British Blackjack Rules - 7 Cards

British Blackjack Rules - 7 Cards

If two cards aren’t enough for you, or if you are tired of regular blackjack, British blackjack might be the perfect solution for you! This innovative take on the classic game lets you play with seven cards, creating new winning combinations and added complexity so you can spice up your gameplay. If you’re not sure how to play 7 card blackjack but you want to learn more, let our experts guide you through the rules with this comprehensive guide.

What is British Blackjack 7 Cards

British blackjack, also known as pick up 7, is a card game played by a minimum of two people. Seven card blackjack rules are very similar to those of regular blackjack. Each player is trying to get a score as close as possible to 21 without going above that score. However, instead of the dealer dealing two cards, they deal seven cards to each player and themself, giving the first card to the player immediately to their left.

You can play with two players or more. We find that when playing with more than four players, the game benefits from using two decks of cards because of the high number of cards played each hand. Always clarify the card game rules before starting, so there isn’t any confusion between you and the other players.

How to Play 7 Card Blackjack

How to Play 7 Card Blackjack

The goal of 7 card blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over the score of 21. Players need to get rid of their cards by placing them on top of another card with the same suit or rank. The game begins with the dealer distributing seven cards face-down. Cards are dealt one-by-one to players around the table in a clockwise motion starting from the player immediately to the left of the dealer.

You can put a higher-value card down if it is of the same suit as the one in the upward-facing pile. If you can’t put a card down. you have to pick one up from the discard pile. The winner is the first person to dispose of their cards. You must declare “Last Card” before placing it.

What Are the Blackjack Rules for 7 Cards

If you want a simpler, step-by-step set of rules to refer to when playing with others, or if you need a simpler explanation of the game, experts came up with the following guide.

  1. Each player is dealt seven cards.
  2. The dealer gets one card facing upwards and open facing down.
  3. Cards are worth their face values (a 7 card is worth seven points, a 3 is worth three, etc.), and picture cards are worth ten.
  4. Aces can act as a one or an eleven.
  5. Players take turns trying to improve their hands.
  6. Standing allows you to keep your current hand.
  7. A hit enables you to take another card.
  8. The dealer turns over their down card after each player finishes their turn and can hit until they achieve a suitable score close to 21.
  9. A player wins when their score beats the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21.
  10. A seven-card 21 beats all other hands.

What Are the Power Cards in British Blackjack?

Each version of blackjack features different power cards. Certain cards change the game in specific ways, but in most variations of British blackjack, you’ll find the following power cards come into play:

What Are the Power Cards in British Blackjack

  • 2s: Placing a 2 card requires the following player to pick up or place down two cards. If the second player puts a 2 down, the next must pick up four cards.
  • 8s: If you place an 8 card down on the pile, the next player skips a turn.
  • 10s: When you put a 10 card down, you change the direction of play from clockwise to anti-clockwise or vice versa.
  • Jacks: Placing a blackjack requires the following player to pick up five cards. If the second player places a blackjack after that, the following player must take 10 cards from the pile. However, you can negate the effects of a blackjack by placing a red Jack on top of it.
  • Aces: An Ace allows you to decide which suit must be placed on the pile next (except for when placed on top of a 2, 8, or Jack).

When Do You Have to Pick Up Cards in Blackjack 7 Cards?

If you put down a 2, the next player must pick up two cards from the deck if they can’t put two down. When placing a black Jack on the table, the player whose turn comes after yours must pick up five cards. This can be doubled if the second player places another blackjack, requiring the third player to pick up 10 cards.

Special Game Rules

Each variation of blackjack offers different rules or gameplay dynamics. In our experience, most blackjack variations share the same goal of beating the dealer without exceeding 21. However, each game has nuances that make it different from the next.

Within the context of Britsh, or English blackjack, some games use all of the power cards mentioned within this guide. Other games let players use a variation of different power cards to win the game.

Other Variations of Blackjack Games

If you found 7 card blackjack an intriguing variation of the classic game, you might now be curious to know if there are other blackjack variants to explore. The good news is, there are indeed several rules and gameplay styles that put a fresh spin on the classic blackjack game. As you’ll see in the table below, these variants offer new twists that can add an extra layer of strategy to the game you have grown used to.

Blackjack Variant What Makes it Different
Spanish 21 This game is played using two decks of cards with the 10s removed. Players receive bonus payouts for hands made out of five, six, or seven cards. The rules are easy to follow for all experience levels when playing a game of 21. You can surrender after doubling down, and double down after splitting.
Double Exposure The dealer gives themself two cards facing upwards, giving the table more data to inform their decisions. This dynamic requires players to develop a different strategy as they see both of the dealer’s cards.
Pontoon Each player is trying to attain a Pontoon (an Ace and a 10-point card) or a Five Card Trick (a hand using five cards totalling 21 points or less). This variation uses the terms “twist” and “stick” instead of “hit” and “stand”.
European Played with a single deck of cards, the dealer receives a single face-up card, restricting the amount of information available to other players at the table. Players lose their full bet when the dealer hits 21.
Switch Each player receives two hands, each comprised of two cards. You can swap cards between hands before each round of gameplay, creating an entirely new dynamic than you’ll experience with traditional blackjack.

Experts’ Take on British 7 Card Blackjack Rules

The rules for British 7 card blackjack are easy to follow, especially if you’re experienced in playing other types of blackjack. The seven-card hands add a new dynamic and provide new ways to win. If you’re a beginner, the complexity of handling seven cards may be confusing. However, we recommend British 7-card blackjack to anyone who wants to try a new variation of a classic casino game.

Whether you play blackjack online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, playing British blackjack with 7 cards is a fast-paced way to play. Be sure to learn the rules on how to play any casino game before getting started.