Lucky charms for gambling: Discover more than 10 talismans

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Lucky charms for gambling: Discover more than 10 talismans

Here, you will find out the habits that turn your fortune around and how to use good luck charms for gambling to your advantage. Discover how to trick the misfortune with a lucky charm for gambling and gambling superstitions!

Good luck charms for gambling

Charms are items believed to bring good luck. It can constitute of anything that you believe brings fortune to you, such as small gifts or souvenirs.

Every player has a lucky charm for gambling. We gathered all of them together and let you choose the one that suits you. Have a look!

Dala horse

Charm specification Details



Where to buy it

Price range

£15 – £25

What is a Dala horse?

The symbol of good luck in Swedish culture. Villagers would carve it from leftover wood scraps. In the beginning, Swedish did not paint it at all.

At the start of the 19th century, it was common to paint them in a single colour, such as red or white. Now, the Dala horse is decorated in Kurbits style painting and is offered at all kinds of Swedish celebrations like weddings or graduations.

Is it worth it?

It could take some time to get this lucky charm for gambling if you order it. It may be too large to bring it to the casino. Besides that, some venues won’t allow you to enter if you carry large items such as bags or backpacks, so maybe reconsider this casino charm.


Charm specifications Details


United Kingdom

Where to get it

Price range

£3 – £10

Acorns as a lucky charm for gambling

The acorn is considered to bring luck and prosperity. It’s the seed of an oak tree, so it resembles future potential. For the Celts, it represented youthfulness strength and stability since it is the youth of the oak tree.

Is it worth it?

Yes, because it can boost your self-trust and allows you to focus on your game. It works best as an accessory, but in case you play at online casinos it would help to place the acorn near you. Just think about that future potential.

Carp scales

Charm specifications Details


Central Europe

Where to buy it

Probably at a fish market

Price range

£14 – £50

Are carp scales a lucky charm for gambling?

Yes, since these scales are thought to bring good luck. This symbol is popular in Austria, Poland, Germany, Japan and China.

In the Christian tradition, carp is cooked during Christmas meals. In the past, people kept it for two days in the family bathtub before being prepared. Some people in Germany take the scales and keep them in their wallets through the year to attract good fortune.

Does it work as a lucky charm for gambling?

Yes! If you are a woman, pop up in that red dress and top it up with a necklace made of carp scales. Nobody will know where your fortune comes from. And if you are a gentleman, look out when you open your wallet because you wouldn’t want your carp scales to fall out.

Alligator claw

Charm specification Details


African countries

Where to buy it

Price range

£5.99 – £10

How is the alligator claw a good luck charm for gambling?

This is thought to enhance winnings and success. This symbolism comes from the African slaves who believed that the claw contained magical powers. The slaves dipped the teeth and feet of the alligator into oil and kept them in a mojo bag for good omen. Nothing creepy at all!

Is it worth it?

You need more than the claw for the success to work. You must put your claw, a dime with your initials, and one magical herb in a bag. Keep in mind that the bag must be crafted from leather. You have to carry it in a pocket when you gamble. That’s not very practical if you ask us.

The evil eye

Charm specification Details



Where to get it

Price range

£300 – £500

What does the evil eye mean?

It’s a curse from Greek culture that states when someone is envious of you. This means they can give you an evil eye glare and send bad luck to you. Nowadays, you can find it all over the world as a representation of protection.

Use evil eye jewelry as a symbol to dodge the bad luck and harmful thoughts.

Is it worth it?

You can easily style it, and you’re able to find it at various land-based or online shops. You will be protected against all the bad juju, and it works great as a lucky charm in the casino. 

Three-legged toad

Charm specification Details



Where to purchase it

Price range

£15 – £40

Three-legged toad lucky charm for gambling meaning

This is a popular symbol for Feng Shui and represents prosperity. It’s a sign of money of protection every time it appears near houses.

That third leg is in fact the tail, and this mystical bullfrog has red eyes and keeps a coin in its mouth. The Chinese believe in its magical powers. So, when this appears near the households it brings good news.

How to use as a lucky charm for gambling?

According to Feng Shui rules, the bullfrog must be placed somewhere in the house. This means you can gamble at any new online casino inside your household because the bullfrog will work its charms. Some gamblers tried to put money or debit cards under the talisman in hope for a boost of good luck.

Four-leaf clover

Charm superstition Details


Worldwide, especially Ireland

Where to buy it

Price range

£3 – £20

*In this table we refer to the clover as jewelry

How much is a four-leaf clover worth?

Around £1 to £2. Its frequency is about 5000 to 1, and many people consider it to be a symbol of great fortune.

It is often associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. Nowadays, you are able to find the logo on football teams, and even on SpaceX ships.

Is it lucky?

Yes. It became a symbol of fortune in gambling too, and plenty of online casinos have slots that feature this kind of symbol. It also became a popular accessory, and you can find it almost everywhere. Make sure you have the lucky clover when you start playing.


Charm specification Details



Where to buy it

Price range

£15 – £70

Why is a horseshoe lucky?

