Increase Your Winning Chances With Casino Bonuses

Increase Your Chances of Winning With Casino Bonuses

Maximising casino bonus winnings from your prize and still cashing out is more complex than it may seem. But it’s doable – we’ll show you how.

General Guidelines for Maximising Bonus Winnings

Numerous strategies for utilising bonus rewards are available at top online casinos.

Nevertheless, not all work equally well, so we created a guideline to help you maximise casino bonus winnings.

Pick Bonuses with Low Wagering Requirements

Once your age and ID are verified, the first rule is to select bonus offers that are accessible.

You can accomplish this by choosing bonus rewards with low wagering requirements, set from 1x to up to 30x.

You should select bonus offers with no wagering requirements, if any are available. These deals do not require you to fulfil any playthrough requirements to cash out. However, no wagering bonuses are not that easy to come by at reputable gaming sites.

Play the Available Games With the Best Payout Rate

Maximising your bonus earnings means winning the most that you can with the reward provided.

To do so, you should focus on the eligible games that provide you with the best payout rate possible.

Most of the time, the payout rate information is included within the game itself.

Look for Bonuses From The best Payout Casinos

Certain online casinos stand out by providing higher RTP games to the players.

The casino’s website typically includes the average return to player percentage information.

You should look for sites with over 96% payout.

Check the Cashout Conversion Rate for Bonus Winnings

Bonus winnings may have a cash-out conversion rate, but it’s not a common sight. Once you clear the wagering requirements, you shouldn’t encounter any other obstacles.

We’d recommend you avoid additional requirements by not claiming such perks.

Don’t Pay More than You Can Earn

In most cases, you must deposit to claim a bonus reward, which you can use to win real money.

However, you should be careful not to make a deposit more significant than the maximum possible winnings.

The best solution to this issue is to select online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. That way, you can bet and win real money without risking your own.

Don’t Risk Your Winnings by Colluding Or Using Prohibited Strategies

All online gaming platforms have rules and regulations that all players must respect.

Ensure you do not risk yourself or your winnings by utilising forbidden strategies or even illegal programs.

Most Important: Always Read The Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions provide the framework you can operate in.

You must know what they are to ensure you abide by the imposed rules. So, always read the terms and conditions to protect yourself from potential risks.

Know Which Bonus Can Garner the Most Winnings

Research is the key to making an educated decision about the bonus reward to help you learn how to maximise casino bonus winnings.

Though most casinos offer similar bonus prizes, not all of them are designed to be player-friendly.

Free Spins No Deposit

The free spins no deposit bonus is best suited to help you maximise your winnings from slot games.

This deal will do the trick if you’re looking forward to trying out a newly released or popular game.

On the other hand, exploring the reel lobby requires another kind of deal.

The downside to these bonus rewards is that they tend to have higher-than-average wagering requirements.

Match Deposit Bonuses

Match-up deposit bonuses are suited to both table and slot games. Casino operators use this bonus to reward you for making a transfer by matching up that deposit.

This bonus offer usually doubles your betting funds and, with it, your opportunities to win.

Typically this is a bonus with x35 playthrough requirements and 30-day validity.

Welcome Packages

Welcome bonuses are ideal if you are newly registered on an online gaming site. Welcome packages usually include cash prizes and free spins, available between 7 and 30 days.

To claim them, you will need to make consecutive deposits.

The wagering requirements are often set around x35 or x40, the industry average.


Cashback bonuses are designed to reward your loyalty as a player on a gaming platform.

They are typically between 5% and 10% of the bets you make and lose, which means you can keep playing even if you hit a rough patch.

Cashback bonuses can be weekly, monthly, or even one-time offers.

Cashback bonuses aren’t tied to any wagering requirements on most gaming platforms, or the playthroughs are low.

Dispelling Some Myths on Bonus Winnings

There are plenty of opinions and misinformation on the internet.

Certain popular myths you might have encountered are not true. Let’s unravel the truth together!

Myth 1: Wagering Conditions Cannot Be Completed

The most popular myth amongst online casino players is that you cannot complete the wagering requirements and thus cannot cash out.

Though some rewards might have high wagering requirements that are more difficult to reach, completing them is always possible.

Myth 2: Casino Operators Won’t Allow You to Cash Out Winnings

The entire casino business model is based on the attempt to keep you coming back to the gaming site to bet.

So, it wouldn’t make sense for an operator to prevent you from cashing out your winnings because you wouldn’t return to that online casino.

The cashout requirements might be strict, but you can always withdraw your winnings after completing the wagering rules.

Myth 3: Casino Bonus Winnings Are Guaranteed

While casino bonus rewards do improve your chances of winning, they do not guarantee that you will win.

Winning depends on multiple factors, including the game RTP, game volatility, and your luck.

So, while bonus rewards might put you in a better position to win, they will not guarantee it.

Myth 4: Casino Bonuses Are Free Money

In most cases, you need to deposit to claim a bonus, and even if the bonus is no-deposit, it will still have strict terms and conditions.

Even if it’s a no-deposit deal, these are playing funds, not real money.

Myth 5: The Bigger the Casino Bonus, the Better for Winnings

The size of the online gaming site is independent of your bonus winnings.

You may claim 50 free spins and win nothing or claim 2 free spins and win. It all comes down to luck.

Myth 6: Bonuses Are Only for New Players

While the welcome package bonuses are the most common feature on these online gaming sites, they are far from the only ones.

There are numerous bonuses for existing players, including cashback prizes, weekly and monthly reloads, and match-up bonuses.

Myth 7: You Cannot Convert Bonuses to Real Money

Casino bonuses are designed to provide you with access to real money games.

Before you can convert them to real money, you will need to fulfil the terms and conditions of the bonus.

All casinos have different playthroughs, often different for each offer, so you should always research.

Stay Informed and Know Your Odds of Winning with Bonuses

Winning with bonuses is one of the most enticing aspects of betting at online casinos.

If you know your odds and terms, you will improve your chances of maxing out your winnings.

If you want to learn more about how to claim a bonus, use our report. We help you stay informed and make the most of the bonuses.