James Bond Roulette Strategy and How It Can Help You Win

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James Bond Roulette Strategy

Everyone wants to be 007. We’ll help you combine one of Bond’s most loved legacies with live dealer online casinos in the UK – the James Bond betting strategy for Roulette.

The James Bond betting strategy gained immense popularity following the success of James Bond blockbusters like Skyfall, Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. 

Bond may be one lucky gambler, but can the system named in his honour work out for punters? 

Let’s find out.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy Explained

Ian Fleming’s 007 agent spawned a popular Roulette betting strategy – the James Bond betting strategy!

This is a method where a punter’s bet covers two-thirds of the wheel, plus the number zero. It is often used at land-based Roulette tables as well as with Live UK casino bonuses, especially at Live Roulette UK sites. 

The strategy is progressive, and a gamer must choose their bet size

  • The first one must be 70% of the total sum
  • The second is 25% 
  • The third is just 5%

The progression comes in case of a loss, where a bettor is required to double their stake.

The strategy uses a flat stake on every spin, meaning you place the same bet amount on every spin. This system can mount up decent profits relatively quickly. However, if used for continued play, the house edge can catch up with bettors, leaving a deficit on their initial starting balance.