Introduction To High Low Card Counting In Blackjack

High and Low Card Counting

When appropriately used, high low card counting can be an effective blackjack betting system. Read on and see how this strategy can improve your gambling.

Understanding the Basics

Understanding the Basics

If you’ve mastered the basics of playing blackjack, it is only natural to want to keep improving your strategy and methods to beat the house. Counting cards is one strategy players can use.

Blackjack has generated multiple counting systems, but none so practised and practical as the high-low (hi-lo) system. 

Learning to count cards using this system can give you a slight edge over your dealer and allow you to make smarter bets.

Our article will give a general overview of how the high-low counting system works at the blackjack table in brick-and-mortar establishments and on blackjack bonus games found in top online casinos.

High-low card counting has not so much to do with remembering how many cards of a particular value are left in the shoe but rather with keeping tabs on the high-value cards, i.e. honour cards – J, Q, K, A, and 10s. 

Eventually, if the count is correct, you will know whether the ratio of high-to-low cards remaining in the shoe is in your favour.

Both professional and amateur players use the system because of its simple nature and high success rate.