8 Steps Guide To Picking The Best UK Online Slots

How to Choose the Best Slots

Do the thousands of slots become too hard to pick from? Our KingCasinoBonus.uk experts want to help you discover a guideline for choosing the most suitable slot titles for your gaming preferences. Explore our comprehensive list of slot features and use it to pick the best one for your next gaming session!

Learn The Standard Characteristics of Online Slot Games

Slot machines include numerous characteristics that make the games more interactive and challenging.

However, some features may be intimidating if you’re new to slots. If that’s the case, here’s how to read the paytable.

Paylines, Symbols, and Reels

Slot machines have a mix of mix symbols, a diverse number of reels, and numerous earning combinations.

Slot games pay lines

The term pay line refers to the number of combinations needed to earn. On that note, classic online slots have 1 to 3 pay lines, while newer spinning games can have up to 1024 pay lines. You can discover how many pay lines a particular game has by tapping into its options.

Some slot sites online in the UK let you choose between fixed and adjustable pay lines. The former are predetermined, which means they will never change, while slots with flexible pay lines allow you to select your number. More pay lines equal higher stakes but also higher chances of earning.

Online slot games symbols

After you begin to play, you will notice that the game consists of various symbols. You must match identical symbols in the same line to win the game. Each symbol has an additional value, which you can check by opening the game’s settings.

The most common symbols you will find in the best online slots in the UK

  • Standard symbols – card-based symbols, such as 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces
  • Wild symbols – you can think of them as jokers because they take the place of another symbol
  • Scatter symbols – symbols that unlock bonuses
  • Bonus symbols – symbols that trigger unique bonus games
  • Multiplier symbols – symbols that will multiply your earnings

Online slot reels

Apart from pay lines and symbols, when looking for the best slots to play online, you must also understand what reels are. In short, reels are vertical lines that contain symbols. They spin after you place a bet, showing a different character each time they stop.

Slots can have different numbers of reels

  • 3-reels
  • 5-reels
  • 7-reels
  • 10-reels
  • Cascade/collapsing reels


Volatility represents the frequency of payouts and their size. There are two kinds of volatility – low and high. On that note, games with low volatility offer more frequent payouts. However, these payouts will also be lower than in highly volatile games.

On the contrary, high volatility titles are characterised by large payouts that are not frequent. For a casino to be valid, it must be authorised by the UK Gambling Commission.

What Are UK Slots RTP?

The RTP rate shows how much of your bet you can receive back in the long run. Slots with a high RTP deliver more odds of earning than those with a lower RTP. On the other hand, those with low RTPs give a higher house edge, lowering your chances of earning.

For instance, you’ve found two games – one has an RTP of 90.23% while another has an RTP of 97.01%. If you’re looking forward to earning, you should always choose the higher RTP game, as you can expect a higher return.

In most cases, online slots games in the UK have RTPs between 92% and 97%. However, you could also find slots with RTP of 98% or even 99%. Remember that the higher the RTP, the better the theoretical payout return.

Fact: “Loose” Slots

“Loose slots” can be considered the Holy Grail for players because they pay more than the RTP. They are also relative to the player’s location. While many casinos may claim to have loose slots, there is no way to measure them. At the same time, you’ll find “tight slots” games that will pay you less than the average RTP.

How Can You Find Out The RTP?

To find out what the RTP of your game is, you can either go to the game options or visit the official site of its provider. On the other hand, land-based slots rarely display boards with RTPs.

Are Online Slot Games Rigged?

UK casinos’ best online slot games can’t be rigged because they use different algorithms. One of these algorithms is a PRNG or pseudo-random number generator, which uses mathematical formulas to generate a series of random numbers.

The starting point of the PRNG is a seed number typically produced by the casino server. This number can be based on the last winning spin, the time of day, etc. Even if it were possible to rig the games, legit online casinos would never do that because, statistically, all games give the house an advantage over the players.

Determine What Type Of Online Slots You Prefer

Classic slots – Classic slots are designed on the model of old fruit slots. They usually have 3-reels and simple pay tables without extra features or bonuses.

Multi-payline slot games

Many slot machines offer multiple betting lines. Their number of pay lines ranges from 20 to 1000. Also, these games offer unique bonuses.

