Online Casino Bonuses Pros And Cons: Expert Analysis

Maxwell Louis

Casino expert

Online Casino Bonuses Pros and Cons

Are online casino bonuses always a good idea? Understanding the benefits and downsides of casino bonuses will help you make the right decision.

Pros and Cons of Accepting Different Types of Bonuses

Bonus type Pros Cons

No deposit bonus

You play for free

Limited withdrawals allowed

Free spins 

Appreciated by most players

Only available on certain games

First deposit bonus

Good balance boost

Can come with high wagering requirements

Welcome bonuses

Good overall value

The availability period may be short

200% deposit bonus

Massive boost to play

Limited maximum bonus amount

500% deposit bonus

Huge overall balance

Only available to high rollers

No wagering bonus 

You can withdraw anytime

The bonus value is usually low

As you can see from the table above, no online casino bonus is perfect. Like anything else, they all come with benefits and downsides.

Knowing how to navigate these ups and downs and claiming the right bonus for your playing style will give you a better gambling experience.

For example, a no deposit reward is ideal in order to test the casino you’ve just registered on, but you shouldn’t hope to get significant sums of money out of it as it rarely happens.

Furthermore, free spins are usually players’ favourites but can limit you to playing only a few specific titles.

Advantages of Accepting UK Casino Bonuses

  • No deposit bonus – this reward is a favourite with gamblers as you don’t need to deposit for it. Sure, the amount may be low, but it’s pleasant to be able to play the games with no obligation to deposit, as it’s the case with a first deposit offer
  • Free spins – you are able to test out new slot games for free or play a few more extra free-of-charge rounds on your favourite spinning games
  • First deposit bonus – this promotion is ideal for starting your gambling journey on an online casinos
  • Welcome package – such offers are even better than first deposit deals in terms of value and gameplay options
  • Deposit match bonus – since the standard first deposit offer is 100%, getting a 200% or 500% match promotion can be ideal for several players since you are able to play your favourite games and decide on the bet size
  • No wagering bonus – you can request withdrawals anytime without meeting any wagering requirements as you’d do with a welcome package or first deposit bonus

Drawbacks of Accepting UK Casino Bonuses

  • No deposit bonus – they say nothing in life is free, and that also applies to no deposit deals as well. You will get this bonus without a deposit, but it is highly likely to have high wagering requirements and a low withdrawal limit
  • Free spins – Besides limitations on titles available, the UKGC has also banned the Autoplay and Quick Spin functions on slot games, so if you get 300 spins, get ready to hit that spin button for a long while
  • First deposit bonus  – while this one is a good way to start, don’t forget that several UK casinos won’t issue it for NetEnt, Skrill or PayPal deposits
  • Welcome package – the bonus boost and possible free spins on the side sound ideal, but don’t forget about wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limits
  • 200% – 500% match bonuses – although such offers seem ideal, they are quite rare, so finding one may require long hours of search and failed trials
  • No wagering bonuses – values may be quite low on such promotions, and the maximum withdrawal limits can be restrictive

Responsible Gambling Measures to Take

Gambling should always remain a leisure activity and not be regarded as a means of having a stable income. Hence, make sure you apply several responsible gambling tools to your gameplay

Responsible gambling implications of loyalty bonuses

The UKGC pays special attention to loyalty bonuses and VIP programs aimed at high-value customers (HVC).

Financial awareness is advised

Every gambler is responsible for keeping their budget in check. Hence, whenever you feel that casino spending has the potential to affect other aspects of your life, it’s time to take a much-deserved break.

How to prevent problematic gambling with bonuses

  • Setting up deposit or loss limits for a daily/weekly/monthly period is a good tool to use to keep your casino spending in check
  • You can always self-exclude for a determined period if you feel you’re using too many bonuses to play your favourite games
  • If none of the above measures works, you can always ask the operator to close your account

Bonus Abuse and Prevention

Casinos have a clear responsibility regarding the bonuses you can receive. But this is a two-way street, and you must also follow some fair-play guidelines.

How do UK online casinos prevent bonus abuse?

UK online casinos can easily prevent abuse by creating more complex bonus rules, such as wagering requirements or withdrawal caps on no deposit incentives.

Furthermore, operators thoroughly scan IP addresses to avoid affecting the fair players, looking for suspicious activity or devices.

Finally, performing KYC checks before allowing user to opt for any offer is another way for casinos to protect themselves against bonus abuse.

Consequences of engaging in bonus abuse or fraudulent activities

If you engage in bonus abuse or any other type of foul play, there are considerable risks to consider.

For starters, the casino can simply shut down your account without warning. You can lose funds or even the right to ever play at that casino again in the future.

How to Keep Gambling Plesant and Not Addictive

  • Always play at UKGC-licensed top online casinos
  • Read the T&Cs before claiming any kind of reward
  • Always have a clear plan for managing your bankroll when playing with casino bonuses
  • If luck is simply not by your side one day, don’t fall into the trap of chasing a win regardless of the costs
  • Always be aware of the wagering requirements and other limitations that come with playing with a bonus
  • Don’t play more than what you can afford to lose
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, it can be a scam
  • Make sure you don’t engage in bonus abuse

Final Verdict

Now you know everything about casino bonuses, their advantages, and potential unbecomings. As a thumb rule, always read the T&Cs, and you should be out of harm’s way.

And although no offer is perfect and comes with downsides, you can limit any unbecoming with a balanced approach.