Everything You Should Know About The Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli Roulette Strategy Explained

If you’re a pro or a beginner, you must be aware of the Paroli strategy. Why? Well, it’s a time-tested system that most specialists agree will help minimize losses and maximize wins in 8 out of 10 cases. Our experts break down how to cleverly double your bets after victories, so read on to discover if this is the key to unlocking your roulette success!

The Paroli Betting System – How Does it Work?

The Paroli betting system explained

Essentially, the Paroli Roulette method is a betting technique that uses positive progress. So, following each successful outcome, you are required by the system to raise your stakes.

For starters, when playing Paroli Roulette in the UK, you should always double your bet following a winning run. This tactic requires players to double down on their bets and get three straight wins.

Introducing the Paroli fundamentals

The Paroli system has been around for more than 500 years, although it has not always been applied to Roulette.

In the past, this innovative betting system was brought into play during card games. Today, this betting system is still applied to card games, including Baccarat. A revised form of the system can also be applied to games like Blackjack and the subsequent Blackjack online casino bonuses available.

Most commonly, however, the Paroli betting system is the strategy of choice for Roulette players. And you can find plenty of Roulette options even at the latest casinos to test your skills!

How to Put Paroli Roulette Strategy Into Practice

How to put Paroli Roulette strategy into practice

When employing the Paroli progression system, the aim is to secure a hat-trick of consecutive good outcomes.

Upon each such result, UK players also double their wager.

Yet, before we get into the rules, you must remember that not all gambling sites that provide this game are safe to play on. KingCasinoBonus experts bring you top-notch online Roulette bonuses from top casinos that we verify and inspect in point of safety and security, according to a predetermined set of strict parameters.

And, now, let’s tackle the most important rules!

Rule number 1

This progression betting system kicks off with players betting a small amount on an even-money result. In the case of Roulette, this is as simple as betting on red or black. If the player loses their bet, they’ll need to repeat the wager on another even-money outcome.

Rule number 2

Ultimately, players need to maintain this consistent approach to betting until their wager has a good outcome. Once they’ve secured it, players need to double their wager amount, placing a bet on a further even-money result. If the player loses their wager, they’ll need to half their wager amount before continuing.

Rule number 3

Should they luck out, players are free to double their wager amount yet again. A third successive good round caps off a round of progression betting, and players must cycle back to the single-unit wagers.

What does this strategy essentially bring to the table?

The originality of this Roulette betting technique is that it reduces possible losses while allowing players to walk away with large sums. Yet, players might lose all three bets.

However, if players get the required results in all three bets while doubling their stakes each time, they can multiply their original wager sevenfold.

This approach also allows players to view their bankroll in units. If the approach is implemented correctly, they will never risk more than one unit of their bankroll. Doubled wagers only come into play after a successful outcome; therefore, the house effectively covers these additional bets.

Paroli Pros & ConsParoli perks and drawbacks

The Paroli system offers an accessible Roulette progression strategy without requiring a massive bankroll. Simply bet your base wager to start, then double the prior bet after every win at the best UK Roulette casinos.

However, securing consecutive wins isn’t guaranteed. We break down the Paroli system’s pros and cons so you can determine if you should utilize this common approach at the table. Learn all you need to know to put this incremental model into practice.


  • An accessible Roulette strategy that beginners can put into practice;
  • Minimises potential losses, meaning you don’t need a significant starting bankroll;
  • Increased wagers are made with money from the house;
  • It’s an adaptable strategy that can be applied to other casino games.


  • A single loss destroys accumulated profits, forcing you to start from scratch;
  • It can only be used for three successive rounds, so it’s not a long-term Roulette strategy;
  • Timing is everything, and this strategy requires some practice;
  • It doesn’t influence factors like house edge.

Is Paroli a Logical Betting System?

Is Paroli a Logical Betting System

This Roulette strategy largely hinges on the logic that all outcomes are grouped together. In theory, UK players can secure increased amounts by upping their wagers when they have received good results.

Should they encounter a series of losses, they’re encouraged to reduce the amount they’re wagering to protect their bankroll.

Keep this in mind

While the concept of ‘good results’ doesn’t hold any weight, any strategy that actively strives to protect your bankroll is a logical one.

One of the key strengths of this betting strategy is that you’ll only ever stake large wagers you’ve accrued from the house. Should you get three consecutive good results, your overall returns should mitigate all those smaller losses you’ve accumulated when betting with single-unit amounts.

There are numerous such game strategies that can lead to good results. Our gambling experts did the math for you and created a guide where they explain the various ways players can master Roulette strategies.

This strategy is best for new gamblers

Unlike negative betting progressions, the Paroli approach tends to deliver far more predictable outcomes.

Furthermore, it’s a good fit for less experienced gamblers looking to test this game with smaller starting amounts. Because your maximum wagering amount is capped at seven units, you’ll never have to worry about coming up against table limits or other restrictions.

If you’re just starting your casino play and don’t quite handle the basic casino rules, we come to your help with a special new player guide that gives you concise and clear explanations according to the information you need. There, you’ll find details about the best licenses, T&Cs, payment methods, deposits and withdrawals, customer support, mobile play and so on.

Paroli Betting Strategy – Our Verdict

Although this system is a user-friendly one, it’s not without risk!

Ultimately, you’ll need to secure a ‘good results’ streak to turn modest wagers into healthy funds. Applying this system certainly makes it easier to manage your losses, but it’s not a foolproof way of predicting good returns.

How risky is this Roulette strategy?

  • The zero on the roulette wheel significantly impacts this betting strategy. The zero guarantees that the house always has an advantage over gamblers.
  • Although picking between red and black may give you a 50/50 chance of success, a green zero always indicates that the chances are slightly skewed against you.
  • Compared to other Roulette tactics, the Paroli strategy is less volatile, making it excellent for people looking to keep their bankroll intact.
  • This method also integrates stringent betting limitations into its basis. It will not provide life-changing winnings, but it is an excellent strategy to manage your wagers at the Roulette table.