How to Use Customer Support in Live Casinos

Customer Support At Live Dealer Casinos

Tired of frustrating customer support at live casinos? You’re not alone – 66% of UK gamblers struggle with the same issues. We show you how to overcome or prevent all these issues and give you tips to save you time and stress!

How to Contact Live Chat on Live Casinos

  1. The quickest way to get a hold of online customer service in live casinos is by clicking on the live chat icon floating somewhere on the main page.
  2. If the icon isn’t present, look for the Contact Us tab, which might be accessible from the My Account tab at most iGaming sites.
  3. Finally, if there isn’t a dedicated tab for customer support, try scrolling straight down to the bottom of the main page. Operators will certainly display email and phone support at the bottom.

Depending on which type of customer support service you want to use, there are several ways to contact a support agent.

Suppose there’s an issue with your live casino online bonus. Despite you’re playing at a top site, your bonus hasn’t been credited. In that case, you can easily contact support via live chat and see the main issue.

How to Find Out Where Live Casino Support Is Located?

Live dealer casinos have a special section on the site where you will find all the available live dealers you can play. As mentioned, you will find live dealer games such as Blackjack or Roulette and other live game shows.

Get to typing in the live chat section!

  1. Join live dealer casinos, pick a table, and enter the live stream. Let’s say you want to play blackjack and have entered a live dealers’ blackjack table.
  2. If the round is still going, you will have to wait until it is over to be able to place a bet.
  3. The dealer will give out the cards when the new round starts, and you can start placing bets.
  4. In the meantime, you can interact with other users and the dealer via the live chat feature.
  5. Remember that you must have some money in your account balance to play.

What Types of Casino Customer Service Are There?

There are three main categories:

  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. Bot chat customer support
  3. Self-service customer support.

Types of Casino Customer Service

Each method can be helpful, and they are there to assist players in different situations. If you are a casual player and want to know some of the basics, self-service or bot chat customer support will be enough. However, if you are more in a rush or have an issue that needs to be resolved instantly, 24/7 customer support is what you want.

Let’s get into more detail about how this customer support works!

24/7 Customer Support

The fastest way to get a hold of a support agent is through 24/7 customer support. Live chat and phone support fall into this category.

The live casino customer service number can be found either at the bottom of the main page of an iGaming site or in the contact us tab.

Many top online casinos will have separate lines for UK players and international players. All you have to do is dial the number provided, and a support agent will pick up and try to help out as much as possible.

On the other hand, the live chat feature is also a quick way to fix a problem during your stay at an live casino platform.

How to contact 24/7 support?

The way to activate the live chat feature is by going to the Contact Us tab. Other operators will have a live chat icon on your screen, regardless of where you are on the site. Once the live chat is activated, a support agent will hop in the chat and assist you.

Bot Chat Customer Support

While bot chat customer support may also fall into the 24/7 support category, this feature must be improved when answering complex questions.

First of all, bot live chat support is a great way to get to know the platform on a fundamental level. New players can ask simple questions; the bot will direct them to a specific tab or category. Most of the time, talking to the bot is like having an interactive FAQ experience.

The bot that enters the live chat will try to help with some of the more basic features the operator offers.

If there is an actual agent supply, the bot might let you talk to a real person in a situation where it doesn’t know the answer.

What is the downside of bot chats?

There are online gaming hubs that only offer automated live chat. In this case, sending an email or using the content form to fill out your inquiry might be better.

Self-Service Support

Regarding self-service support, players can access a FAQ section and try to find the answer they are looking for. Players who don’t like the hassle of contacting customer support service can always find some simple answers themselves.

Most legit online casinos will have a detailed T&Cs section explaining most of the rules and features. In this section, you will find info about registration, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, the game portfolio and more.

Most often, you will find both tabs at the bottom of the main page of a Live Casino site.

King’s Verdict: How Important Is Live Casino Customer Support?

Every live casino needs to set up a customer support team, not only for the new players visiting a live dealer’s site for the first time and having tons of questions but for all members needing any assistance.

An easy process means a satisfied player!

When new players enter a live dealers’ platform, they can contact the customer support team and ask for assistance instead of trying to find a specific game or feature.

On the other hand, the live dealers’ support team is also available for members with issues or problems during their play.

If this happens, they can contact a support agent and either follow their instruction or let the agent deal with the situation.

They can also assist you with deposits, withdrawals, technical errors, bonus claiming, or anything you have an issue with.

Why do you need guidance from a support agent?

Most of the time, the verification process or the cashier section can be hard to understand, so players can always contact a support agent to explain.

Satisfied customers mean growth

Players get an entirely entertaining experience, and the live dealers iGaming site racks up points that, in the long run, can be suitable for the platform.

If players always feel comfortable and know that the support team has their back if something goes wrong, they will likely stick with the brand.

With stable customer support, members will keep coming back, plus bring in some of their friends. As the reputation is gradually growing, new players will start to show up, and of course, the bigger the player pool, the better it is for the business.