The Multiple Bingo Variants Available In The UK - Which One Should You Try?

The Multiple Bingo Variants Available In The UK

Did you know 3 out of 5 bingo players stick to the same old 75-ball or 90-ball games? Don’t be one of them! This guide uncovers the diverse world of bingo variants you’re missing out on.

With the inside scoop on alternative bingo games, you can pump up your play with new challenges and boosted payout potential. Leave monotonous traditional bingo boredom behind – it’s time to diversify your card daubing!

Let’s explore fresh bingo frontiers you never knew existed. The thrill you’ve been looking for is just pages away!

Online types of Bingo in the UK

Type No. of Sites Main Characteristic Bonuses
90 Ball Bingo >100 Offers 3 opportunities to be victorious No
80 Ball Bingo >100 Offers 4 different opportunities to get a victory Yes
75 Ball Bingo >100 Pattern bingo

Opportunity to buy 95 tickets

Deal or No Deal Bingo <100 Red box ending feature Yes
30 Ball Bingo >100 Fast-paced;

only one way to get a victory

Bingo Jackpots >100 Fixed, progressive, community, and siding jackpots No

How to master 90 Ball Bingo online

1_Online 90 Ball Bingo

This game is considered the classic version and is the typical image people have in mind when talking about online bingo.

Being well recognised, it has been part of the bingo sites that emerged in the UK since 2012.

The most reliable UK online casinos include a variety of bingo bonuses in their game selection. You may even come across bingo sites with slot bonuses or Slingo sites promotions if you like playing slot games as well.

The regulations for playing 90-ball bingo online may differ between platforms, but the critical distinction from the traditional version is that the software automatically marks off numbers on your card.

How does 90-Ball Bingo work?

Bingo sites offer several bonuses for bettors, including free bingo no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses. Currently, the most popular first deposit bonuses found on online casinos are  5 deposit bingo bonuses and 10 deposit bingo bonuses.

With 90 balls at your disposal, your overall goal is to keep either one or two lines or go for the entire house (three rows). Earnings vary, with the whole house bringing the biggest reward.

If you are an absolute beginner and have never seen a game ticket, you should know that the numbers from 1 to 90 will spread across the six tickets you receive. The numbers are displayed in random order across different columns.

How can you find 90-Ball Bingo sites in the UK?

Nowadays, online gambling providers partner with organizations or individuals producing bingo content to bring more site visitors.

However, it would help if you were wary of which sites you put your trust in, as there are also many fraudulent sites looking to scam you out of your cash

This is why you must check the website from which you get your info. Search for legal licences, reviews and player testimonials, or examine the privacy policy and the T&Cs on the chosen site.

How can you play 80 Ball Bingo online?

2_Online 80 Ball Bingo

The game originated in UK halls, after which it became more widespread and eventually successfully transitioned into online bingo rooms.

Back in the days when it was played solely in dedicated halls, it was often referred to as ‘shutter board bingo.

The name originated from bingo clubs that required their players to shut a window over the numbers as it was called out.

80 Ball Bingo – rules and gameplay

The 80-ball bingo card includes a 4×4 grid featuring 80 numbers distributed across 16 squares. The first column holds numbers from 1 to 20, the second from 21 to 40, and so on. The winning pattern is revealed before play begins, with multiple ways to get a victory adding to the appeal of the game.

The first way to maximise your earning chances is to complete a pattern in any given direction, while the second is to mark off 16 numbers from the card (a whole house). Then, you can complete two lines within any direction, and the last way to get a victory is to complete each of the four corners of the card.

What’s unique to this variant is that, unlike in other types of bingo games, you will notice the colour of the read before the number.

Players should remember that the rules for this game may drastically vary from provider to provider, which is why consulting with the how-to-play manual is essential.

Online 75 Ball Bingo

3_Online 75 Ball Bingo

The 75-ball bingo was introduced during the 1920s by a man named Edwin Lowe. This game originates from America; the UK adopted it in the 2000s with the emergence of online bingo casinos.

Being quite different from the standard 90-ball variant, the player community in the UK quickly became infatuated with the game. The style has continued to attract popularity from audiences through the decades.

Players may purchase up to 95 tickets per game, increasing their chances of securing a prize. Unlike the 80-ball variant, each card in this version has a sole pattern, and after its completion, the card is no longer useful.

How to play 75 Ball Bingo on UK sites

The 75-ball bingo game (also known as ‘pattern bingo’) follows a 5×5 grid of 25 squares containing numbers; only the centre one is blank. The first column includes numbers between 1 and 15, the second one is made of numbers between 16 and 30, and so on upwards, following the same 14-number difference for each column.

Players must fill out a given pattern by marking numbers to win. The way is stated before the start of the game, and players need to keep numbers as they are read.

