How Bingo Companies Are Embracing Social Responsibility

How Bingo Companies Are Embracing Social Responsibility

Did you know that 3 out of 5 bingo users are unaware of the responsible gambling tools available according to recent surveys? It’s true! This guide reveals the proactive measures operators are taking to promote healthy play.

You’ll learn how leading bingo sites allow players to limit deposits, track time played, self-exclude and more. With an inside look at the latest responsible gambling initiatives from top bingo brands, you can play confidently, knowing your well-being is a priority.

Discover how the leaders are driving social accountability by reading on!

Bingo and Its History With UK Players

The first types of gambling and lotteries arrived in the UK in the 16th century, but bingo, in the form we know today, was introduced to the public in the early 1800s. However, bingo didn’t start showing its true potential to players until the second half of the 1900s.

The sudden increase was marked by the rise of one of the first bingo halls in Blackpool, London, followed by such gaming establishments in the rest of the country.

Slowly, it became a traditional game played on special occasions and an occasion for people to get together. Bingo halls also gained a social aspect as they grew to be where UK players could gather and interact outside of their working lives.

With that, the popularity of bingo social clubs expanded. And as the public embraced bingo betting, the diversity of the game flourished as well. It wasn’t long before different bingo themes and game variations were available for all lovers of this game.

Insights on the Basic Rules of Bingo Games

The game’s rules are simple – all players get a card with 25 fields, each field containing a random number. The card is divided into 5×5 grids. As the caller calls one number at a time, the player aims to mark numbers in one horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, all four corners, two lines, or the entire card.

When a player completes one of these tasks, they should yell, “Bingo!”. Aside from these gaming rules, bingo halls have some additional rules all participants must respect and play by. This is called ‘the old bingo etiquette’.

Namely, once you enter a bingo hall, choose your seat carefully, as there are recurring players who have a ‘lucky spot’ and may ask you to move. Proper behaviour in this situation is to move and not cause a scene. It would help if you also kept the noise down and thus showed respect to other players. Always respect the caller, regardless of the outcome.

And finally, keep up with the pace when double-checking your card. This is important as you may not hear the following number and thus miss an opportunity to win.

Why is Bingo so Popular in the UK?

English people have developed a close relationship with this game mainly due to social factors. Back then, such halls were mainly visited by groups of women who wanted to eat, socialise, and earn a prize or two.

Bingo players could earn cash prizes, kitchen appliances, luxurious holidays, and other goods. Socialisation during these times was on the rise, which only attracted more and more people, thus making the foundation of bingo halls firmer with time.

The Emerging of Bingo Sites: A Good Sign?

The Emerging of Bingo Sites_ A Good Sign

The popularity of the bingo halls was maintained throughout the ages until the Internet came to the scene. It was only a matter of time before gambling sites emerged. In time, new bingo sites appearing became a common occurrence.

Today, there are online casinos that offer UK players the chance to try out various types of games, including bingo. Slingo sites are also widely popular, as Slingo games combine features of both Slingo and bingo titles, which are much appreciated by gamblers. What’s more, some platforms are dedicated to bingo exclusively.

To top it all up, bingo sites offering their players various bingo bonuses became popular to offer customers a wide range of diversity. Moreover, bingo sites with slot bonuses are also common for gamblers who appreciate both game genres.

From free offers like free bingo no deposit bonuses, and no wagering bingo bonuses to those requiring you to deposit a small sum beforehand, like 5 deposit bingo bonuses and 10 deposit bingo bonuses, you will most likely find something that suits your playstyle.

However, regardless of how good of a cultural wave this may seem to be and its many advantages, the fact that there are cons to bingo betting is still present.

Bingo Betting and the Rising Issues

Gambling addiction is one of UK gamblers’ biggest problems. This, however, can be ‘cured’ as there are many means to do so. All major UK bingo sites today offer tools for any player in this situation to improve their gambling habits and eliminate unhealthy gambling in general.

Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Treatment for Gambling Addiction

All gambling websites offer Responsible Gambling sections with tools, features, and services. British players can use these to put their gambling habits under control.

Common Responsible Gambling Tools Include:

  • Deposit limits
  • Time-out sessions
  • Self-exclusion options
  • Wagering limits
  • Sessions limits
  • Loss limits

Psychology of Gambling Addiction

According to psychologists, ‘gambling addiction’ is a compulsive gambling disorder that occurs when a user keeps playing regardless of the toll this activity has on their lives.

Specialists have identified several factors that can be the root cause of developing this addiction. These include mental health issues like OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. Others are closely tied to age, sex, influence from the surroundings, medications, and specific personality characteristics.

How Can You Recover From Gambling Addiction

Players can use the previously mentioned tools if they are in the beginning phase of gambling addiction, such as the self-exclusion method or place limits on their deposits, gaming time, etc.

However, these are usually used by problem gamblers who are still in the developing stages. For gamblers with severe addictions, seeking help from a psychiatrist is sometimes recommended.

Bingo Industry Addressing the Issue

Just like the rest of the industry, traditional bingo sites have taken a step forward in tackling this problem. The Bingo Association ensured they respected all social regulations and norms by working with various organisations and central government policymakers.

It has made a Code of Conduct (called Getting it Right) with 10 points explaining the association’s principles, standards, values, and rules. Such dedication speaks more than enough when it comes to addressing the issues that can come up for bingo lovers.

Bingo Online: A New Future Addiction?

Bingo is one of the most popular games for UK players. However, much like all other types of gambling, it comes with certain dangers to which gamers should pay close attention. This has only been emphasised with the occurrence of online gaming.

Nonetheless, the major betting sites take cautious actions to ensure their users get the best and safest experience. In most cases, whether bingo becomes a future gambling addiction is left in the hands of the players, but it’s not unheard of that a platform bans a member for their safety.


Is bingo considered gambling in the UK?

Yes, bingo, like all other forms of online gaming where you invest time and money, is considered a form of gambling.

Can you get addicted to bingo?

Considering it has an addictive nature, players can get addicted to this activity.

Can you self-exclude from bingo halls?

Players can do this over the phone or by going directly to a bingo hall. To complete the process, they must provide personal information, a photo, and sometimes other documents as well.