How to Use Google Pay at Android Casinos

How to Use Google Pay at Android Casinos

Most of the top UK casinos offer multiple payment methods – however, they tend to deal with some inconveniences, like slow payouts or a bad user experience, when trying to satisfy their users. Read more to see how using Google Pay mitigates these issues.

Setting Up Google Pay on Your Android Device

Google Pay is one of the simplest payment methods for both new and old gamblers. The top Google Pay casinos in the UK gambling industry allow you to add plenty of things to it to provide a centralized financial experience. So setting it up on your device may be difficult, especially if it is your first time with an Android device.

  1. Adding your bank account:  Google Pay has made it easy to add your card – all you have to do is to click on ‘payment method’ which is quite visible on the screen, ‘add bank accounts’.  Follow the prompts that appear on the Google Pay system after you click on “Add bank account”
  2. Adding a debit card: To add your debit card for your Google Pay payments, click on ‘payment method’ – add ‘debit card’. This is similar to how you add a bank account. You can then enter your card details after clicking on “add debit card.”
  3. Adding a prepaid voucher: You can add prepaid vouchers like Paysafecard and Neosurf by buying them. You will get a confirmation email when you purchase them – the voucher will automatically show up on your Google Pay app when you click on the confirmation email, as Gmail and Google Pay are linked

Making Deposits With Google Pay


Google Pay deposit processes are very simple, but people who use Google Pay for the first time on a casino on Android may find it difficult to make deposits at a casino that offers the method. This is why we at have decided to discuss six steps that can help our readers make deposits on Google Pay easily. 

  1. You must first open your mobile casino app or website on your mobile device. Ensure the online gambling platform has Google Pay as a payment option.
  2. After opening the casino site, you must navigate through the site and click on the “deposit” section to make a deposit.
  3. You will find Google Pay in the deposit section if the casino allows it as a payment option. Click on it as your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit into the casino. You can do this in the Google Pay Interface.
  5. After inputting the amount you want to deposit, some instructions to help you confirm your payment will appear on your screen. You can follow these instructions using your Google Pay information or biometric features.
  6. Once your deposit is confirmed, you can access games in Google Pay online casinos. The beauty of this is that your payment becomes instantly available.

One thing we would like to highlight is that, if you have an Android device, this is the option to go. When you deposit, you only have to enter an amount, and use your biometric features to confirm identity. That’s it. Your deposit will be then processed immediately.

Can You Make Withdrawals Using Google Pay?


You can play your favorite casino games and withdraw your winnings using Google Pay as a payment method. Since not all mobile casinos accept Google Pay as a viable payment method, it can only be used as a withdrawal option in new casinos that accept it.

Some casinos only allow us to use this payment method for withdrawal processes if we use it to deposit money into our casino account, and on some rare occasions at the top new mobile casinos, Google Pay can be used for withdrawal even if we don’t deposit with it.

At, we advise players to read the terms and conditions of an online casino that accepts Google Pay as a withdrawal method before signing up, to make sure there are no fees and better understand withdrawal times.

Timeframe for Receiving Your Funds

In short, Google Pay casinos have the fastest withdrawal timeframes out there. Like using Google Pay to deposit, the processing speed for withdrawal processes also depends on some factors. You can also use the Google Pay app to connect your card to your Google Pay account so the process would be faster. However, on a larger scale, the time frame for receiving your funds depends majorly on two factors.

  1. How long does it take for the casino to process your withdrawal? Although most new Google Pay casinos take about a few hours to process withdrawal transactions, the timeframe for receiving your funds majorly depends on the casino.
  2. Does the banking method process your transfer quickly or slowly? The timeframe for receiving your money also significantly depends on how fast the banking method works. Google Pay is still one of the payment methods with the fastest transaction timeframe for all new online casinos.

Benefits of Using Google Pay at Android Casinos


Google Pay has now developed to become players’ favourite payment platform at the best online casinos. Since it is easy and safe to use, players have less to worry about when they input their card details or other personal information. Google Pay mobile casinos offer numerous benefits and every casino player should be aware of these benefits, so they will know what to expect on the platform. 

  1. Google Play processes transactions instantly. Deposit transactions are credited to your casino account instantly. Similarly, casinos with Skrill have instant deposits, if you are looking for a fast alternative.
  2. It utilizes advanced security measures to ensure players’ identities and funds are protected.
  3. Google Pay allows you to combine other payment options with its Google Wallet app
  4. Google Pay Casinos are safe to use.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Aside from safety and simplicity, Google Pay offers Android users freedom. It has a simple layout that allows players to navigate through its interface easily. Players can use only a fingerprint or Face ID to confirm transactions without worrying about long processes like two-factor authentication. Casinos that accept Google Pay are popular amongst Android users because they are also convenient to use.

Security of Your Information

Google Play, in my opinion, has become players’ favourite payment option at UK Online Casinos. With Google Pay, you will have access to maximum security, quick transaction processing, and a user-friendly interface. Google Pay, in my opinion, will continue to be a top payment method in many online casinos in years to come. But you need to have firsthand experience of using Google Pay as a payment method to confirm the security of my information.

What to Take Home – Recommendations

At, we are of the opinion that Google Pay is an effective payment method that offers players a lot of advantages, ranging from simplicity to safety. We would actually go the extra mile and recommend you only use this payment method if you own an Android device.

In the next few years, Google Pay will be one of the most used payment methods in the gambling industry, along Apple Pay for the iOS counterparts, due to the extreme convenience and simplicity of deposits and withdrawals.