The Multiple Bingo Variants Available In The UK

The Multiple Bingo Variants Available In The UK

Bingo is a versatile game. We take a snapshot of each online bingo game variant and deliver the best tips to enhance your gaming experience.

Online types of Bingo in the UK

Type No. of Sites  Main Characteristic Bonuses
90 Ball Bingo  >100 Offers 3 opportunities to be victorious No
80 Ball Bingo  >100 Offers 4 different opportunities to get a victory Yes
75 Ball Bingo  >100 Pattern bingo 

Opportunity to buy 95 tickets 

Deal or No Deal Bingo  <100 Red box ending feature  Yes
30 Ball Bingo  >100 Fast-paced;

only one way to get a victory 

Bingo Jackpots  >100 Fixed, progressive, community, and siding jackpots No


How to master 90 Ball Bingo online

1_Online 90 Ball Bingo

This game is considered the classic version and is the typical image people have in mind when talking about online bingo. 

Being well recognised, it has been part of the bingo sites that emerged in the UK since 2012.

The most reliable UK online casinos include a variety of bingo bonuses in their game selection. You may even come across bingo sites with slots bonuses or slingo sites promotions if you like playing slot games as well.

The regulations for playing 90-ball bingo online may differ between platforms, but the critical distinction from the traditional version is that the software automatically marks off numbers on your card.

Bingo sites offer several bonuses for bettors, including free bingo no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses. Currently, the most popular first deposit bonuses found on online casinos are  5 deposit bingo bonuses and 10 deposit bingo bonuses

With 90 balls at your disposal, your overall goal is to keep either one or two lines or go for the entire house (three rows). 

Earnings vary, with the whole house bringing the biggest reward.

If you are an absolute beginner and have never seen a game ticket, you should know that the numbers from 1 to 90 will spread across the six tickets you receive.