Down strategy

2 out of 5 blackjack players don’t know how to use the double-down method to their advantage. Our team helps you figure it out from the basics to putting the strategy to use like a pro!

How to Use the Blackjack Double Down Bet

How the Blackjack Double Down Bet Works

Supposing you play online with live dealers, there is only a button to press when you wish to double down.  Yet, the universally accepted method in local casinos is to signal your wish to make this bet in blackjack by pushing a stack of chips next to your initial bet.

The dealer will understand your intent and give you an extra card. The additional amount added must be equal to the original value of the wager you’ve placed at the table.

The land-based casino etiquette requires you to call “double” if you are planning to go for this move while holding a pair because the actions for the blackjack double down and split bets are identical.

Extra Tip: when gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino, make sure you don’t place your extra chips on top of the initial wager. The croupiers are against this move because it could mean that you’ve tampered with the bet amount.

Players that are gambling at an online casino just need to click the DOUBLE button and their bet will be placed instantly. Visit our page dedicated to the most lucrative online blackjack bonuses after you master the double-down technique to try it out.

Doubling down is all about using the information you have on the dealer. Essentially, when the croupier has a card that can potentially result in him going bust(e.g. a hard 2), it is a good opportunity for you to hit double.

Check the chart below to understand what are the best situations in which you should be using this strategy:

How the Blackjack Double Down Bet Works

When Is Double Down the Way to Go? Use the Bet Like a Pro

By using mathematical probability, experts have found the best blackjack double down strategies that will increase your winnings in the long run. There are 3 situations in which you can’t go bust and you are in a position where you are likely to finish with a high hand while the dealer has a high chance of losing.

Hard 9 Versus the Dealer’s Low Cards

When your cards add to a total of 9, you should double if the dealer shows any card below 7, excluding the Ace. Essentially, a “hard 9” means that you have no ace in your hands, so the possible combinations are 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5. If you get an A-8(also called a soft 9), it’s recommended to stand, no matter what hand the dealer has.

Soft 16, 17 or 18 Versus the Dealer’s Low Cards

A good moment for doubling down is when you get an Ace and either a 5, 6, or 7 (meaning you will have a “soft total” of 16 to 18) and the croupier has a low card from 2 to 6. If you have an Ace and a lower card (2-4), your chances of finishing with a high hand are decreased significantly, meaning the best move would be to hit.

Hard 10 or 11 Versus Any Lower Dealer Card

The most powerful position in blackjack is getting any two cards, not including an ace, that add up to a total of 10 or 11(2-8, 3-7, 4-7, 5-6, etc.). If the dealer’s total is lower, you can safely double your bet and win. Professional players recommend that you should always double down on 11, as you have a very high chance of landing a 10-point card.

When to Avoid Doubling Down?

When not to Double Down

Whenever you feel unsure about doubling down, it’s highly recommended to just go for the safe option and maintain your bet value. On top of that, using this move too often can result in great losses, and it is recommended only to take the risk when you’ve got an advantage over the dealer.

Here are two situations in which you should never use this move:

The Dealer is Holding an Ace

When the dealer gets an ace, their odds of getting a blackjack are very high. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk going for a double because even if they check and don’t instantly get blackjack, there is still a solid chance that they will end close to 21. 

If you want to learn more about your odds in Blackjack, KingCasinoBonus experts have prepared an in-depth guide to help you out.

You’re Holding a Hand Higher Than 11

The reason why you shouldn’t be doubling down in this situation is obvious – your odds of going bust are too high to risk it. You can simply hit or hold on to a lower total and hope that the dealer goes bust.

Understand the Rules of Any Blackjack Variant

Always check the rules

This strategy is available in most Blackjack real money casino games, but some operators might have different rules which could affect your decision-making process, so it is important to read those in advance.

Some casinos only allow players to go for a double when their total card value is 10 or 11. There are also situations when the rules might say that you can’t double on soft hands. If that’s the case, you should hit instead.

Pros & Cons of the Doubling Down Blackjack Technique


  • It doubles your potential winnings;
  • Using a proven strategy increases your odds;
  • You can combine it with other moves to maximize your payouts.


  • The risk is higher;
  • After doubling, only one extra card will be dealt;
  • Not applying a strategy can result in greater losses in the long run.

King’s Summary: Is Doubling Down Always the Right Choice?

Blackjack double down move is a great strategy, but the opportunities to apply it successfully aren’t as common as you might expect. Choose your bets right, and you can go home a winner.

But always remember that the house still has an edge over the players, which means that no matter what strategy you’re using, in the long run, the casino will be the one who makes the profit.

Our recommendation is to try out this strategy in a live blackjack casino before going to a land-based location so you will be more prepared to defeat the dealer.

Most Common Questions about the Doubling Down Strategy

Can you go for a double after a split?

Players are usually allowed to split after doubling down, but they must understand the most optimal situations for performing this move. The players can choose to split if they are dealt an identical pair. The second hand must be covered with a bet that is the same size as the initial wager. The croupier will deal two cards to complete both hands.

You now have two hands, and you can use the doubling down technique on either one of them. However, you should read the rules in advance to know if this combination of moves is allowed.

Should you always double down on eleven?

The answer is yes. This is the most efficient way to make money as a casual blackjack player because it has the highest chance of getting a card value higher than the dealer.

How many cards do you get after doubling?

Once you choose to go for this move, you will only receive one additional card. A common mistake that new players make is that they think that they will receive as many cards as they want. This is one of the reasons why this bet is risky, as you could end up with a low total card value if the next card dealt is low.

Is doubling down allowed after you hit?

The doubling down move can only be performed after the two initial cards were dealt. Therefore, players must decide at that moment if they want to double or not. The opportunity for this move is limited to the first decision you make, so if you choose to hit a third card, doubling down won’t be allowed.