The Cheapest Premier League Teams to Follow in 2023

The Cheapest Premier Leagues to Follow

In time, football has grown to be one of the world’s most lucrative markets. Our casino bonus experts will show the cheapest Premier League teams to support.

Which Premier League Teams are the cheapest to follow?

Rank Team Average Ticket (£) Season ticket (£) Home shirt cost (£) Pint in the stadium (£) Parking (£) Average pie cost (£) Cost index
1 Nottingham Forest 25.00 550 59.50 5.20 4.75 4.10 26.20
2 Bournemouth 38.00 760 55.00 4.25 2.50 4.25 26.68
3 Leeds United 38.60 646 60.00 5.00 6.00 4.00 28.82
4 Crystal Palace 43.60 755 55.00 5.00 3.67 4.50 29.07
5 Liverpool 44.50 869 69.95 3.30 7.79 3.20 29.82
6 Wolverhampton Wanderers 43.40 786 55.00 5.00 6.96 4.00 29.88
7 Brentford 48.00 549 49.00 5.25 7.63 5.00 29.97
8 Everton 45.00 625 60.00 4.55 9.12 3.90 30.03
9 Newcastle United 44.00 811 65.00 4.90 4.15 4.80 31.02
10 Fulham 32.80 1050 60.00 5.80 5.00 5.00 31.51
11 Aston Villa 40.50 752 65.00 5.20 7.36 4.65 31.55
12 Southampton 46.40 999 55.00 5.50 4.39 4.95 31.97
13 Leicester City 49.90 695 63.00 5.80 10.79 5.00 34.62
14 Manchester United 67.50 950 70.00 3.00 10.05 4.20 34.82
15 Brighton & Hove Albion 51.70 860 55.00 4.95 15.00 4.90 34.84
16 Manchester City 61.50 980 70.00 5.60 10.00 4.75 37.94
17 West Ham United 50.60 1025 65.00 7.60 7.59 6.00 38.75
18 Chelsea 59.20 1250 74.95 5.70 8.15 5.30 39.57
19 Tottenham Hotspur 49.00 2025 75.00 5.19 12.00 4.29 41.66
20 Arsenal 55.60 1839 70.00 6.35 10.35 4.85 42.50

How we selected the cheapest Premier League teams to follow

We did an in-depth analysis of the average spending on tickets, merchandise, match-related expenses and other usual things that fans pay for during the active season.

Since the advent of the Premier League in the 1990s, Sky’s subsequent purchasing of the television rights, and the development of the European Champions League, top-tier fans can pay hundreds of pounds for a season ticket to see their team play or pay for a TV network subscription.

Still, the high-ticket pricing has not deterred loyal fans, and football remains more popular than ever.

The teams we have listed in the table above offer the best bang for their buck when it comes to enjoying watching them play.

How was the research conducted?

The study was conducted by analysing the cost of tickets, merchandise, parking, food, and beverages.

We then converted these factors into a metric ranked out of 10; the higher the overall score, the more expensive the team is to support.

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Each metric was then combined to create a cost index to find both the cheapest and most expensive Premier League teams to support.

Top five cheapest Premier League teams to support

Our research has revealed that Nottingham Forest is the cheapest team to support in the Premier League this season, shortly followed by Bournemouth FC and Leeds United.

At the other end of the table is Arsenal, the most expensive team to support, followed by their London rivals Tottenham and Chelsea.

The research also reveals that recently promoted regional clubs are generally much cheaper to support than Premier League stalwarts based in London.

1. Nottingham Forest

Newcomers Nottingham Forest gained promotion to the Premier League for the first time since 1999 last season, and they are currently in a respectable 13th place.

Forest has the cheapest average ticket price at only £25 and the second cheapest season ticket, which averages £550.

The combination means that Nottingham Forest is the cheapest Premier League club to support.

2. Bournemouth

Like Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth also recently gained promotion to the Premier League. However, unlike Forest, Bournemouth has been languishing in the relegation zone for the best part of the season so far.

Bournemouth supporters may have their gripes on the team’s performances on the pitch, but on the bright side, they can enjoy Premier League football at a much cheaper price than most other teams.

Average ticket prices at Bournemouth cost £38.00, which is cheaper than the league average of £46.74. On top of that, pints and pies are only £4.25 each.

3. Leeds United

Leeds returned to big the big time a few seasons ago, and supporters hope they regain their status as top-tier regulars, despite frequently flirting with relegation.

Leeds has similar ticket prices to Bournemouth, with the average costing £38.60. A Leeds United home shirt will set fans back £60 from the club shop.

This may sound like a lot, but it is still slightly below the league average of £62.57.

4. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace has cemented its reputation as a solid mid-table club that can pose a threat to teams of any ranking.

The Eagles are the fourth cheapest team to follow in the Premier League and the cheapest London-based team by far.

The average ticket for a Palace game costs £43.60, and a season ticket holders will need to pay £755, which is £183.80 cheaper than the Premier League average of £938.80.

Home shirts cost £55, one of the cheapest shirt prices in the league.

5. Liverpool

Under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool has returned to the lofty heights of their 1980s heyday and has won the Premier League title, the Champions League, and a slew of domestic trophies (including the Football League Cup and the FA Cup).

Despite being one of the world’s richest and most successful clubs, Liverpool still offers affordable match-day experiences.

With the average ticket costing £44.50 and season tickets £869, Liverpool’s ticket costs are below the league average. Pints at Anfield are also the second cheapest, costing just £3.30.

Why did we look at cheap Premier League tickets & merch?

Football has always been for the fans, but it has also recently become a lucrative investment for billionaires, large corporations, and the media, which has rendered it unaffordable for some.

However, there are still Premier League clubs that keep their ticket, shirt, and refreshment prices at a reasonable rate, so fans of all backgrounds can watch their team play.