Of course, in the online world, the marking is usually done by the software, and even if you fail to mark some number manually, you will get your prize if you own the winning ticket. Since this game has plenty of variants, we will look into the most common one.

In the first round of the game, players must fill out a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line on their cards or, in some cases, corners. Once finished, the players need to mark a pattern, ranging from an alphabet letter to a basic shape, such as a ball.

Deal or no deal Bingo online

4_Deal or no Deal Bingo

Deal or no deal bingo, also found under the DOND Bingo abbreviation, is commonly seen as part of online bingo sites.

What’s unique about the game is that it comes in many different formats, including slots, scratch cards, and bingo. The best scratchcard sites carry this title. It recreates the experience from the original DOND game show, but here we will focus on the other part.

The game owes much of its popularity to the bonus feature at the end. The ‘red box’ feature works pretty simply, and the game’s victor, who secures the full house, gets an offer to take a higher prize home.

There are two variants of DOND bingo, a 90-ball version and a 75-ball version, which are similar and marked by minor differences, such as the seeding jackpot.

Deal or No Deal Bingo vs 75-Ball Bingo: which one is better?

When players begin with the DOND game, each receives a numbered briefcase with a dedicated sum of cash inside. The suitcase is no longer in play if the number is called out during the game. The best scenario is for all low-cost briefcases to get eliminated during the round so the higher-prized ones remain for the ending feature.

As we mentioned, there are two variants of Deal or No Deal bingo, and the bingo element is the same as in the standard version.

The DOND theme overlays, and in the end, a player who has a full house receives an offer to earn a better prize based on the unopened briefcases, which they may accept or decline. Unlike the standard 75-ball bingo, the DOND variant offers enhanced promotions as it provides options for bigger-end prizes.

Players are engaged in keeping up with the numbers and the briefcases, doubling the fun and tension. However, which one is a better fit for you depends on what you are expecting to get from participating in the game.

Online 30 Ball Bingo UK

5_Online 30 Ball Bingo

The 30-ball bingo variant is among the most recent entries in the gaming world.

It was introduced as a breath of fresh air to shake up things and engage players in more fast-paced gameplay. It is similar to pattern bingo and is straightforward to play because of the fewer numbers.

This game is strictly online based and cannot be found in land-based halls. Those who wish to participate may do so only via their mobile, PC or tablet at licences online sites.

Tickets are less expensive than other games, while the prizes remain attractive.

How to play 30 Ball Bingo

The tickets for 30 ball bingo have a 3×3 grid, with three columns of numbers from 1 to 10, 11 to 20, and 21 to 30.

Regarding 75-ball bingo, players can purchase up to 95 tickets before joining the game. The victor of the game is the one to compete in a full house.

Some sites offer different types of bingo variants of the game, and players may enter rooms made of three stages. After completing the first line, they may also need two additional lines to complete the overall game and get a chance to be victorious in your game. The game moves pretty quickly, which is why it may also be found under the name ‘speed bingo’.

It is easy to play; however, due to its fast pace, online sites also offer an auto-dub feature.

Online Jackpot Bingo

6_Jackpot Bingo

From the different types of bingo games explained here, you will learn that to be the only victor; you need to secure an entire house or a coverall of the patterns.

Consequently, this is the only way to earn an online bingo jackpot, but the rules depend on the type of game you will participate in. Players should consult the terms and conditions and learn what criteria must be met to earn the designated jackpot.

Another thing you should consider is the different types of bingo jackpots, including fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots, sliding jackpots, and community jackpots. The sliding and community jackpots are the least desirable since the former decreases during the game, while the latter works according to an equal-share system.

The fixed jackpot is straightforward, and the player who first complies with the set conditions will receive the advertised amount.

Jackpot Bingo advantages & disadvantages

The apparent advantage of jackpot bingo rooms is the hefty prizes they contain. This is the biggest earning that a player may secure when entering an online room.

The rush and competitive spirit will make the game more exciting, and trying it will be a unique experience, especially if you regularly participate in certain bingo games.

If we can put it as such, the disadvantage is the same as with all bingo games.

As expected, only one victor can take the jackpot at the end of the game. However, this applies only to fixed and progressive jackpots.

Different types of UK Bingo games recap

  • The most convenient type of game is 90-ball bingo, as the rules are the easiest to follow
  • Most British players pick 80-ball bingo because it features four opportunities to get earnings
  • Progressive online bingo with a jackpot has the potential for the biggest payouts
  • Online Deal or No Deal Bingo is more exciting than standard variants because of its ending red box feature
  • 30 Ball Bingo is available only online, as there is no land-based version
  • Online 80 ball Bingo is better than the in-person variant because the software can work for you and help you out even if you miss a number