The Ultimate Best Bingo Halls In The UK

A Review of the Best Bingo Halls in the UK

Over 23% of bingo gamblers in the UK played in an unfortunate location at one point in their gambling journey. See the top locations to visit in Britain to only play in the best halls!

Which Are the Best UK Bingo Halls?

Bingo Hall Name Location Capacity Bingo Events Frequency
Mecca Bingo Blackpool Blackpool, England 4,000 Daily
Cricklewood Merkur London, England 3,000 Daily
Shipley’s Kidderminster Kidderminster, England 700 Monday to Saturday
Gala Bingo Torquay Devon, England 1,000+ Daily
Rebel Bingo London London, England 2,000 Bookable events
Dabbers, London London, England 200 Monday to Friday: 18.30-  00.00

Saturday: 11.10 – 01.30

Sunday: 12.00 – 18.00

Mecca Bingo Halls – ‘Operator of the Year’ Award Winner

Mecca Bingo Halls

Headquartered in Maidenhead, Mecca is one of the biggest names in the industry and has been around since 1961.

Formerly called Top Rank, the company is owned by the Rank Group, one of the most well-known land-based and online operators across Britain, Spain, and Belgium.

Although it started as very much a land-based business, it soon grew to include It is now the biggest operator in the UK.


  • Mecca is an award-winning company and has won numerous titles, including Operator of the Year and Land Based ‘Socially Responsible Operator of the Year’
  • There’s a little lacking in Mecca Bingo Halls UK, although fewer deals and offers can be available for those used to playing online
  •  Interesting Mecca Fact: If you do head over to play, you can go on a Bonkers Bingo night where you get to play crazy games and try out for a full house
  •  If you go to Mecca Hall, you should buy the maximum number of cards as you will have more chance of winning
  •  One of the biggest Mecca payouts was earned by Joe Exotic, who got £245k from a £6 bet

Mecca Bingo Halls Locations

Country Total Number Cities
Scotland 13 Glasgow, Ayr, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh
Northern Ireland 0 No data
Wales 3 Cwmbran, Swansea, Wrexham
England 65 London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Norwich, Blackpool

The Best Mecca Bingo Hall: Blackpool

Blackpool is known for its lights, fun, and exciting atmosphere, which is why Mecca Bingo Hall In Blackpool is one of the best in the UK.

There is an incredible atmosphere and all sorts of facilities to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

The hall is huge and can cater for over a thousand players. It’s easy to get parking and easily accessible for all types of players. You could even get a B&B nearby and make a night of it. Plus, there is a cash machine close by.

They are also right up there in the 21st century. Not only can you order food, but if you use their app, you won’t even need to move away from your table. It will be delivered to you.

And there’s an extensive menu for everyone and a fully licensed bar to enjoy yourself even more as you play, whether after a cocktail or a mocktail.

Merkur Bingo UK – Location of the Biggest Single Prize Win

Merkur Bingo UK

Merkur was initially founded by Jimmy Thomas in 1963 and named Beacon Bingo. However, its first official club didn’t officially open until 1966.

This went exceptionally well, and in 1978, they opened the very first ‘new build’ club in the country. They also own the biggest hall in the world, Cricklewood, which opened its doors in 1995.

The company has been through quite a journey. In 2010 it was bought by the Praesepe Group – and it only officially became known as Merkur in 2020.

They now operate three halls in total, as well as several arcades.


  • Merkur is known for offering luxury gaming – and you can enjoy bars, diners and breathtaking views at their Lowestoft Hall
  • Unfortunately, the experience isn’t open to everyone. The number of locations is limited – and if you live in Scotland, Wales, or Ireland, you will need to head over to England to play
  •  Merkur is responsible for the biggest-ever single prize earning of £100,000, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • We advise that if you go to Cricklewood, which is huge, choose your seat carefully and be close to the caller so that you can get all the numbers

Merkur Bingo Locations

Country Total Number Cities
Scotland 0 No data
Northern Ireland 0 No data
Wales 0 No data
England 4 Cricklewood, Northampton, Lowestoft, Redcar

The Best Merkur Bingo Hall Is in Cricklewood

All the halls are great, but Cricklewood is considered to be the elite.

They offer games all through the day and have created a place where there is a real feel of a community.

Moreover, it is a great community. There is space for almost 3,000 players at any one time.

Furthermore, it offers food, drinks, and an electric atmosphere.

Shipley’s Bingo – Best Hall That Also Offers Digital Bingo


Shipley’s is a more low-key operator than Mecca and Gala’s. However, it is looking to expand – and there are various plans in the pipeline for new sites.

Although they only have four main UK bingo halls, they also have an efficient bingo site if you need help getting there.

If you find your way to one of the clubs, you can enjoy an assortment of games – from traditional paper tickets and dabbers to electronic games.

There is also a selection of slot games if you fancy something a little different.

For gambling enthusiasts that are interested in both slots and bingo, we would recommend them to visit slingo sites in their free time since they offer games which are a great mix between slots and bingo titles.

Their clubs also offer free refreshments, so you don’t have to play on an empty stomach.


  • They sometimes offer free games at Shipley’s on a Thursday evening and the afternoon. There is also a free midday cash pot at some venues
  • However, because this is not one of the biggest companies, the jackpots and prizes won’t be as big as you may find at other clubs
  • One interesting fact is that they also offer electronic games – which means you can get the best of both worlds! You can play for just £8
  • You should check out their social media pages before heading over because there is more information on all their latest promos and a few sneaky competitions to play whilst you’re on there
  • The biggest prize was £50k, and was earned by a very lucky mum on the ‘unlucky number’ game when playing at Kidderminster Hall

Shipley’s Bingo Locations

Country Total number Cities
Scotland 0 No data
Northern Ireland 0 No data
Wales 0 No data
England 4 Bristol, Edmonton Green, Kidderminster, Worcester

The Best Shipley’s Bingo Hall Is in Kidderminster

This may not be the biggest hall you will ever play at. Still, it is situated right in the heart of the town, making it easily accessible and there are lots of parking places to make your life easier.

