UK Online Casinos VS Land-Based Casinos

Land-based Casinos Challenge Online Counterparts

The quest for supremacy between land-based and online casinos in the UK has been going on for a while, but gamblers will have the final say.

2023 Predicts The Walk Of Fame Of British Land-Based Casinos

By 2023, projections state that the British casino market will be worth £14.5 billion, based on revenues. 

This high number demonstrates that the land-based British casino business is still expanding despite competition from online casinos

As a result, we anticipate a further rise in the number of visitors to physical casinos in the UK. Moreover, brick-and-mortar venues’ quality of service and security is expected to improve. 

These improvements could result in even more people visiting them, building on the trend we are seeing nowadays and that we will explore next.

Revenge Travelling Phenomenon In Land-Based Casinos

‘Revenge travelling’ – which lacks a formal definition, is the rise in the desire to travel to compensate for the experiences and time lost due to the pandemic.

Recently, the concept has become increasingly popular amongst UK casino-goers. Many players now visit land-based casinos instead of online sites to compensate.

Land-based casinos nowadays offer an immersive experience and satisfying customer service, boasting the added benefit of social interaction between players.