The Future Of Live Dealer Games At Online Casinos

The Future Of Live Dealer Games At Online Casinos

Did you know that over 65% of UK punters choose to play their favourite casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat on the live casino games section over the classic table games with the random number generator? Best online casinos have both, but some of them are more desirable.

Our team of experts managed to get into the insights of the live dealer games and their future technologies like VR, and AR. Let’s see what is the future of live casinos.

Can you play Live Dealer games in New Online Casinos?

Live dealer games are conducted in real time, guided by actual dealers. Their main selling point is that they emulate real-life casino experiences. With the presence of a human dealer and other players, you can sense that you are in an actual establishment rather than playing online.

Hundreds of live dealer casino games are on gambling platforms as part of their services. However, the amount differs for each casino. While Mr.Play, an Aspire Global casino, has over 100 titles, and Betfred has only 90.

Some casinos focus more on slot games or sports betting and will have fewer live dealer games or none. You’re likely to find them in the Live Casino category when looking for them.

The Future of Live Dealer Games

When we consider the next step for online dealer games, we must consider the following logical predictions for casinos. As games rely on iGaming trends, any changes that come for one will affect the other. New online casinos are launched yearly, and we’ve started to notice their direction.

One prediction involves the expanding presence and improvement of mobile technology. With new mobile app possibilities, we may see it expanding to smartwatches. More prominent casino businesses may invest in developing gaming devices for casino games, such as PSP.

Currently, there are more slots available than live casino games. However, live dealer online casino games have the potential to become the norm or standard way of playing, much like traditional casino games have become a familiar sight.

Mobile Live Casinos Online

Mobile gaming has rapidly grown since the first modern mobile games were launched. In 2022, mobile games made up 45% of the revenue from video games worldwide. From puzzle games like sudoku to RPGs, mobile gaming has evolved tremendously.

Top online casino businesses are among those who’ve also taken advantage of the increased usage of mobile devices. With tech innovation making it easier to run more complex games and 5G entering the field, more casino games are cross-compatible.

Mobile gaming has become so popular due to portability. Players don’t need big-screen devices like laptops or desktop computers to play live casino games. Whether in traffic or outdoors, it’s the more convenient option.

We foresee that the near future will bring an increase in new online mobile casinos and mobile-only live dealer games.

Crypto Casinos are Rising

Crypto Casinos are Rising

Live casinos first launched with wire transfers and payment cards as their only banking methods. In time, this led to the availability of e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller. Now, a new currency rate has begun to spread: cryptocurrency.

Crypto is a digital currency secured by cryptography and an alternative payment method made from encryption algorithms. Because of this, it relies on something other than banks or government bodies to uphold it. And this is why crypto casinos have emerged.

Crypto casinos are more convenient than traditional casinos as payments can be processed faster. Players don’t need to worry about their country being restricted, as crypto works globally. While cryptocurrency values are currently a bit low, they grow quickly, and we expect the crypto gaming hubs to follow the trend.

AR Casinos

A technique that was developed in the 1960s, AR stands for augmented reality.

Natural elements and digitally generated information are combined in it. It may involve multiple senses, such as sight, sound, touch, etc. Its star rose after the smash hit smartphone game Pokemon Go was released. We think it would complement online casino games with live dealers because it transports players to another world.

Augmented reality allows you to see the live dealer as though you were in the same room with them. Because of its potential, augmented reality casinos may soon be available to the public.

VR Casinos

VR stands for virtual reality, and unlike AR, this one takes you entirely to the digital world. The experience will be like stepping into a casino through VR products like the Oculus Rift and other headsets.

With the rise of Metaverse, players can interact with VR casino real money or practice mode from their homes.

VR casinos already exist, and we’re also seeing mobile versions emerge. However, live dealer games aren’t part of their gaming libraries yet. We predict this will change in the near casino future – it would be a missed opportunity not to include them.

Expected Improvements for Live Online Casinos

The developers’ work does not end with creating live casino games. Websites need periodic maintenance and enhancements to keep up with the changing technology environment and provide better service.

We anticipate that all live casino games, not just those on live casino websites, will undergo additional enhancements.

Live Online Casinos Areas That May Get the Most Enhancements Are

Expected Improvements for Live Online Casinos

  1. Security – solutions to cybersecurity problems
  2. UX Design – website layout design
  3. Game Variety – new game style possibilities
  4. Connectivity – internet speed and connection

The tech industry always tries new ways to improve how we see and use products and online services. Here are the four areas that will get more attention.

Increased Security

A safe gaming website is one of the most essential systems operators should implement. It is possible to have your personal information stolen from a casino website if it is not adequately encrypted.

Better cybersecurity solutions to protect data and avoid cheating would enhance heightened security. There will probably be an increase to the cybersecurity budget, or it will be used to create stronger cyphers.

Better UX

UX stands for user experience, and it refers to the process a design team goes through to make products or services more accessible to use and navigate. Live casino websites have a lot of components, including the games they provide, game categories, and tabs leading to relevant features.

UX is rarely at the forefront for casino operators, but that will change soon. Live casinos often compete in offering you as much variety as they can, which can lead to a cluttered website. With better UX design, casino websites can become more user-friendly and attract new players.

A better UX design for websites and mobile apps helps you easily navigate the site, allowing operators to maximise the user’s time.

Various iGaming Alternatives

The number of live casino games is well in the thousands and will likely continue to increase. Technology that goes into creating games improves and becomes more accessible to the public.

Game developers will have more access to this tech and be able to develop games not seen before.

This may also be for live games, and it’s fair to assume that we’ll see even more of them in greater game variety. This can result in games with better graphics fidelity and new game mechanics.

Improved Connectivity

The technology and service providers that enable users to establish a connection to a communication network are collectively referred to as connectivity. With it, we can connect to the web and similar services. Additionally, it is the channel via which players engage in real-time gaming at live casinos.

The term “better connectivity” describes a faster and more stable connection. Faster connections would be more widely available if more nations deployed 5G towers. For HTML5-based live casino websites to load swiftly, these are essential.

Better network coverage may also be implemented in less developed regions, ensuring fewer users experience slow website loading and in-game delays. For live dealer games, the domain of possibilities contains the areas where we anticipate the biggest change occurring soon.