Influential Players From Premier League Teams On Instagram

Influential Players From Premier League Teams On Instagram

Instagram has become a huge component of celebrities’ popularity. Our team studied the fanbase of the best PL footballers, and here’s who topped the charts.

Who is The Most Influential Player in The Premier League?

Premier League team Most followed player Instagram handle Number of followers Average likes Engagement rate Estimate earnings for a sponsored post
Liverpool Mohamed Salah mosalah 60,300,000 1,000,000 1.88% £156,858
Manchester City Erling Haaland erling.haaland 36,900,000 1,000,000 4.27% £67,169
Aston Villa Philippe Coutinho phil.coutinho 24,700,000 372,008 1.48% £69,509
Arsenal Gabriel Jesus dejesusoficial 23,200,000 495,808 1.98% £56,946
Manchester United Raphaël Varane raphaelvarane 23,100,000 488,028 2.32% £58,122
Tottenham Richarlison richarlison 22,700,000 1,000,000 6.68% £59,069
Chelsea Thiago Silva thiagosilva 22,300,000 313,780 1.47% £58,999
West Ham Lucas Paquetá lucaspaqueta 11,500,000 1,000,000 11.03% £25,484
Fulham Willian willianborges88 11,000,000 35,043 0.33% £29,018
Nottingham Forest Jesse Lingard jesselingard 9,600,000 117,894 1.22% £26,686
Wolverhampton Wanderers Diego Costa diego.costa 6,500,000 87,070 1.37% £17,616
Brighton & Hove Albion Alexis Mac Allister alemacallister 4,200,000 752,722 19.42% £10,734
Everton Yerry Mina yerrymina 3,400,000 11,035 0.32% £9,630
Newcastle Loris Karius loriskarius 1,900,000 102,363 5.60% £5,060
Leicester City James Maddison madders 1,400,000 100,449 7.17% £3,885
Crystal Palace Wilfried Zaha wilfriedzaha 1,300,000 32,105 2.56% £3,466
Southampton Willy Caballero willycaba 678,000 2,959 0.44% £2,826
Brentford Saman Ghoddos saman.ghoddos 595,000 49,460 8.33% £2,489
Bournemouth Marcos Senesi marcosenesi 570,000 68,669 2.11% £2,378
Leeds United Rodrigo rodrigom_91 409,000 16,795 4.09% £1,710’ team of experts researched social media tools like SocialBlade and the latest statistics on footballers’ Instagram growth.

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah tops the Premier League player list with over 60.3 million followers. Due to this large following, Salah can command around £156,858 per sponsored post on the social media app – more than triple most people’s yearly salary!

In second place is Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, with 36.9 million followers; in third is Aston Villa’s Philippe Coutinho, with 24.7 million followers. Let’s explore each player for every team below.

1. Liverpool – Mohamed Salah

Liverpool’s star man Mohamed Salah is not only the most influential Liverpool player on Instagram, but also the most influential Premier League player on the social media app.

Nicknamed the ‘Egyptian king’, Mo Salah has 60.3 million followers and receives an average of one million likes per post – having the backing of an entire nation and the Liverpool faithful certainly helps!

According to our casino bonus’ experts, the result shows a 1.88% engagement rate, allowing him to make an estimated £156,858 per sponsored post on Instagram.

2. Manchester City – Erling Haaland

This season’s top scorer for Manchester City, Erling Haaland, tops another list, the most influential Manchester City player on Instagram.

The star forward has a staggering 36.9 million followers on the social media app and enjoys a higher engagement rate and average likes per post than Salah or Coutinho, with 4.27% and one million, respectively.

As such, his sponsored posts are expected to earn him up to £67,169.

3. Aston Villa – Philippe Coutinho

Former Liverpool and Barcelona maestro Philippe Coutinho is the most followed Aston Villa player. With 24.7 million followers, Coutinho racks up an average of 372,008 likes per post, resulting in a 1.48% engagement rate. His estimated earnings per sponsored post are £69,509.

4. Arsenal – Gabriel Jesus

Arsenal’s striker Gabriel Jesus is the most influential player at the club, with 23.2 million followers. The number 9 manages a 1.98% engagement rate on his posts which average 495,808 likes each, making his earning potential £56,946 per sponsored post.

5. Manchester United – Raphaël Varane

French World Cup winner Raphaël Varane has 23.1 million followers on Instagram, making him Manchester United’s most influential player on the app.

The first defender on this list, Varane averages 488,028 likes per Instagram post and has a 2.32% engagement rate, thus making him up to £58,122 per sponsored post.

6. Tottenham Hotspur – Richarlison

Tottenham’s most influential player on Instagram is Brazilian striker, Richarlison. After a strong performance at the World Cup, Richarlison has amassed 22.7 million followers and averages one million likes per post.