At the hall, you can choose from traditional paper games and electronic games.

They also offer a selection of promotions, including their Super Sunday deal.

They generally accept cash-only payments, so you must visit a cash machine. Should you be there on a Saturday morning for breakfast club, you can enjoy a free bacon balm and a hot drink!

Gala Bingo UK – Best Location for Discounts

Gala Bingo UK

Gala has undergone many changes since it was first introduced in the 1980s. Initially branded under Coral, it was changed to Gala in the early 1990s.

This was when it became a household name. However, in 2018, after becoming part of Caledonia Investments, it became Buzz Bingo.

There are now 92 different halls across the UK, meaning you can become part of the community no matter where you live.

They also offer an award-winning bingo site if you fancy playing from the comfort of your own home.


  • Gala (Buzz) is excellent for new players who will enjoy free games, upgrades, and discounts
  • The only downside is that because it is so popular and busy, it can be much harder to get victories than at a smaller club
  • You can get a free bacon roll when you play breakfast games – or if you play at dinnertime, you can get 25% off your food bill
  • Our main advice, if you go, is to pick a quieter time. It can get very busy.
  • The biggest earning gained by a Gala player was £874k, who earned the jackpot on the Gala High 5 game

Gala Bingo Locations

Country Total Number Cities
Scotland 14 Aberdeen, Coatbridge, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Dundee
Northern Ireland 0 No data
Wales 0 No data
England 78 London, Bristol, Nottingham, Coventry, Birmingham

The Best Gala Bingo Hall Is in Torquay

This is in the heart of the beautiful Devon village and is close to all the major amenities, making it a convenient location, with many parking options.

As you would expect from a Gala club, the number of games and services available is exceptional, and this is true for all the halls you visit. However, this is one of the best because of the quality of their staff.

They go out of their way to welcome you and ensure that you enjoy your experience, guiding new players through the process.

It offers traditional, electronic, and National games with huge, life-changing prizes.

Rebel Bingo London – Best Locations for the Youth

Rebel Bingo London

If you are after a different playing experience, try out Rebel Bingo in London.

This is certainly different from sitting quietly behind a table, dabber in hand and waiting for your numbers. This is more of an experience than a serious game.

The callers are known more for their looks than number-calling skills.

It started in a church hall in Farringdon in 2008 and soon became a revolution. They describe themselves as intense, emotional, and dramatic – a world away from Mecca.

This is for players that want something different from the game.


  • The club is bold, bright, and fun, with glitter cannons and music
  • However, there may be better clubs to play at if you are looking for big jackpot
  • Rebel Bingo has toured its unique brand worldwide, including New York, LA, Las Vegas, and Ibiza
  • Our main advice would be to go for the experience rather than the earnings. This is for a different take on the game
  • Overall, this is for the young and excentric players out there. This might not be your scene if you are more after a serious game

The Best Rebel Bingo Hall Can Be Found in London

This is its home – and, simply put, it is like one big house party with singing, dancing, the DJs playing all sorts of music, from hip hop to old-school, garage, the 90s – and bingo is thrown in for good measure.

It’s just like young people started having a party, found an old game and started to play!

What’s more, there are no rules. It’s a free for all!

This may have travelled the world, but its home is in London, and more people are heading over to see what it’s all about.

What’s The Ultimate Bingo Hall in the UK?

Depending on your taste, there are various excellent halls, but Dabbers in London stands out from the rest. This is a social place as well as a bingo hall.

It offers a neon-lit room with different themed games, including dog bingo for animal lovers. There are even dance battles.

The club is open daily, and you will be joined by singers, musicians, performers and more. It also offers a superb experience for the foodies.

It gets even bigger and better during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas!

This is British, through and through – although more cocktails than teacups. It is artistic and entertaining and takes a fresh new spin on it.

It has been described as a ‘Fab Night Out’ and is given 4.5/5 on Trip Advisor.

How to Choose the Best Bingo Hall for Your Style?

Choosing the best hall or club depends on what you are looking for and, of course, where you live.

You want to make sure that it is local and easily accessible. It should also offer a variety of game types, big jackpots available, and even some electronic games are thrown in the mix.

Also, look for those offering something extra – promotions and free games, discounted or free food, and staff always on hand to help. If you like something different, then some offer party nights.

Playing on Bingo Sites – A Fine Alternative

Keep in mind that no matter where you live, you can always play online bingo. Online bingo sites are well-known for offering their players several diverse  bingo bonuses to motivate them to keep playing.

Additionally, since PayPal and Pay by Phone are the most popular payment methods in the UK, you can come across several PayPal bingo sites and Pay by Phone bingo sites.

This is especially true for new bingo sites since they are more likely to be generous with incentives in their trial to become popular among gamblers.

Popular bingo incentives present on top platforms include free bingo no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses, usually present in the form of 5 deposit bingo bonuses, or 10 deposit bingo deposit bonuses.

Out of all the incentives present on bingo sites, bingo no wagering bonuses are by far the most sought after by players. However, such bonuses are quite rare, as they pose a danger to casinos generating losses rather than earnings.

KingCasinoBonus Expert Verdict on the Best UK Bingo Halls

This is a pleasant and creative way to spend your time. Finding a good club means taking part in the game by enjoying a creative atmosphere, enhanced by great food, drinks, and a community of like-minded players.

Suppose you’re after big jackpots, head over to Buzz or Mecca. But if you want something a little more personal, try a local hall such as Shipley’s, and enjoy a complimentary meal as you play.