Casino software issues: 5 errors every player has faced

Amelia Thompson

Casino expert

Casino software issues: 5 errors every player has faced

You probably remember going to land-based casinos and seeing that the reels on a slot game wouldn’t stop spinning. Unfortunately, going online doesn’t mean that game issues are extinct (though we can’t help wishing for it). Of course, changing media means that some problems disappear while others rear their heads. Don’t fret, however! All casinos consider the possibility of malfunctions, and there is some troubleshooting that you can do yourself before contacting support. 

Join us in the world of iGaming, where, although problems may appear, the good (and the repair) will always prevail.

Note: Most licenced casinos have a no liability policy, which includes the software malfunctioning. Regardless, casino teams will look into technical issues that may hinder one’s gameplay.

Most frequent issues to overcome

Most frequent issues to overcome

As an online player, you are most likely to come across several malfunctions. Our handy list covers the most frequently met sticky situations – and our guide should help you come unstuck.

The inability to withdraw winnings

Even if it hasn’t happened to you, you are undoubtedly familiar with the following situation: you’re checking out online casino reviews—even customer evaluations for mobile apps, perhaps. Then, you realise that most complaints have to do with withdrawals. 

Generally, casinos that operate under the UKGC’s licence will allow you to cash out between the minimum and maximum limits. However, there are situations where your account hasn’t gone through sufficient verification, so additional processing is due. If you know that your account is in tip-top shape, it might indeed have to do with the site’s servers or even a payment institution issues. As such, you must contact both the casino operator and your bank and find out where exactly the problem occurred. 

Then, a technical team will get you back on track.

Bet price discrepancies

There may be malfunctions affecting the bet limits of bookmaking websites. As a result, you may place a bet which will settle at different odds than those you had seen. The bookmaker’s terms are clear: the payout comes from the actual odds, regardless of the server’s errors. As a player, you can is double-checking the sports event in question and all conditions associated with it. BetVictor, for example, is a well-reputed bookmaker with a long history, and its no liability policy is explicitly stated. However, the same website provides an odd calculator, which might save you from a lot of trouble!

A fumble with coupons and betting slips

If you use a sports coupon or betting slip, the system might scan it erroneously. The result will be fewer winnings than those you had expected. Like in the previously mentioned betting situation, it’s easier to prevent than treat: punters must check the coupon’s value from multiple sources. Customer support and the site’s Terms are good starting points.

Marketing material after self-exclusion?

Internal errors might result in clients receiving marketing materials even after terminating their membership and excluding themselves. Directly contacting the casino or bookmaker represents the best course of action, and the team will manually exclude you from the list of recipients. Should this issue persist, it might only be solvable by raising a dispute. The general course of action is to contact the site’s support team and, if the complaint doesn’t get a solution, escalate it to an Alternate Dispute Resolution platform.

Jackpot woes

If we go for an intuitive approach, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of ‘malfunction’ is a game freezing. Even worse, freezing right when it was showing a positive outcome for the player. Doubly worse, during a jackpot win. But sometimes, the winning screen is the error itself. In particular, this issue has been so prominent that the Government of Nevada, the epicenter of gambling under all shapes and forms, posted an article with regards to it. However, this error has grown mostly obsolete, as slot machine providers changed the programming to display the ‘Stop’ option instead of the jackpot screen when a glitch occurs.

Unforeseen consequences of errors

Unforeseen consequences of errors

The consequences of software issues consist of myths centered around casinos – the online counterparts of brick-and-mortar clubhouses are even more of a target for rumours. The saying goes that a gambling website will progressively freeze as you accrue winnings. The goal would, of course, be that of maintaining the infamous house edge. Still, such an action wouldn’t be in the casino’s best interest; more high-stake players signify more revenue, and RTPs already ensure that the business will generally keep some of the funds.

All in all, playing with a licenced casino and applying extra caution while placing a bet will save you from most troubles! So, look closely at a website’s footer and always check for expertly written reviews.