However, his engagement rate is far higher than the others on this list, with 6.68%, thus commanding an estimated £59,069 per sponsored post.

7. Chelsea – Thiago Silva

Chelsea’s Thiago Silva is the club’s most influential player on the social media platform, with 22.3 million followers. Often described as the ‘Rolls Royce of defenders’, the Brazilian international averages 313,780 likes per post with an engagement rate of 1.47%.

As such, his sponsored posts are expected to net him £58,999 each.

8. West Ham – Lucas Paquetá

26-year-old Brazilian international Lucas Paquetá is the Hammers’ most influential player, with 11.5 million followers. Averaging a surprising one million like per post, his engagement rate is in the double figures at 11.03% – far more than those ahead of him on this list.

His expected earnings per sponsored post are still £25,484.

9. Fulham – Willian

Another Brazilian on this list is Willian, who is Fulham’s most influential player on the social media platform. With 11 million followers, the ex-Chelsea and Arsenal winger averages 35,043 likes per post and has a 0.33% engagement rate.

As such, Willian’s expected earnings per sponsored post is £29,018.

10. Nottingham Forest – Jesse Lingard

Ex-Manchester United player Jesse Lingard tops the followers list for Nottingham Forest with 9.6 million followers. With an average of 117,894 likes per post, Lingard has a 1.22% engagement rate and is expected to make £26,686 per sponsored post.

11. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Diego Costa

Summer signing Diego Costa is the most influential player in the Wolverhampton Wanderers squad. Undoubtedly boosted by his stint with big teams Chelsea and Atlético Madrid, he has 6.5 million followers on Instagram and averages 87,070 likes per post.

His engagement rate is 1.37%, and he is expected to earn up to £17,616 per sponsored post.

12. Brighton & Hove Albion – Alexis Mac Allister

It may be surprising to hear that a World Cup winner is in Brighton & Hove Albion’s squad, but it’s true. That man would be Alex Mac Allister. His association with the newly crowned champions of the world has amassed him 4.2 million followers.

Despite his lower follower count, his posts still manage 752,722 likes on average, resulting in an engagement rate of 19.42% – higher than anyone else in this study. His sponsored posts are expected to earn him up to £10,734.

13. Everton – Yerry Mina

Colombian centre-back Yerry Mina is Everton’s most influential player with 3.4 million followers on Instagram. With an average of 11,035 likes per post and an engagement rate of 0.32%, Mina is expected to make up to £9,630 per sponsored post on the social media platform.

14. Newcastle United – Loris Karius

Ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius is Newcastle’s most influential player, with 1.9 million followers. The German averages 102,363 likes per post, thus having a 5.60% engagement rate, earning him up to £5,060 per sponsored post.

15. Leicester City – James Maddison

Leicester City’s golden boy James Maddison is their most influential player, with 1.4 million Instagram followers. The England international generates 100,449 likes per post on average and has a 7.17% engagement rate, earning him approximately £3,885 per sponsored post.

16. Crystal Palace – Wilfried Zaha

The Eagles’ most influential player on Instagram is Wilfried Zaha. The Ivorian international has 1.3 million followers and gets an average of 32,105 likes per post on the social media platform. With an engagement rate of 2.56%, his estimated earnings per sponsored post are £3,466.

17. Southampton – Willy Caballero

Argentinian goalkeeper Willy Caballero is the most influential player at Southampton, with 678,000 followers on the social media app. With 2,959 average likes per post, Caballero has an engagement rate of 0.44% and earnings of up to £3,466 per sponsored Instagram post.

18. Brentford – Saman Ghoddos

Saman Ghoddos has 595,000 followers on Instagram, making him Brentford’s most influential player. The Bees’ striker averages 49,460 likes per post but has a high engagement rate of 8.33%, earning him an estimated £2,489 per sponsored post.

19. Bournemouth – Marcos Senesi

Argentinian centre-back Marcos Senesi is Bournemouth’s most influential player on Instagram. With 570,000 followers, he averages 68,669 likes per post with a double-figure engagement rate of 12.11%. As such, his expected earnings per sponsored post are £2,378.

20. Leeds United – Rodrigo

Brazilian-born but Spanish international Rodrigo is Leeds United’s most influential player on Instagram, with 409,000 followers. The winger averages 16,795 likes per post and has a 4.09% engagement rate, netting him up to £1,710 per sponsored post.

The Premier League Footballers Dominate Social Media

With tens of millions of followers eager to hear about the latest activities of their favourite players, many of the footballers in this list can command thousands of pounds for every sponsored Instagram post.

That’s because advertisers are happy to pay such money when a single post can reach more people than traditional marketing efforts ever would.

Some Premier League players will even earn more in a single sponsored post than most people make in five years!