The Most Claimed UK Minimum Deposit Bonuses | Latest 2024 Study

Most Popular Minimum Deposit Bonuses

Could £1 minimum deposit bonuses be the future of UK online casino promotions? Our experts conducted an in-depth analytical report on the popularity and effectiveness of minimum deposit bonuses provided by UK online casinos. We focused on the different deposit amounts and structures of minimum deposit bonuses, comparing them to determine their performance.

  • Highest conversion rate was for £5 minimum deposits with  41% of signup deposits.
  • Second highest conversion rate was for £10 minimum deposits at 36%.
  • £1 minimum deposit bonus has untapped potential to rise to the top of popularity charts among UK online players, with attainable rates of over 60%. However, very few UK casino operator include in their promotional offers this type of minimum deposit bonus.

+60% Users Claim £1 Bonuses, £5 and £10 Bonuses Follow

Minimum deposit bonuses unlock the potential of claiming rewards by depositing a very small amount usually between £1 and £10. Unlike bonuses with high wagering requirements, minimum deposit casinos have a higher chance of exposure to a larger audience.

There are, of course, bonuses with higher minimums, like £20 minimum deposit bonuses. These offers have great terms, in general, but the higher minimums make them unattainable to some.

Minimum Deposit Payment Limit Percentage of Users Depositing
£1 +60%
£5 41%
£10 36%

You’ll find different formulas for this bonus type on top UK casino sites. Let’s say you go for a 100% match up to  £50 bonus. This type of bonus will double a minimum  £5 initial deposit to a  £10 total funds.

No Wagering Free Spins Vs Bonus Multipliers: Which Is Preferred?

No Wagering Free Spins Vs Bonus Multipliers Which Is Preferred_

Bonus Type Average Offer Value Minimum Deposit Verdict
No Wagering Free Spins 100 No Wagering Spins £10 Very popular due to no wagering requirements
Bonus Multiplier 200% £5 – £10 Rare but highly claimed

Our statistics reveal that no wagering free spins offers providing around 100 free spins are in high demand, as the player must make a payment just like in any average £10 deposit casino site. Moreover, these are easily claimed as they lack high requirements, and the possible high value per spin.

However, this is not the case for bonus multipliers around 200% matched to £1 to £10 deposits as they are not so easily found in UK online casinos, even though they are highly popular. Ou rarest category so far is the £1 deposit casino index, which are basically financial equivalents to no deposit bonuses, due to their very small entry fee.

No Wagering Free Spins

No wagering bonuses provides players with a set free spins for online slots with no playthrough conditions.

For example, a bonus of 100 no wagering spins valued at £0.10 per each round would give you a bonus of £10 to extend your gameplay. Also, winnings withdrawals may be instant. You can find similar promotions in Betfred Casino where you can deposit £10 and win up to 200 free spins.

Bonus Multiplier

Bonus multipliers offer increased funds to players’ initial deposits based on a percentage which determines the bonus value.

Bonus Multiplier Percentage Depositing Bonus Availability
Get £10 Bonus 32% Most Encountered
Get £20 Bonus 35% Average
Get £30 Bonus 39% Very Rare

In other words, if you use a 100% bonus multiplier and deposit £10, you will receive £10 bonus, therefore doubling your initial deposit. The higher the multiplier percentage, the more additional funds you will be granted. If you’re interested in this type of bonuses, PlayJango Casino offers 100% up to £25, with additional 25 free rounds.

The main points of this analysis reveals that higher multipliers such as get £30, attract the most players with 39% of sign-ups depositing. On the flipside, lower multipliers such as £10 with extra bonuses had a lower rate, with only 32% of sign-ups making a deposit.

Thus, KingCasinoBonus data concluded that the higher the bonus percentage, the more players are drawn. Let’s say you claim a 300% bonus multiplier and deposit £10, then you’ll get  £30 bonus funds, and your balance will get to a total of £40.

So, generous multipliers make £10 minimum deposits more enticing to players, while £5 deposit casino bonuses are a close second, as their cost is even lower and more effective to weekly gambling budgeting.

KingCasinoBonus Evaluation Of Minimum Deposit Bonuses

Based on our customers’ behaviour, our data reveals that £5 and £10 minimum deposits generate the most appeal and lucrative deposits. Our experience of over 7 years in the industry has helped us to understand the market’s demands and needs in order to provide you with the top-notch services.

“By offering multiple options to your audience, such as £10 minimum deposit bonuses with a high multiplier of +£30 or no wagering spins, operators can increase their popularity in this competitive market. Also, more variety for £1 minimum offers should become the main focus for online casinos looking to capitalise the potential of minimum deposit bonuses in the years to come.” remarked Ionut Catalin Marin, CEO of KingCasinoBonus.

We will continue to monitor minimum deposit casino trends and how players react to them, and continue to inform you on the latest in the industry!