Expert Guide to Playing Live Casino Dragon Tiger

How to Play Live Casino Dragon Tiger Like a Pro

Are you looking to refresh your live dealer sessions or simply want to master Dragon Tiger? Our experts invested over 42 hours analysing, testing, and comparing the odds and features of this live game to encompass everything you should know about playing Dragon Tiger like a pro.

Dragon Tiger 101

Launched in 2018, Dragon Tiger is a game that has quickly become one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live dealer productions. The main game boasts a simple yet engaging gameplay that will remind players of the classic Baccarat online. In Dragon Tiger, two cards are dealt – the Dragon and Tiger hands – and the objective is to predict which is the highest card or if you think the result is a tie.

In Dragon Tiger live casino, a single card is dealt one to the Dragon side and one to the Tiger hand, and you place your bets. Rules say that additional cards are drawn, and Aces are the lowest.

Aside from its exciting and fast-paced nature, Dragon Tiger offers a grand gambling experience. The best live dealer developer, Evolution Gaming, uses an Oriental-themed backdrop in red, and the game’s user interface boasts statistics and roads that players use to boost their probability of winning.

Key Betting Strategies to Beat the House

Based on years of experience, we know how much it means to take full advantage of a casino game, and the best way to take action is to understand key betting strategies in Dragon Tiger to achieve positive outcomes.

Key Betting Strategies to Beat the House

  • Understand how the roads and in-game statistics work. The game’s roads are based on the classic Baccarat roads that help you track previous results.
  • Skip the ‘Tie’ bet. Although the bet payout is 10:1, we don’t recommend playing this option, especially if you’re a beginner. Tie bets’ RTP is 82.17% compared to 96.27% when you bet on a Dragon or Tiger.
  • Bet on Dragon or Tiger. If you’re a beginner, stick with these two betting options and skip the side or tie bets first. Use the roads to see the hot and cold bets.
  • Identify a bankroll and stick with it. Effective bankroll management is one of the best strategies in a Dragon Tiger casino. It’s a fast-paced game that can quickly decimate your budget if you’re not careful enough.
  • Use a betting system. Sizing up your bet may not guarantee a win, but it helps you extend or protect your bankroll if you’re on a losing streak. You can start with a minimum bet in online Dragon Tiger or increase the bet if you’re on a roll.

Reading the Cards Like a Pro

Card counting is one of the popular strategies by bettors in a land-based casino. It’s traditionally used in card games, which players use to improve their winning streak and cut the house edge.

This casino game strategy aims to predict the ratio of low cards to high cards. Our experts say players benefit if more Aces and 10-value cards remain in the shoe. But in live casinos, counting cards may do little to improve the odds. And focusing on which series of Banker and Player wins doesn’t help.

Card Counting – Is It Helpful?

Card counting doesn’t do much to cut the house edge and improve your payout potential. There are other creative ways to beat the house or grab potential payouts, like finding a physical casino that offers bonus bets or checking the returns for side bets. For example, a wager on Dragon offers a 40:1 payout if a banker wins with 3 cards for a total of 7′.

Our experts conclude that it can happen roughly once in 42 hands. And if you’re a keen observer of which playing cards are still in, you can potentially win this bet!

Spotting Trends and Streaks

As mentioned, Evolution’s Dragon Tiger game boasts in-game statistics, roads, and live chat. Use it to play live Dragon Tiger by identifying which card wins – the Tiger or Dragon card. The side consistently boasts the higher card (hot) or not (cold). Yes, the blazing Dragon Tiger card game boasts random outcomes, but you can make sense of the trends and streaks and use it to make informed bets.

Also, when you play live, you can use it to see how volatile the results are and pace your Dragon and the Tiger bets accordingly.

King’s Tips to Maximize Dragon Tiger Winnings

King’s Pro Tips to Maximize Dragon Tiger Winnings

Are you ready to play Dragon Tiger Live? If yes, the following pro tips from our in-house team can boost the probability of winning and the game’s entertainment value.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Online casinos offer their bettors plenty of exciting Dragon Tiger bonuses and promos. Look for betting sites with lucrative welcome offers, free bets, or even cashback. If you’re a regular bettor in live games, look for casinos with VIP programs. A VIP or Loyalty Program rewards regulars with points you can swap for bespoke bonuses, like bonus cash or free bets!

Remember, there are always VIP live casino game rooms, so ensure you understand what that means before playing.

Know When to Walk Away

Dragon Tiger Online is a highly entertaining and fast-paced game. Don’t let the rush prevent you from making informed bets and responsible gambling decisions. Always set a budget when playing Dragon Tiger and exit once the target is hit. Also, if you have won substantially, leave the game and enjoy your wins!

Review Your Results and Improve

Evolution and the rest of the live casino now feature engaging live casino tools and in-game features. For example, Evolution’s Dragon Tiger boasts roads and in-play statistics that you can use to track winning bets. Use the previous results to tweak your betting options. You can improve your gaming experience by picking what bets work on specific conditions.

What to Take Home?

Dragon Tiger has become known as a fun game with simple yet engaging gameplay that you can find on almost all of the best online casinos. You’ll place Dragon and Tiger bets or explore other betting options, like suited Tie and other Dragon Tiger side bets. If you wager Dragon or Tiger and win, you earn a specific payout, with Tie offering a 10:1 payout.

While the gameplay is easy, remember that the results are random. We have put forward a few tips that improve your odds but never guarantee a win. If you’re here to play live Dragon Tiger, perhaps our most significant suggestion is to gamble responsibly.

Always set limits when you gamble online; after all, live Dragon Tiger games should be treated only as a leisure activity and never as a source of income.