Scratchcards, Keno, Arcade and More: Are Niche Casino Games Worth It?

Are Niche Casino Games Like Scratchcards and Keno Worth It?

Want to try out something else besides the same old slots and live casino games? Then don’t miss out on niche casino games! Options like bingo, arcade, or scratchcard games offer great gameplay, but they often go under the radar. Our experts break down what these games are and why they are worth playing.

But First: What are Niche Casino Games?

Niche casino games are options that are sought-after by players belonging to specific preferences. Since these do not consist of the much-known games like slots, blackjack, roulette, etc., they have a restricted fanbase. The popularity of this category of games has recently been on the rise, as they offer diverse and intriguing gameplay, that is different from the slots and live games we are all used to.

The most common varieties you will find under this category, but also are covered on our site:

In contrast to the gameplay mechanics of the usual slot, poker, and blackjack options, niche games feature simpler mechanics (scratching a card or other lottery-type games).

The Main Niche Casino Game Types: Worth it or Not?

The Main Niche Casino Game Types Worth it or Not

Most top online casinos provide a range of niche gaming options to increase players’ choices. Moreover, their straightforward gameplay is a massive attraction to gamblers, especially new ones. Let’s see what these niche games are, in case you’re still confused.

The Appeal of Simple Scratchcard Games

A popular gaming option at UK online casinos, the best online scratchcard games are based on their offline counterparts, which were earlier available in roadside lottery stands. So, the gaming is direct, and players must click on the concealed area to scratch it and reveal any reward. This category is highly in-demand, as you can bet low amounts and grab instant wins.

Also, most scratchie variants provide higher RTPs than other online casino offerings. You can enjoy classic (regular scratchie games), bingo (scratchies with a bingo twist), or themed (movies or TV-slow themed) scratchcard games depending on your favourite, as all of them offer twists on the fundamental underlying gameplay.

Is Keno Worth Your Time?

This simple game is available at both online and land-based casinos. All you must do is choose and bet on specific numbers (you can usually pick 10-15, but some casinos might allow up to 20 or 25) from a set of 80 numbers.

Then, the RNGs select a few winning numbers. You receive payouts depending on the number of matches you can land and the amount you’ve bet on them. The more values you match, the more you win. However, the payout multiplier decreases as you make more choices, which is a thing we think you should be aware of.

You can sometimes even find themed keno games at online casinos like Pink Casino and its sister sites. They offer slightly different gameplay, which we recommend you try out.  Also, you can try its popular variants like multi-card keno or jackpot keno alternatives.

Understanding Arcade Game Mechanics

Another game of chance, the arcade games, have been around since the late 1970s when they were available at shopping malls and video gaming parlours. The ones offered at online casinos are their digital versions, where you can purchase virtual tokens (for small amounts) to insert them into the slot and begin playing. These games are available at most top UK online casinos and are based on several themes, including sports, action, shooting, puzzles, etc.

Since these games have multiplayer versions, you can switch things up and engage socially to challenge your friends or anyone online. While online arcade gaming isn’t exactly popular among pro gamblers, they are great options for those starting their gambling journey.

What Other Niche Casino Games Are There?

Of course, keno, scratchcard, and arcade games aren’t the only available niche gaming options you can try at online casinos. Our experts will show you the other games in this category.

Niche Casino Game Description
Bingo This variant isn’t niche; however, it has a lower demand than slots or table games. The simple gameplay requires players to jot down numbers and cross-check them against the announced numbers to strike them off. So, you can win depending on the number of matches on your card while playing this game on sites with bingo offerings.
Slingo Slingo games aren’t exactly niche either, but they have a smaller market of players. The gameplay is similar to bingo, and players must complete vertical, diagonal, or horizontal patterns by matching generated numbers on the spinning reel with the ones on the slingo board. Sign up on the best slingo sites and begin playing!
Plinko This fun and worthwhile game’s mechanic requires players to drop the balls from any of the top slots by buying into each round. Then, the ball travels down via bounces and lands in any slots holding different prize values ranging from lower cash multipliers to higher ones. Thus, players can grab their payouts depending on where their ball lands.
Casino War This immersive game requires players to bet against the dealer before dealing the cards. Then, the dealer and player’s card values are compared, and the higher hand wins. However, they go to ‘war’ in case of a tie, where the bets double, and the next set of cards determines the winner (the higher hand wins). Play this classic game and have fun!

What to Consider When Playing Niche Casino Games

We gave you a more general rundown on the casino niche game types, but each game has its particularities. Before you start playing them online, it’s important to form a critical opinion on the specific game and decide if it’s the right choice for you. Here are the few things you must consider to pick a suitable niche casino game:

  • Personal Preferences: Now that you know the underlying gaming mechanics of these choices, pick games that suit your preference. If you’re bored of continuously playing the same game category, research thoroughly before moving on to another type. Learn the game RTP and its features in detail to have a great time participating in the game.
  • Available Budget: Decide on the game type you want to explore, depending on your bankroll. Always maintain a budget to gamble efficiently. For example, online scratchcards are the costliest, as they might cost up to £20 per card, depending on the jackpot payout.
  • Understanding of game rules: While playing niche casino games is elementary, each has its own rules. Learn them properly before you indulge in the games to ensure a smooth gambling journey. For example, learn the basic bingo ground rules and mechanics before you try out bingo games.
  • Availability of bonuses: The best way to start playing niche casino games is using your casino bonuses, as online scratchcards generally contribute 100% to wagering requirements at top UK casinos. Also, check if your casino provides specific bingo bonuses.

King’s Verdict on Niche Casino Games

Online casinos offer many gaming options besides popular slots, blackjack, or poker games. Since these niche games provide fun and simplistic gameplay, you can try them out for a different experience. Most games are worthwhile and offer decent payouts; however, research properly before picking a particular game.

Sign up at any top UK online casino and try their niche games like bingo, slingo, keno, and scratchcards for a top-notch gaming experience.