Battle of the OS: iOS vs Android Usage Among UK's Online Casino Players

iOS vs Android Usage Of UK Online Casino Players

There is a constant battle between iOS and Android on the popularity charts, and mobile gaming is a service that both strive to dominate. Which is better?

KingCasinoBonus popularity chart: iOS vs. Android users

Brand Visits Actions
iOS 106466 377222
Android 144975 454011

More details on mobile usage data

The data presented above is compiled by the KingCasinoBonus team of experts using an internal audit system. These statistics focus on KingCasinoBonus’ user trends. We note that the trends summed up in the list show data from across 6 months.

Experts from KingCasinoBonus monitored mobile players’ operating systems when accessing our services.

As reported, iOS casino visits make up around 37.97% of the total visits collected. Oppositely, Android casino visits make up 51.71%. It’s important to note that there are multiple Android versions, the number exceeding the iOS versions.

When it comes to completed on-site actions, iOS users performed 36.62% of them, while Android users performed 46.49% of the total sum.

The number of actions in our table refers to users’ various actions when visiting our website. This can involve browsing multiple pages, visiting online casinos or utilisation of features.

Our internal audit also reveals the user engagement rate on our platform, with 454011 actions from Android users and  377222 actions from iOS users.

Android operating system users are divided into different versions, the latest are Android 13.0, Android 12.0 and Android 11.0. These are in top three versions used on our site.

iOS usage is itself divided into multiple versions. In our audit we saw that the most used are iOS 16.1, iOS 16.3, and iOS 16.2, in this particular order.

Top 15 devices used to play at online casinos

Rank Device models Visits Actions
#1 Apple – iPhone 90686 320650
#2 Apple – Generic Desktop 15067 56801
#3 Samsung – Galaxy S10 11686 20023
#4 Samsung – Galaxy A13 3286 12180
#5 Samsung – Galaxy A12 2827 9766
#6 Samsung – Galaxy S21 5G 2605 8673
#7 Samsung – Galaxy S9 2537 8762
#8 Samsung – Galaxy S22 2223 7788
#9 Samsung – Galaxy S20 FE 2032 6542
#10 Samsung – Galaxy A21s 1780 6587
#11 Samsung – Galaxy S22 Ultra 1504 4872
#12 Samsung – Galaxy S10 1409 4701
#13 Samsung – Galaxy S20 FE 5G 1386 4539

The following data shows the types of mobile devices frequently used to access our platform.

As reported by experts, iPhone mobile casinos totaled 90686 unique visitors, while 33275 visits performed on a Samsung device.

The following trends disclose two significant points: while Apple users are more likely to use their devices to access our platform, desktop users remain at the top of users. However, Apple mobile users operate more actions than those who perform on a generic desktop.

These numbers also reflect that Apple users might be more satisfied with their user experience when visiting our platform.

Top 10 other mobile brands used to access online casinos

Rank Label Visits Actions
#1 Huawei 7315 24772
#2 OPPO 3896 13269
#3 Motorola 3861 13768
#4 Xiaomi 3591 13385
#5 Google 1793 7249
#6 Nokia 1653 5677
#7 Sony 1348 4655
#8 Amazon 1034 4114
#9 Alcatel 1030 3495
#10 OnePlus 650 1938

As Android software runs on different types of mobile devices, KingCasinoBonus experts furthered their research to notice specifics that determine Android mobile users. Even though Samsung is more frequent, other mobile brands running on Android software gather Android users on our website.

Although the Xiaomi number of users was limited to only 3591 unique visitors on our platform, the user engagement rate on these top Android casinos indicated that these users performed the most substantial number of actions on our platform.

What do KingCasinoBonus experts recommend?

Based on the data provided in this insightful analysis, experts determined that iOS software tends to be better optimised for online gambling platforms, especially new online casinos.

Ionut Catalin Marin, CEO of KingCasinoBonus, highlights that Android software also performs adequately in online casinos even though iPhone users frequently access our platform. Thus, Ionut Catalin Marin recommends that online casino platforms continue optimising their software for both iOS and Android systems.

Online casinos must prioritise mobile users’ experience as their services must cater to desktop and mobile casino sites. Providing a seamless gaming experience is essential to the progression of a gambling platform.