Slots with bonus features provide players extra incentives, like bonuses and free spins, activated by particular combinations or symbols.

Progressive Jackpot slots

This type of game involves adding a small percentage of bets towards the jackpot, which you can earn randomly or by playing a bonus game.

Combination slots

These games combine two or more types of slots, such as a classic multiplier slot or a multi-line progressive jackpot.

Enter Online Slot Tournaments

You can play online slot tournaments against other players, fighting for first place in the leaderboard if you’re competitive. You can participate in free or buy-in slot tournaments. Many gaming sites offer games, and the prize pools are rather attractive.

Trust Our Experts and Players

To find the best slots to play online, you should start by reading game reviews. This way, you’ll know what to expect regarding reels, RTPs, volatility, game features, and overall gameplay.

Furthermore, these reviews will tell you if the game is legitimate. However, beware of fake reviews. If their tone seems fake and sells, you’re probably reading a paid review, meaning it’s not an honest take on the casino.

Should You Try Branded Slots?

Branded slot games have themes based on pop cultures, such as movies and TV shows, celebrities, music, and cartoons. These are most commonly played on new slot sites with no deposit bonuses. We recommend the 100 free spins with no wagering from The Phone Casino. They allow you to try many of these branded slots without spending a penny.

Since developers know that many people will play these games because they love a particular franchise, most games have poor graphics and low RTP. However, this is only sometimes the rule for all branded games. You will find branded games that offer high-quality graphics and RTPs.

Pick Casinos That Offer Free Spins Bonuses

When looking for the best online slots in the UK, opt for casinos that offer bonuses for slot games, such as free no-deposit bonus spins, since you won’t need to deposit to claim them. Although you will get them free, some may have specific wagering requirements – not Betfred though. This site has 200 no wagering spins with a 10 pound deposit.

Different casinos offer varying freebies – some give out ten while others go up to 100 free spins. In other words, you can find different batches of extra spins in different gaming hubs. You’ll also find bonuses that are locked to specific software providers. Playzee bonus codes are popular with Play’n Go games.

One example would be a platform providing deals for NetEnt’s Narcos Slot and their most popular game, Starburst. If you find this provider-locked promo, you could use the free spins on all NetEnt games. On the other hand, gaming sites offer extra spins only for specific popular titles, such as Play’n GO’s Book of Dead free bonus spins or, again, NetEnt’s Starburst free spins.

Safety Tip – Ensure The Casino Has a UKGC Licence

Gambling in the UK, whether in brick-and-mortar or online casinos, is regulated by the UKGC. In other words, to be legitimate, all casinos must have a UK Gambling Commission licence. This licence protects players, prevents crime-related gambling, and ensures fair gambling. So, when looking for the best slots to play online, always choose a casino with a UKGC stamp.

Budget Tip – Don’t Forget About The Bonuses Requirements

Once you open an account at an online casino, you will come across several bonus offers, from free bets and spins to cash rewards. However, these bonuses also come with special wagering requirements. These terms state that you must wager a certain amount of cash to be able to withdraw your bonus or collect any winnings linked to it.

Moreover, these perks are time-limited. While some will be active for only one day, others may be valid for several months. For example, although each offer has its rules, no deposit casino bonuses usually have a 7-day time limit.

Always Mind Your Budget!

The essential rule in online slots is only to bet what you can afford to lose. On that note, you should set a budget and stick to it. In addition to that, you can pre-set your deposit limits if the casino allows it.

Another thing you should always do is withdraw your large earnings to avoid overspending. You can also time your gaming sessions to stay on the safe side.

Take Advantage of Free Slots

By playing free slots, you will gain experience without spending real cash. This will also allow you to learn the gameplay and experiment with different techniques and strategies. Most online casinos offer slot games in demo and practice mode, so you should take advantage of this option.

Which Slot Will You Start With?

While the slot gaming options have started to feel endless, now you know how to find the best slots to play online based on their RTPs, volatility levels, and type. Use your knowledge wisely, and never bet more than you can afford. If you ever feel like gambling is disrupting your regular life, don’t avoid using the responsible gambling tools at your disposal to regain control.

Although you can try many strategies to increase your chances of earning, remember that the outcomes of games will always depend on the RNG and its unexpected results.