It is believed that the horseshoe protects you against evil forces. It is a symbol of power and protection. Finding a horseshoe is better than buying one. Some Europeans believe that when you find one, you have to spit on it, throw it over your left shoulder and make a wish.

For prosperity, place the horseshoe above an entry door outside. If you hang it with open-end up it can collect good luck. The other way symbolizes sharing your fortune with those who pass your threshold.

Is it worth it?

It works best if you put it somewhere in the house. Use it to decorate the living room, not only your door. In case you want to stay indoors and play with the best casino bonuses it can become a lucky casino charm. Otherwise, it could be weird to bring the horseshoe to a land-based casino.


Charm specification Details


Japan and China

Where to buy it

Price range

Starting from £300

Casino charm Maneki-neko meaning

It’s believed that it brings good luck to the owner, that is why you can see it in restaurants and other businesses. Also, depending to the paw that is up, you can enjoy fortune and money (right paw) and more customers to your business (left paw).

Maneki-neko colours

Traditionally they were painted in white for good luck. Now you’re able to buy black ones to ward off the devil, red ones for good health and gold ones for wealth.

Is Maneki-neko a lucky cat?

Yes, especially to the owner. Its symbolism of prosperity and good fortune comes from Japanese legends that tell how cats saved multiple lives.

Place the statue anywhere in the house to bring you wealth. Make sure you pay attention to the paw when you decide to buy it.

Laughing Buddha

Charm specification Details



Where to buy it

Price range

£40 – £250

Laughing Budha casino charm meaning

People think that this brings prosperity and laughter into your household. According to Feng Shui, you can place the statue almost everywhere in your house.

The statues represent a Chinese monk, not a Buddha. Those who believe in folklore will rub his belly to grant them their wish.

Is it worth it?

Since Buddha is also a religious symbol, it would be best to not associate it with the image of casinos. You can still have it in your house to bring prosperity. Make sure you put it in the right place!

Hamsa hand

Charm superstition Details


Middle East

Where to buy it

Price range

Starting from £70

Hamsa Hand meaning

It is believed to bear good fortune, and it’s used as a sign of protection against the evil eye. You can see it with fingers spread apart to ward off evil or closed together to bring good luck. It’s used as jewellery and wall hanging.

Is it worth it?

If this small accessory can do so much to you, why not use it as a lucky charm for gambling? We are sure that will protect you against all other players and help you get a clear mind when you decide to bet.

Rabbit’s foot

Charm specification Details



Where to buy it

Price range

£5 – £20

Why is a rabbit foot lucky?

The origin is not known, but the amulet is considered to bring luck and prosperity worldwide. It is also associated with fertility, and in North America the rabbit is wily, evasive and clever.

Does it work as a lucky charm for gambling?

Yes, especially if you can find it as a key chain. Probably it would not be your first choice as a lucky charm for gambling, but you can give it a try. Not only this charm is synonym with great fortune, but the rabbit is believed to be evasive and clever, exactly what you need.

Three lucky coins

Charm specification Details



Where to purchase it

Price range

£4 – £12

Three lucky coins meaning

The coins are considered to be a symbol of wealth and fortune, and they are usually binded with a red string. The talisman must be placed in the right corner of your house to bring you joy and prosperity. In case are looking just for good fortune, try finding coins with eight characters on the reverse side.

Is it worth it?

You can use this as a lucky charm in the casino too. It’s easy to bring it with you to the venue, especially if you put it inside your wallet or pocket. If you are a believer in the Feng Shui tradition, it may work even better.

Why Chinese good luck charms are the best for gambling?

They are easy to wear and carry, at least some of them. You can bring the talismans with you when you gamble. Additionally, you may use them in your home to create a proper environment for good fortune and prosperity.

China and its charms are strongly connected to Feng Shui, a practice which is used to create harmony. Therefore, the principle of yin and yang is attributed to plenty Chinese talismans.

These are considered lucky by default, but Feng Shui is an ancient practice, just like gambling. According to some sources, the earliest evidence of gambling date back in Ancient China in 2300BC.

Do casino charms work?


Yes, they do! Psychologist Lysann Damisch of the University of Koln believes that lucky charms are effective. The reason is because they activate the superstitious thinking in one individual and boost their confidence before starting that task. This is called self-efficacy, which also boots expectation and persistence which improves performance.

Gambling superstitions


This is a belief or practice attributed to fate or magic. It applies to practices surrounding luck, amulets, fortune-telling and is considered by non-practitioners to be irrational.

In this section, we discuss:

  • Top 7 gambling practices that are no good for you;
  • What are the unlucky gambling numbers;
  • If superstitions really work.

Gambling superstitions that bring bad luck

Cursing the Blackjack dealer

Throwing some bad words to your croupier can make karma remember you and your dealer feel bad. At some Blackjack casinos speaking poorly can get you banned with account closed and no winnings to collect.

Lending money to other players

In our gambling world players believe that you give away your luck when you lend money to other players. Just think about it – You lend Jimmy some money to gamble. There is no way you would see your cash back. Besides this, it is a matter of casino etiquette to not ask for money or lend to other players.

Bringing your pet with you


It would not be a lucky night in case you decide to bring your pet with you. It’s not because the animals scream bad luck but it is a matter of common sense. How many minutes till your pet starts being fussy?

