How To Win At Penny Slots

How to Win at Penny Slots

The top UK slot sites advertise plenty of penny slot games. Yet you will pay more than 1 penny to play, and you should know why.

Penny Slots Overview

Penny Slots Overview

In essence, Penny Slots have the lowest betting limits, starting in theory at £0.01. However, most of their structures use a pay line gameplay, so the minimum bet value will automatically increase if you want to utilise all the lines.

Each line costs £0.01; thereafter, for a 20-pay line slot game, you’ll pay £0.2 as the minimum bet per spin.

Penny Slots System

Every slot, including penny slots, shows a different volatility rate and has its hit frequency and return to player percentage. These factors determine the probability of winning or hitting a Scatter with jackpot mini-games.

Top online casinos usually display each slot’s RTP, volatility, and specific features, and we recommend you read them.

Know the rules

No one enjoys reading T&Cs when they want to play, but reading the general rules of the slot you choose would be helpful.

See how much each symbol pays out and what’s extra features the game can offer.

Do Penny Slots Work The Same As Regular Slot Games?

All slot games work the same. They all have PRNGs that determine which symbols appear on the screen.

You can’t influence or hack them into showing only the Wild or Scatter symbols, nor does anyone else.

Casinos and game providers don’t interfere or manipulate the game only to make you win less often. However, they will add free-spin bonuses and mini-games which have their own wagering rules.

Higher RTP – Better Game

Higher the RTP - Better Game

As mentioned before, RTP influences your odds. You must know that penny slots have a lower RTP than regular ones due to their limits and casinos minimising their House Edge losses.

Penny slots usually have a Return To Player rate between 85-90%, meaning that for every £10, you spend an average of £1-1.5.

Multiple Ways To Win

When you want to gamble at a penny slot game, make sure you choose one that has multiple payline ways.

These mini-games can be triggered randomly or when a specific symbol appears on the screen.

They usually give additional spins or double your pot value.

Progressive Jackpots

Regular penny slots can have significant payout, but some people hope for even higher. Progressive jackpots can result in a much higher overall value.

However, keep in mind that progressive jackpot penny slots display an even lower RTP than regular ones. So your chances drop even more.

You can try them if you’re intentions are only to see how things are going and if you like their design better, but mind your budget and the odds.

Weight the Paylines and Max Bets

Weight the Paylines and Max Bets

A slot game can have between 1 and 1000 pay lines or even more. You don’t have to pay for the maximum number of lines, but if you do, your odds increase.

We advise choosing a penny slot game with a maximum of 20 pay lines first. That’s because you’d want to try gambling with all the pay lines active but also stay within a budget.

Penny slots can have fixed or variable payables. For variable ones, you get a specific return for that amount of coins.

If you wager 5 coins and win a 1000-times return, it means you got 5000 coins. The fixed paytables will always have comparative returns, whether you’re going for the max bet or not.

Ignore the Myths

When we’re thinking about luck, we take into account the superstitions some gamblers believe in. There is nothing wrong with having a ritual while pushing the button, but never base your gambling techniques and funds on that!

In fact, more than 10% of gamblers engage in short rituals before betting. Nevertheless, remember that in gambling, the odds are random and not affected by such things.

The first and most common myth talks about a particular button combination that guarantees your win. There is none, and this story comes from the first slot machines invented that sometimes malfunctioned. Online slot games work properly without delays or hidden buttons.

Other players believe that certain days and hours pay out better and have greater odds. This is also just a myth.

However, there are rare occasions when an online casino promotes free spins offers for a specific date and slot game.

Penny Slots Advertisement

If a casino ad sounds too good to be true, then it is probably a scam. Penny slots are highly promoted because they are trendy, but be aware of which casino you trust.

Scam online casinos commit fraud, won’t allow you to withdraw your winnings and steal your sensitive information. Their ads are also shady and promote unrealistic expectations.

Casinos in the UK must hold a UKGC licence in order to work legally. Check their licence on the bottom of the Homepage and if you’re patient enough, read their regulations.

Look at their withdrawal time, limits, and taxes and decide if that provider is what you want.

If possible, try to opt for a fast withdrawal casino so you won’t have to wait too long for your earnings.

Are Penny Slots Better Than Regular Slots?

Are Penny Slots Better Than Regular Slots

Penny slots have their pros and cons, so it really depends on what angle you look from. In some aspects, they are better than others, but they also have their flaws.


  • Lower minimum bets
  • High-quality graphics and various designs
  • Broad range and easy to find
  • Same rules and working algorithms (PRNGs) as regular ones


  • Lower RTPs (max. 90%)
  • £0.01 per pay line, not per spin
  • Aggressive advertisement
  • Progressive Jackpots with low RTP

Online Slot Experts Give the Verdict

Penny slots can be a good option for players with fixed budgets or for those who just want to try to see how a fast casino game works.

Although professional gamblers use many systems to bet, not all of them work for slots.

All you can do to increase your chances of winning is to pick a high RTP slot game, read its info, and control your budget while deciding on the number of lines and bets.