5 Ways to Enhance Your Cricket Betting

Ways to Improve Cricket Betting

The first thing any cricket gambler should know is that predicting victors during a whole season with 100% accuracy is impossible. But apply our experts’ tips, perfect your cricket gambling strategy and you won’t be far from long-term success!

Top Betting Tips to Attain the Right Mindset

  • Successful sports betting is not about winning all bets
  • Realistically speaking, winning at least 51% of your bets is not bad at all
  • You won’t be able to hit that 51% without properly researching your matches
  • So, don’t bet with your heart! Follow stats to gain an edge
  • Beginners in betting should skip their favourites altogether
  • Don’t forget that betting on cricket matches is a form of entertainment
  • Still, hard work and a correct analysis will most certainly pay off

Your odds on each bet slip count. If you only place safe bets at 1.5 odds (or ½), you might not profit in the long run with only 51%. Combine the safer selections with higher-odd bet slips and parlays, but never skip your stats research!

To improve your cricket betting, learn to become an expert at seizing opportunities. Our guide will show you everything you need to know!

How to Improve Your Cricket Betting

Best cricket betting strategies How you gain an edge Potential drawbacks
Master the game rules You stop betting blindly None
Research every match You refine your selections based on objective facts Time and money invested into stats services
Plan your budget You get to bet for longer Profits can be delayed, not just losses
Explore betting markets You find selections that fit your predictions better You risk placing too many bets
Don’t bet emotionally  You become more rigorous  You can never reach absolute objectivity 

Is Cricket Betting a Way to Get Rich?

Cricket betting a way to get rich

You could count the professional bettors who made sizable fortunes from gambling alone on the fingers of one hand.

However, it won’t hurt if you learn a thing or two from them!

Betting on cricket can be profitable

  1. The first step when you transition from amateur to professional is to adjust your expectations
  2. Think of betting as a pleasant pastime which may generate some passive income
  3. Your goal, therefore, should be more modest than becoming a millionaire
  4. At first, be content if you manage to break even
  5. As you progress and perfect your ways, 2% profits may turn to 5% and from there, 10%

Most punters will see their profits increase only after months of disciplined and strategic betting. Overnight success is a myth!

What’s the Largest Cricket Betting Market in the World?

According to in-house online betting statistics, India is the largest market for cricket betting.

  1. Is Indian cricket betting that huge?
  2. Cricket is undeniably the most popular sport in India
  3. More than 140 million people bet on cricket regularly there
  4. As many as 400 million may bet during high-profile events
  5. An estimated US$15 billion is wagered on cricket markets in India each year

An anonymous gambler won close to $130,000 on a bet at a London bookmaker on India winning the Cricket World Cup, but events like these are pretty exceptional.

Strategy 1: Know the Game Inside-out

Know the game inside-out

Without proper knowledge of cricket rules, you bet blindly and chance always determines your winnings. You don’t want to play a guessing game. You want your bets to be backed up by solid information.

  • To make correct predictions, you need to know
  • Cricket basic rules and player roles
  • How the teams rank according to performance stats
  • What’s their current position in the league
  • Who are the players to watch

Strategy 2: Do Your Homework

Do your homework

Having a thorough understanding of the game will set the groundwork for you to study and understand statistics.

Analyse the form of the teams. Look up how they’ve performed in their most recent matches.

Patterns and trends

A team currently on a winning streak will have more chances of continuing the streak. Similarly, losing teams will have a harder time breaking the pattern.

It’s always tempting to bet against trends because of the higher odds, but you’ll probably lose more often if you keep betting long shots.

Don’t forget the weather can make a difference

  • Sunny days offer an advantage to the batters
  • Heavy sunlight will favour spinners towards the end of the game
  • On rainy days, you’d be better off not betting at all
  • In a dry climate, bowlers may have a hard time trying to swing the ball
  • Otherwise, damp climates can favour the bowlers
  • It’s also important to look into past data about grounds and pitches
  • Some teams perform better on some grounds than others

All these point toward the concept of value. Value betting means interpreting such information to gain an advantage over the house. In essence, it means betting on odds that you believe are inaccurate.

Strategy 3: Stick to a Budget

Stick to a budget

If you’re trying to make your cricket betting into something lucrative, make sure you understand the concept of budgeting.

You don’t want to lose a sizable amount of money on a wrong bet. At the same time, you don’t want to place too many bets when the potential payout is too small.

Step-by-step bankroll management guide

  • At the beginning, your priority should be not to lose too much of your budget
  • To that end, make sure you always start your betting session with a clear financial limit
  • Once you set a budget you’d be comfortable losing, split that into 100 equal parts
  • Each part is called a unit. It’s recommended that you stick to betting 1-2 units per bet
  • It’s also recommended that you stick to a single game per each wager
  • Remember that sports betting can only yield results in the long run

To make bankroll management easier, you can try our top selection of budgeting apps made for gambling.

If you allow yourself to overspend, a lucky win probably won’t cover the losses you’ll incur!

Strategy 4: Explore Different Markets

Explore different markets

Sports betting is a highly competitive sector, so bookies will try to command your loyalty through various tactics.

When betting on cricket, shop around and explore what odds are available for upcoming matches. You’ll be amazed at the options available besides picking winners!

Compare your odds

It’s advisable that you compare several sportsbooks if you want to understand how odds correlate with your predictions and where significant differences arise.

When you notice significant discrepancies in the odds, an opportunity arises to get a better payout.

Stretch your money for longer! Divide your bankroll between several online casinos and take advantage of their welcome bonuses.

Strategy 5: Don’t bet with your heart

Don’t bet with your heart

Always refrain from betting emotionally. Try to think mathematically instead.

Cricket fans will always have personal preferences, and it’s so easy to get carried away betting on your favourite team. While that’s a great way to derive more excitement out of the sport, it’s not the best strategy if you want better sports betting returns.

Betting on your favourites stands in the way of objective analysis because you’ll tend to rate teams or players higher than they actually perform.

Do not chase your losses

After a loss, you might be tempted to bet again in the hope of getting back on trac. Still, this is bad practice.

A $10 loss might quickly turn into $50, then $100, and, before long, you become a victim of the sunk cost fallacy.

The sunk cost fallacy represents our psychological tendency to repeat an activity we’ve already invested time or money into, without objectively considering the potential consequences.

In the case of cricket betting, it means continuing to wager despite obviously being on a bad streak.

Proven Betting Strategies

  1. There’s no unique formula to ensuring your bets are consistently winners
  2. Every bettor has to adapt their system to the realities of the sport they’re betting on
  3. Our cricket betting strategies are the result of 5+ years of experience
  4. We know our UK casinos and bookies, so you can trust our methods
  5. We cannot promise you’ll make millions
  6. Still, you might see better returns if you bet like an expert!