Counting money at the table

We don’t know its origins, but somehow everyone follows this superstition. It’s considered unlucky to count your cash in front of other players and rude.

Interrupting the sacred flow

If you join a Blackjack table between shuffles, you interrupt the sacred flow. Many land-based locations forbid players to join mid shuffle, but that is not an issue when it comes to online casinos with live games. Make sure there are enough seats available before entering a session.

Playing Craps with a virgin man

It is not that kind of virgin, rather than a man who never played craps before. If you think about bringing your friend to the casino, don’t let him stay near you when you play Craps. It can bring bad luck, and surely you do not want that.

Sitting when playing slots machines

There is a common belief that sitting when you are spinning can bring bad luck. Somehow the machine can somehow figure it out if you’re sitting or not. Sure, this does not apply to spinning at online casinos. The gambling sites even have no deposit free spins offers for those who want to test the platform before deciding to play for real.

Unlucky numbers


Some players refrain from betting on 13 and 4. Sure, there is a matter of perspective, but what is the matter with these numbers?

  • 13

It is not just gamblers, but everybody seems to have a fear of this number. According to an Institute in North Carolina more than 80% of high-rise buildings in the United States do not have the 13th floor. According to the Bible, some sources mention that 13 became an unlucky number where Judas was the 13th guest at the supper.

Gamblers do not have that many scientific facts, but better safe than sorry. However, you may try betting on 13 and see what happens.

  • 4

This number is related to the Asian culture, especially to China. Pronouncing the number in Chinese is similar to pronouncing death, so that is why they stay away from 4. Some years ago, China stopped issuing license plates with number 4 in 2010. Probably something bad happened in their history too.

Do gambling superstitions work?


They can relieve anxiety about the unknown and give us a sense of control. Since they alleviate anxiety, they can improve performance. Stuart Vyse, a former professor of psychology at Connecticut College, said that positive and luck-enhancing superstitions provide a psychological benefit. This can help can improve skilled performance.

So, having good luck charms for gambling or rituals can only help gamblers focus more on their goal.

7 weird gambling superstitions around the world


Every country may have its own gambling superstition, but we gathered unique ones in this list.

Don’t groom in India

Don’t shave on Tuesday, wash your hair on Thursdays and trim your nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It is believed that doing that can bring bad luck, and probably not even your casino charms cannot save you.

Don’t say 7 in Australia

Speaking this number in an Aussie casino can turn your luck the other way around. On the other hand, thinking about the 7 will bring you good fortune. This applies only when playing Craps.

Step in shit in Eastern Europe

Romanians and Bulgarians believe that stepping in shit can bring them good luck, especially if you step it with your right foot. The trick is that you don’t have to do it on purpose. You must let it happen.

Feed the ghost in China

The trick is that you must feed the baby ghost with sugar. An old tradition says that it stays besides every Blackjack gambling table. In case you don’t give it sugar, well, do that and see what happens.

Hide in Malta

Not you, your lottery tickets of course! Many Maltese hide those after they purchase them to avoid being jinxed. Well, that’s a great precaution, especially for those who don’t want to split the prize in two.

Bring a pregnant woman in Philippines


People here believe that a pregnant lady brings fortuity, especially when it comes to gambling. Before starting a game, they rub the belly for good fortune.

Spill water in Serbia

This is a folk custom that occurs when someone goes on a journey or to do a job. The water is spilt behind that person and is believed to bring good luck or a happy end to the job. But remember to ask someone else to do it for you.

In addition to trying these, you can top it up with some good luck charms for gambling and you have the whole package!

Bonus chapter! What to do for good luck at casino

  1. Start by putting a red dress, shirt, socks or tie – the Chinese think this colour brings fortune.
  2. If it is Tuesday, make sure you do not shave because this could turn good for your gambling.
  3. Bring your good luck charms for gambling to boost that dose of self-confidence.
  4. Don’t take your Golden Retriever with you because it can bring bad luck.
  5. Try stepping in some horseshit on your way there, by accident.
  6. Enter through the back door because the front is considered to be unlucky.
  7. According to what you are playing, don’t sit mid shuffle, blow the dice when you can and try standing up.
  8. In case you are losing, take a quick trip to the bathroom and wash your hands to wash off the bad luck.
  9. Don’t count your money at the table, it is rude!
  10. Leave when you are winning because those sharks over there are waiting to take your money.

Gambling with lucky numbers

In the gambling world, 7 and 3 are considered the holy grail of numbers.

The reasons why players started thinking about them as good luck charms for gambling are unknown. However, if you think about it, these two numbers are widely popular.

The Ancient Egyptians considered 7 lucky because this was the number of planets they could see. Isaac Newton used it to define the rainbow. You may also spot several gamblers’ tattoos of this lucky number.

In Chinese, 3 means life or to live, which is great by definition since 3 is the perfect number, the number of harmony. In addition, it is considered the number of time, past, present and future, and also the number of divine.

So next time you want to place your bet try 7 or 3 and see what happens!

Will you try playing with a lucky charm for gambling or look out for one of the gambling superstitions?